29 May 2010

sleeeeeeeepy (and a rant)

This has nothing to do with anything, but I feel like ranting a bit...

It's really starting to bother me - like, seriously, make me angry for a couple seconds - when, in fics, authors decide that Matt/Canada [depending on canon v au] is younger than Alfred/America. Based on their canon birthdays, Matt is 3 days older, and Canada had its first year-round successful settlement in1605, 2 years before Jamestown. HE'S OLDER GRAHHHH!! I have no idea why this bothers me so much, but it really does. And then I feel like a terrible person for getting so worked up over such a minor detail. In all honesty, I much prefer them as twins who don't know which is older, as is implied by canon, since Himaruya never has one of them using onii-san or ototou or any form of either; they use a neutral form of brother. [And my mind just jumped to a deleted scene from 'Boondock Saints' involving a call from their mom and talk of 'aren't you going to tell us which one of us is older?']


Anyway, work!

Fun times were had by all as I checked in UNFI. Or something... I had to cut some bits of gouda for JP's wine tasting today, promoting businesses in the same shopping center and all. And I ate a rather delicious and large lunch for about as much as Amy's kid's mac & cheese: cheesey broccoli pocket, cherry fruit smash, black cherry yogurt, root beer. I would just like to say that Brown Cow yogurt is really really delicious, which means a lot, considering the only yogurt I've had in the last, like, 5-6 years was Trix, which only kinda counts.

Well, I'm off to get some ice cream and watch the latest 'Doctor Who'. Psh, like my life is busy...

besides, al's ridiculous behavior is more consistent with a younger sibling, while matt is calm and responsible.

27 May 2010

apparently, my life is busy...

Except not really... I just do absolutely nothing with my life and feel no need to write about how I do nothing.

Except for Sunday night. Because that was epic and stuff.

Basically, I went to Becca's and we watched the LOST finale together with Joe.

BUT FIRST we went on a snack run to 7-11 for Slurpies and Rite-Aid for snacks and Jolt. Reliving middle school, man.

Jake is ginormous and Fred is skinny and sick with something (they never said what). Very sad. Joe made spaghetti - as in, made the sauce right there. It was yummy.


I teared up within the first 10-15 minutes. I forget why now... And I got teary again about half-way in. And then I cried for, like, the last 30ish minutes and for a bit after. Like, trying not to make embarrassing sounds, dripping snot everywhere, doing that awkward chin-wibbly-trying-not-to-smile-happily thing. Because OH GOD THE END!! It really was perfect. I found a comparison pic on tumblr for it.

I wish it was bigger, but yeah. Perfect.

AND HURLEY REALLY WAS THE NEW JACOB!! God, that made me so happy! Ahhh, it really was a very satisfying end to an amazing show. Not everything was answered, and that's ok. I really wasn't expecting answers to everything. But everything that mattered was explained. The only thing I'm unhappy with, even though I understand why it wasn't addressed, was Walt. We never really get an answer to him - because the actor shot up, like, 3 feet and couldn't play a 12-year-old anymore. Which is sad, but oh well. And I guess Michael wasn't in the church because his spirit was 'doomed' to walk the Island as one of those whispers. Oh well.

College Humor did a pretty funny vid of all the unanswered questions spanning the entire series. Some of them were answered in the end, but most weren't. Of course, some of them were ridiculous, like what's with Kate and that horse, or why did Tom wear a fake beard, and some were seriously kinda important, like where's Christian Shepperd's body anyway, and what's the deal with the frozen wheel. Indeed.

After LOST, Joe rolled a joint from receipt paper (which I declined, since I still feel nervous about seriously smoking things, because bongs don't count), and the 'alternate endings' on Jimmy Kimmel were really lame. We opened our Jolts and watched 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' before going to bed around 3. Becca let me have her bed, and she slept in her parents' bed. Man, her bed is comfy.

I got a call around 10-ish the next morning, which I ignored since I was only kinda conscious. When I listened to the voice mail later, it was from Metro, saying we've been approved and they were gonna call back when the lease was ready. So, that's exciting.

Work work work. Ammie called me 'her little duck' on my first day back. It was kinda adorable. It's really interesting, the contrast between newbies and oldies there. Today I finally got to see my two favorite people, JT and Will. I even did that run-jump-tackle thing with Will, which is always fun. Aaaand then I had to leave because I was just there till he got there. Also, mom went in at 7, three hours before me, and left about 15 minutes after me, close to 5:30. I have no idea what's wrong with her. And after getting a mcchicken for the first time in months and months, I took the most meandering route home ever. I took 100 to Long Gate Parkway and cut through old Elicott City, down a bit of Rolling Road, onto 40, last Yasha's new work, around a bit of the beltway, down McDonough, and up a bit of 795. And I got home after mom.

In other unrelated news, HELLZABETH IS AN EVIL ENGLISHWOMAN FOR KILLING CANADAAAAAAA!! Seriously, I almost cried! That was evil evil evil. Quebec and everything east is forming their own country, Yukon and BC went to America, and the rest are gonna be together as well. I was in complete shock. I'm still gonna keep reading, as much as it'll pain me, but I do want to know how this goes. Maybe the used-to-be-Canada bits will get involved separately?

because i'm a perv.

and now i'm getting off, because this thunderstorm is really intense.

22 May 2010

writing planning

'Hazy' parts:

- smoking first cigarette, 11/09
- first college party, 12/09
- new year's, 12/09-1/10
- 80's party, 1/10
- 90's party, 2/10
- 420, 4/10
- 70's party, 5/10

So, it's currently going to be seven parts, though I expect I'll add to it as I do things. I'm trying out first-person again, and when I was planning out the beginning of the first part, I was thinking in David Sedaris's voice, which was weird. I might include those 'girly sleepovers', since drinking was involved, but we'll see. Probably not though...

oh, hey

Today was my first day back at MOMs. I'm in Supps for now, as an extra. I'm scheduled for truck days, which is fine because it's money, but sucky because of the time. I worked an 8.5 hour shift and almost forgot to take a break. I did that for most of spring break, worked the 8 hours straight, because I was doing so much I didn't really have a chance to stop and sit.

It was fun, though, the difference between the people I've worked with before and the newer people. Ammie called me her 'Little Duck', and James, one of the new ones, was ridiculously surprised when Nick told him I was 'Pam's daughter'. Sadly, I don't work with Will until next Saturday.

The series finale of LOST is tomorrow night. It can't be real. This isn't happening.

I predict I will cry and be randomly depressed for a while - as in, something will remind me of LOST, and I'll grin at my nerdiness, then pout and be sad when I remember it's over. I'm going over to Becca's for the event, so we can catch up and be nerds together.

Hmm, I also need to watch Doctor Who tomorrow.

Oooo, I need to go shower and then BLOW DRY MY HAIR YEAHHHH!! It's kinda sad, how much I've missed my hair dryer and round brush... I just don't much like my hair when it's all flat and just hanging there. It'll also be the first time I'm blow drying it after Anna cut it two weeks ago, so hopefully it won't look terrible.

this has nothing to do with anything. but it's my favorite of the 'blue police' pics, simply because it's a real american police bike, because all motorcycle!cops ride beemers. trufax.

Really unrelated:

As it turned out, they both skidded into the conference room together, shoving at each other over who would walk in first. They made their appearance right on time, with America holding Canada in a headlock and the meeker blonde punching his brother in the gut. They stumbled, fell, and there was silence as the other nations stared at the North American brothers.

Such bros...

16 May 2010

survival at it's finest

Last night was Journey. And I am in way more pain than I was last year. Oh, but it was so much fun.

Yasha and I ended up as staff chasers, the ones that get the game rolling. Jeremy, from BFTW, was the lead chaser, Sir Lancelot of Charm City. I ended up driving, which turned out to be way easier than I tend to think it is: 29 goes straight through Silver Spring and into DC. We parked in the same hotel garage we did last year. We were a couple minutes late for the chaser meeting, but it didn't really matter. We got our maps and the general instructions for us: no tagging between Dupont and 1, only about 10 between1 and 2, about as many between 2 and 3, and then we're shuffled as needed. Yasha and I were on a team with another guy, Jason, and we had between 2 and 3.

After the meeting, we went to Potbellies and got subs for dinner. When Yasha went to pay for his, though, he realized he managed to forget his wallet. Jason paid for Yasha's sub, which was nice. We went back to the circle after that and got our ribbons, then helped one of the organizers, Chris, grab all the stuff from someone's car, and bring it back to set up. As soon as the table is flipped over and set up, a line forms. We end up walking down the line to intimidate players, and make our way to our post.

We stop by Checkpoints 1 and 2, just to see. 1 is at a bus depot, and has a DMV theme. They made big 'licenses' with holes for faces and you can get your picture taken. Yasha and I had ours done, just because. It was manned by the Good Player Fairy from last year, one of the guys from the 50s training vid, and a woman. We talked for a while, tell them they're supposed to get all 1000+ registrants, then move towards 2. 2 is pirate themed, with inflatable palm tree, kiddie pool, and treasure chest. We report in as 'friendly neighborhood chasers', talk for a bit, and head to where we decide to camp out.

I forgot to mention, but the Marines were back. And there were more. More on that later.

We end up on opposite sides of K, between New Jersey and North Capitol, right near the Greyhound. Apparently, a couple players left early, and 1 was not allowed to stamp people until 8:30. The players were officially released at 7:50. I wish I could provide a more accurate play-by-play, but I was following so many Twitter feeds that I had to delete my inbox twice. We don't get any action until closer to 9, I think. The Marines were moving fast, and we were told to try to get them as fast as possible.

Our team got separated, but we had each other's numbers, so it wasn't a big deal. I quickly found a group and chased them apart, separated another group, and went after others. Unfortunately, because I'm so terribly out of shape I couldn't chase them for long, but it was still fun. We patrolled from 2 to K, and as more player-chasers were made, more people were caught. Yasha chased a couple Marines towards some player-chasers, and 2 got caught.

After that, my timing gets a little messed up. We decided to move to between 4 and 5, but then we got a message from Jeremy to ease off and just intimidate players for a while, to find the lead players instead. We went to 4 anyway, where we met Kevin and a couple other Bros. We walked to 6, doing some chasing along the way. We make it to 6 in time to see the first players finish, 2 guys from Dem Boyz at 10. Yasha goes back out while I rest, and we later decide to go find Jason, who's up near 5.

On our way to 5, we help catch a ridiculously fast guy. Actually, all along 16th where we were walking we were chasing after people. Into traffic, too. There was one guy that we ended up surrounding, there were about 7 of us. He was really fast. He ran up a hill in front of a temple, and as he was coming down, I saw him heading towards me so I planted myself, all ready for him. He banked sharply before he got to me, cut between some newspaper boxes into the street, where Yasha got him. It was pretty sweet.

Bruce from the pillow fight was manning 5, dressed as Waldo, and recording videos of people's stories. Jason was a little up from 5, so we met up with him and decided to ignore the messages about intimidating only and headed to 14th between 4 and 5. We chased some, though I was really tired by then and couldn't do much running anymore. They caught a couple players that were hiding pressed against a wall, who took a little issue with us because they saw the message about not catching.

By then I was exhausted and aching all over. Each step I took shot pain up my legs from the balls of my feet, and I wished I had brought my running shoes. We decided to just head back to the car and leave, partially because of how dead we were and partially because Yasha had to deal with something with Heather. Somehow we made it back to the car and back home. Yasha fell asleep in the car. I got in right around 2.

Over 1150 players made it to 1, 512 through 2, 100 through 3, about 30 through 5. 12 teams were represented at 6. I wish I knew how the Bros did. I'm pretty sure Gabriel made it all the way through again.

Today, almost every muscle in my legs aches so bad I have trouble walking. My neck/shoulders aches too, probably remnants from carrying my bags around on Friday.

12 May 2010


On Monday, Nicole and I went to look at a place on Grace (which turned out to be on Hell Block, but oh well). It's on the first floor of a large building, at the front with a little patio. The main room is really big, like as big as our kitchen and living room combined. The kitchen is really tiny though, but it has a gas stove. I'll deal, whatever. The front bedroom is pretty big, almost as big as my room now. The back bedroom is about as big as my dorm room. They're connected by a jack-and-jill bathroom. Water/trash/sewer and internet is included in the rent, so we would pay for the electricity and gas, and cable should we get a TV.


It's really open and bright, there's a couple ceiling fans. Apparently the maintenance people are rather on top of things, which will be a nice change from Clachan. It's also more than where I am now, by about $80, but I'm hoping we'll be there for the next 2 years, and I can always help cover the rent if need be. I dropped off my half of the security deposit today, so it's just about as good as ours. It was funny; when we went on Monday, one of the guys there now got all excited when we said we wanted it, and he walked us over to the property manager's place to get started on everything.

Our current problem is the lack of furniture the place will have... I really only have a couple random chairs, plus my personal furniture. Nicole, apparently, has nothing. But our kitchen will be thoroughly stocked. I have that covered. As long as Nicole provides a toaster.

In other news: LOST!


*ahem* Yesterday, we learned where Jacob and the Man in Black came from, and basically what the purpose of the island is. Also who 'Adam and Eve' from the caves were, and where the Black Smoke came from. IT WAS SO SAD!

It's also sad that Supernatural is ending tomorrow night. Not for good, because that would be way too much for me to handle, but for the season.

And since I apparently can't upload gifs, here's a bunny with a pancake on it's head.

08 May 2010

dammit, hellzabeth!

I'm going to kill myself.

Because that's the most terribly horrible cliffhanger I think she's left us with yet. WAY TO LEAVE MY FAVORITE COUNTRIES IN GRAVE PERIL GAHHHH!!

"Wait wait wait wait- you're joining the war?" America pointed at the screen. "I thought you guys declared neutrality!"

"And now we are declaring war." Ukraine said, her cheery voice covering something frighteningly like Russia that lurked beneath the surface. "Understand?"

Everybody gaped.

"Khoroshyy." she smiled. "You may all want to step away from Alfred and Matvey."

The ground shook.

The windows rattled.

Both brothers choked in unison, and coughed up blood onto the floor.

And then came the sound of destruction.

I was clawing at the screen.

And now I'm going to go watch Doctor Who and calm down. Hopefully...

my reaction.

the 70s were funkadelic

Went to Kim's 70s party last night. It was pretty awesome. Emily had fun with my hair, I wore my gogo boots and my tube top and drank Mike's Hard.

Anna and Kim decorated Patrick's place with tons of Christmas lights, and real effort was put into the playlist this time, instead of the fail that was the 80s playlist. It was a really nice night, so it was no surprise the party moved to the roof soon after we got there, which was close to 11. I had a hot pocket for dinner when I got there.

And around 12-ish, when I had to go to the bathroom after my 2 Mike's, I realized it's really hard to walk in those boots while not sober. Especially on a slightly slanted roof. So I had to take them off before I stumbled my way right off the roof. Hasib got a bunch of Wendy's for whoever wanted some, and he introduced himself to me for, like, the fourth time.

Around 12:30 the police came. Apparently, Patrick's bitchy downstairs neighbors had called with a noise complaint, and then there was a robbery down the street. They played it off all nice and smooth, cooperating and such. I was kinda terrified. We had to basically stop the party after that, and about half the people left, but we hung around for a few more hours.

Cesley moved to the kitchen and didn't move for probably 2 hours, just drinking PBR. I took a nap on Tom's bed. At some point Patrick took out his bowl, and there was weird unplugged guitar jam session. Liz finally decided we should leave when Cesley got kinda delirious. Kim had to help her down the stairs and to the van. And I think I ended up being the most sober person in our group again, even if I had a bout of the spins and had to sit down for a while. After all, this was my first party since my birthday.

I'm kinda impressed with myself. I continue to manage to drink for a while, suddenly realize I'm getting tipsy and dizzy, and then I stop. And since we usually just hang out at these functions for hours, I get to spent 2-3 hours working off my buzz by nearly falling asleep. I hardly drank at all too. Ces was drinking for probably the whole time. She had a four loco and several PBRs. Crazy. I had a comb in my pocket that I would randomly pull out and use on other people (since my hair had hairspray and curls in it), and after a while of doing that to her she would just ask me to comb her hair. Weird...

Anyway, I should really get dressed and go to the studio to finish my textiles final. Which again will have no crit. Not cool...

ces = england. except not naked.
(though a couple guys did randomly strip to their underwear...)

05 May 2010


man, i had this epic thought process thing that i was doing as i wrote my paper yesterday, but i'm too lazy to post it now. oh well.

i was up for 34 hours straight, not counting the hour-ish dozing-nap i had around 6a. i drank a 12oz red bull and a 16oz jolt to help me write that paper, and jessica got me a 20oz mocha frap to keep me up through "the royal tenenbaums" which i thoroughly enjoyed. and then i walked my bike home and locked it under the deck because i knew i would fall over if i tried to ride it or carry it up the stairs. i went to bed at 6 last night, woke up around 6 this morning, and had bursts of pseudo-sleep till around 11:30. 34 hours awake, followed by about 14 hours of sleep. awesome.

- shower. i feel gross.
- eat.
- watch 'lost' since i slept through it.
- deliver rent.
- move my bike up to the deck.
- clean up my room.
- attempt some studio work.

well, it's 4 now, so i guess i should get started on all that...

idk. it's really hot... outside, i mean.

03 May 2010

Procrastination's a bitch

And yet I'm still doing it.

I have 17.5 hours left to write this English paper, but for some reason I'm terribly unstressed and not worried at all. It's a little distressing how unconcerned I am about this whole thing.

I've currently got almost 4 full pages, and I'm about to add onto something in the middle of all that - orthographic coding and spelling and such. I got a bit stuck on the 'learning disabilities' part, probably because I was trying to write it while Bayly was at the table with Anna and I. Of course nothing got done. I sorta stopped in the middle of a sentence and I have no idea where I was trying to go with it.

I got some stuff from Aunt Lynne about occupational therapy and such. I WAS SO HAPPY!! I should really go read those articles... I'm probably going to quote her a bit, and I asked her a couple questions that I'm waiting on responses for, which I kinda need for the next part of my paper. So I think I'm just waiting for her to get back to me.

Or maybe I just really really don't want to write this goddamn thing. That could be it.

I'm really happy, though, with my overall performance this semester and the progress I've made on all my other finals. I'm solid for a B in all 3 math classes, an A for textiles, likely a B for ceramics, an A in cinema, and as long as I don't completely bomb this paper at least a B but probably an A for English. I've finished my math final, I'm not worried about my cinema final. I finished glazing my stuff for ceramics, so that'll be done by Wednesday. I've done 6 scarves for textiles, and I'll get the other 4 done by Thursday evening, hopefully, and then I can spend the weekend thinking about how to present the damn things.


And I just downloaded a really fantastically amusing and amazing FST. It's called "too sexy for your party," and it's for the Bad Touch Trio.
"Everybody" Backstreet Boys "The Bad Touch" Bloodhound Gang "Hips Don't Lie (cover)" The Fray "I'm Too Sexy" Right Said Fred "Highway to Hell" AC/DC "Daylight" Matt & Kim "Poker Face" Lady Gaga "Like A Boss" The Lonely Island "Stay Young" Oasis "Boys Don't Cry" The Cure "Love Machine" Arctic Monkeys "Fuck Her Gently" Tenacious D "All For Love" Bryan Adams

I'm listening to it to pump me up.

If my library wasn't so ginormous, I'd try to throw together a 'pump me up' playlist right now. I may just have to attempt a Genius concoction. It starts with "Daylight" and includes lots of Passion Pit, Cobra Starship, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Postal Service, and MGMT.

i feel like this is my mood right now... i'm hopped up on red bull, leemealone...