21 December 2008



today was my first day back at work! unfortunately, mom and i are scheduled for the same hours, which means i have to get up when she does to go in with her. i was up at 4 this morning. but, when mom was scraping the ice off the car i called anna to wish her a happy birthday. it was a weird message...

everyone i saw was all excited to see me and asked me about college. i saw najib, damean, jon, jon [lol], syeda, janeen, jaclyn, and yuri. and i get to see jt tomorrow! yay! and will too, i think... maybe...

crap, i have to write a proposal for mr obrien. we need to come up with a good purpose behind the duct-tape thing for them to let us do it, something besides "wow, that's cool!" but so far the deepest thing we've managed to come up with is "the artist herself is on display, she is the art" metaphorical bullshit that isn't very good. honestly, i really can't think of anything else... not good, cuz i can tell obrien kinda does like the idea. we even scoped out a better place and tested the duct tape and everything!

the christmas tree is already filled with presents. i know i got a dvd and a bunch of cds, but that's the only specifics i can work out... yesterday dad and matt and i went shopping for mom. and we went to panera bread, and i got a DELICIOUS bread bowl. and a d'peach mode jones soda. god, i love those things. the juice and the soup bread joy.

hmm, yeah.

i was just sitting here, thinking about what i could do online, and i remembered i hadn't updated this in a while. so i decided to.

my final grades are in. 3 c's, 2 a's and a b. my gpa is 2.78, which isn't too bad. the only real surprise was the b in time. i really didn't think i could get higher than a c, somehow... not even sure how i did that.

oh, speaking of just sitting online... i've been amusing myself with the joys of sapayne. and, after reading the 2 current stories as far as they've been written, reading 'snowflakes and embers', and re-reading 'heroes and ghosts' and 'the lies we tell,' i started to re-read 'btl: from the ashes,' only i started from, like, the middle. and i was reading this bit about toshi's granddad [human] working to during the plague, and it hit me: 'if i lie here' is a total precursor to 'btl'!! like, 100 years before it, but still! riley is one of the alphas, and the contruction company ranvier really is toshi's g-pa and the inkie communes are there being all awesome. and i was like 'sarah, i love you so much for this.' she must really like that universe if there are technically 3 stories written in it. it's pretty sweet, learning how the i/s guys came into being and all that stuff. i was pretty giddy for a bit there when i figured it out. and i wouldn't have if i hadn't gone back and read 'from the ashes' like i'm doing.

so, yeah...

oh, and anna and jenny have this strange fascination with cuttlefish...

11 December 2008

eww, driving

so, i spent a lot of today driving. well, maybe not a lot, but more than usual.

i had to get up early to drive matt and dad to school and work so i could have the car. i got back around 8:30 and went back to sleep. it was nice.

course, the night before i was up till around 4... mom caught me still up at 3 when she brought a cat in to sleep with me. i told her i was going to bed then, but i just waited till she left before going back to what i was doing. which was reading this story on sapayne, which i haven't done in a while. somehow it's different now that i'm the one paying the monthly fee... which makes sense, i guess...

anyway, i watched the episode of house that was on tuesday when i did get up, and then it was time to get dressed and leave... for carver!!!

it's rainy and gross...

yasha and i met at carver for cafe. it's mediterranean week. he had a tasty looking shrimp wrap and i had pasta with pesto sause. very tasty. dessert was baklava, but not as good as mom makes it. of course.

we followed adashek to anatomy. on the way i was waylaid by stoll, who has really pretty curly hair now. she was excited as always, and it was nice. we darted in and ran to a table in the back to sit on. joseph was doing the potato and saltine test thing today, and we wanted to stick around for it. but there were other teachers to visit so we had to leave. we went to cook's, and found bri when we got there. cook was busy writing the last of his scholatic recommendations, so we couldn't stay for that long. then we found nate and followed him back to moore's class where yasha talked to her and i talked to nate. and then we went to the office and left a note for steele about the duct tape thing. yasha has to put together a nice email for her with pics and descriptions and stuff, and we're gonna try to get a meeting with her next friday to talk it out.

and then i drove home. i stopped at caribou on the way and got the best drink in the world, a turtle mocha. tasty.

i meant to get right into my drawing when i got back, but mom was in the family room and i didn't want to bother her or anything with the tv... so i ended up in my room, back on sapayne, until i had to go get dad.

and oh my god, that was the worst driving i've ever had to do. it's rainy and awful and dark out, and that was NOT fun. it's a good thing i'm so familiar with ward's chapel and berryman's and shit, otherwise that could've been very bad indeed.

so, having got nothing done on my drawing, i've got to finish it before, like, 3 tomorrow. hopefully val will be checking after that, or will check people and go back a bit later to check again, or something like that. cuz i've still got another 4-5 hours of work to do on that stupid thing before it's really finished and i can be happy with it.

wow, i haven't done a pic-a-day post her since thanksgiving. i've got a few more in the facebook album, but i've been slacking in the picture-taking over the past few days. ok, not since, like, thursday or friday.

my car. or, someone else's that looks like it...
'97 ford taurus station wagon, green-ish, over 160,000 miles.