20 January 2009

history being made


sitting in the dorm, tuned to cbs. waiting for the real stuff to start.

right now all the various important people are arriving. it's actually pretty boring.

i'm reading stories online. ces's is doing her housing application.

rather ordinary right now, if you ask me.

i can't help but think of the last time something monumental happened in my lifetime: 9/11, all the way back in 6th grade. i was in ms mcshane's english class, and there was an announcement over the pa that told teachers to turn on the news. and we watched the events unfold.

i remember later on in the day, in chorus. plenty of students had already been called home for whatever reason. and emily was trying to get in contact with her family because she had an uncle who worked in new york, or was on a plane, and i think her dad worked near the pentagon.


george h w bush just came out with his wife. things are picking up!


bill and hillary.

"i keep on forgetting he was here," ces says. and i just remember he was, and we went to that. and it was pretty awesome.

go history!


obama's daughters are 7 and 10. if he serves a second term [which, you know, he totally will] they will spend their teenage years in the white house. amazing


ces just left with jenny to go eat. but i'm not going anywhere.

jo pointed out that michelle's outfit is a gross mustard yellow. which it is.

obama is being sworn in on the lincoln bible, which i think is pretty appropriate.


bush and cheney have emerged. cheney's in a wheelchair from straining some back muscles while moving. i find that oddly hilarious. since, you know, he's satan...


biden, various important congress people...




and so it begins...


aretha franklin is singing "my country tis of thee."


biden is being sworn in.


apparently, at noon biden is officially the president because bush's term officially expired.




it's official: our first african-american president has been sworn in.

i took pictures of the tv...

he had some trouble talking, he was so nervous. it was... kind of adorable!


what an awesome speech.

16 January 2009

nick and norah

so, i just got back from seeing 'nick and norah's infinite playlist' at the commons, and i really miss yasha.

it kinda sucks...

so, basically, nick and norah, among other things, end up driving all over new york listening to awesome music. and that's basically me and yasha, except, you know, in baltimore and the 'burbs, but whatever.

and as we were walking back to the dorm, i really just wanted to go driving with him. right then. no matter that it was 10:30 at night and he was almost 200 miles away. i just really wanted to. i'm still going through some serious yasha-withdrawals. and yeah, it does suck.

cuz i've done nothing today except sit in the dorm and watch things on a laptop. i watched, like, 3 episodes of 'monk' and 2 episodes of 'how i met your mother' and then i watched the last half of 'step brothers' in anna's room. i've got nothing to do with my life right now, and it's just bugging me. i felt really lame today, since i was doing abslutely nothing. i didn't even really eat out. i got a bagel to go for breakfast, ate that salmon pouch for lunch, and got subway on the way back from bubble tea [man, how i missed bubble tea!] which i proceeded to eat during scrabble in the alcove.

so. i'm not sure this is homesickness, per se, just missing-yasha-ness. yeah, i've got that bad...

man, i really wanna drive dover now! why does this suck?

maybe it has something to do with his birthday [that i missed] on wednesday, and the fact that no one told me what happened. well, he gave me a short overview: the surprise, watched 'pineapple express', played twister... but that's not enough for me. i still haven't seen any pictures up yet... and i was promised a ton of those from both jo and brit.

although, griping and blogging about this is only making it worse. and now i feel really bad...

ugh, reminds me of when he was doing all that fun stuff over the summer and i was being mopey and unpleasant...

15 January 2009

first day of classes

originally written on jan 13, the second day of classes

So, yesterday was our first day back in classes. I was so worried because I lost my mind when I was making my schedule and gave myself 6 straight hours of classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.
FI 11-11:50
Painting Project 12-2
Space 2:15-5:15
At least painting is only for 5 weeks, not the whole semester. Well, that was my thinking at least.

It just sucks because I finally got my meds, so my appetite is gonna be totally screwed up. And, with no time anywhere to really sit and eat, I'm gonna have a hard time eating lunch - especially since I won't really want to.

Yesterday I made myself a sandwich and brought it with me to eat when I got the chance, and I ended up eating it between painting and space. Of course, since my art classes let out early (first day and all that), I ate the sandwich in my room. But for Wednesday I think I'll eat it while walking from FAB to Bowe and in the classroom before we start.

But anyway... About the classes!

Art History. Gee, we went over the syllabus! And, since there were a whole bunch of students who hadn't taken 103 for whatever reason (or maybe she would've done it anyway?) we did an extremely brief recap of the last section starting with the Greeks. It was basically, "The Greeks loved the human form, the Romans not so nude, they invented concrete and the dome but forgot the methods, Gothic! Italy! Okay, see you Wednesday!"

Unfortunately, I spent the entirety of FI sitting there and looking at my watch. I really didn't want to be late for painting, and it turns out I wasn't so it was okay.

I'm totally excited for painting! It's been a long time since I've done it, and I never really had a chance to use my oils last semester. And now I don't have to buy a ton of stuff for that class, since I already have pretty much everything - except a canvas... and my palette kinda fails, so I may see if I can find a new one. Seriously, a scrap of canvas isn't very sturdy or anything... Why do I even use that as a palette?

I was actually really excited when I found out my space teacher was Eli. Cesley and Laura had been talking about him and how awesome he was, so yeah, I was excited. We ended up doing a bit of work on that first day: we made little test things of this paper mache composite stuff that we'll be using for our first assignment. Oh, and George is in my class. Again. I get to spend that 6 straight hour period with him. It's just weird. Oh, and Corey is in space too.

So, that was my first day of classes. I can't say much for my second day since I haven't done much yet and my first and only class today is at 6 tonight.

I need to go hit up Lowes...

my paints