29 October 2008

critique musings

[actually written october 27]
I don't know why, but I'm feeling very... introspective, I guess, right now. Maybe it has to do with Airlie's video. Of course, as usual, I have no idea what I want to say.

I'm very sleepy... Maybe that has something to do with my mood.
I'm just a slave to it all. Get rich, stay kitch, give me another hit.
Fashion is the only cure. It always leaves you wanting more.

So far there are 37 pages with drawings on them, 24 blank pages, and the rest have writing on them. Course, some of the drawing pages also have writing... Then there's all those passes... Aw, there's only four. I thought there were more
I just remembered a thought I had a few years ago. About me and rain. I think it was in middle school when I noticed that my creative [and mainly writing] mind was most active when it rains. And something about Seattle and how I couldn't deal with all the rain I'm convinced happens there.
I've totally got that song stuck in my head, "Fashion" by Rogue Traders.
This has been one of the longest breaks in Time studio ever! It's probably because David's doing some grade thing... Which I really should do, but I can't bring myself to care enough.

Briana and Rachel are on their phones, Anna's on Facebook, Cheryl is reading a book, Airlie is just sorta sitting there, as is that new guy [whose name I can never remember - oh! Melvin!]. And now there's a conversation about whether your brain is intestines or not...

Oh, I think we're finally gonna start now.
Leaning up against the wall is Becca, Corey, Jenna, Airlie, Kristin, Anna, me, Cheryl, and Rachel. On the other side of the projector is Stephen, Gwenyth, George, Melvin, and Briana. Pacing in th middle is David. We're having a crit. My back hurts, and I'm incredibly bored... hence all this writing, which is now on its third page.
Mmmm, music. On my iTunes I have exactly 1700 songs right now. That's almost all my music... I know there's 5 albums not there because I took them off [the 3 LotR soundtracks, 300, Master&Commander], though I do still have the CDs. I don't think I put Ultimate Funk on, or that CD I half stole from Yasha when I was home last.

My music is so spread out! Physically, I mean. All 1700 songs are on 6 data discs, 74 CDs, a 4gig flash drive, with plenty only on my laptop or still stuck on my shuffle since I still refuse to sync it with my new iTunes.

It's all pretty ridiculous...
HW. Shoot 2 videos, 1-2 mins each, MAKING SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL IN THE FRAME. due wed. beauty, interesting, unique, something that speaks to you

23 October 2008


Angela brought back the first season of Supernatural for me to watch. I've been doing that... and some of them are really fricking scary. Like, no kidding.

So, I'm taking a break from the scaryness to do this! Yay! I think I'm gonna go read US of Angel 2 again, and counteract the terrifying almost-reality with some sex. Yes.

Anyway, this weekend is gonna be fun. As soon as my doctor stuff is done with, anyway...

Man, it's really annoying and hard to get VCU to write my prescriptions. I really should have done this, like, 2 weeks ago. I went for one appointment, and it turns out they can't prescribe until they get my records of the meds and I get re-evaluated to make sure I still have it. I'll be scheduling that test tomorrow, when I call the VCU Psychology people back. And then at 2 I've got another appointment with Dr Chen about... some stuff... I have no idea.

BUT, after all that, THE FUN SHALL BEGIN!

At 9 tomorrow night is a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening! Party-tastic! I'm thinking of going to the virgin intro thing at 8:30, mainly to make sure I've got the necessary props. There's a costume contest, and if I had been thinking when I was home last weekend, I'd have grabbed my corset and dressed as Columbia. But it's too late now, so I'll just dress weird. That should be good, right?

Saturday shall have more fun! It's the Richmond Zombie Walk! I'm being a zombie rocker, since I brought my mystical plaid pants back. I just need costume blood, since I don't think my acrylic or gouache will wash out of clothes. Nicole and I are going to a costume/party store on Cary street tomorrow to get stuff for the zombie walk, like fake blood and latex stuff for grisly gross-ness. Awesome.

And Sunday will be boring. Yay? Not...

Oh, I'm working on a new book - this time for SR. I'm being crazy-specific with it, like I was with the Studio book last year. So far it's working well, since I've had even more time to figure my way through bookmaking and my specific techniques. I got Mod Podge and matt board. Oh yeah. You know I'm serious.

But, yeah. The book is supposed to be used for information on our top 3 major choices, but I have no real idea what that really means we have to do. She kept talking about visiting our majors and doing sketches or whatever while there, which means I can't just puruse the websites... I probably will anyway, and I guess I should go to the departments and stuff... Or at least email someone and ask questions. I feel weird about just going into the rooms for the majors, since I'm not in them...

Anyway, I've got time to figure my way through that.

Oh! And I finally got my laptop back! It's so nice to have all my music again. I've got even more since I got stuff from Jenny, Angela, and Cesley. I'm up to 1676 songs and an episode of Torchwood.

05 October 2008

updates and such

so, I've decided to post a link here when I update my art blog.

mainly so it'll show up on the facebook app I just installed...

so, yep!