30 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: PruCan

note: pretty much exclusively smut

There's a Voice... ...That Keeps on Calling Me : Established relationship sex. finished

Apfel : Rape fantasy in semi-public place, consensual. finished

The Merits of Imagination : Prussia loves twincest. Secret obessive Prussia mind-fapping over seeing America and Canada together, while America and Canada notice and use his fetish to their advantage. unfinished

: Years of training had taught Prussia very specifically in the art of recognizing good land, and then taking it for himself. Canada's was particularly nice, and as such there was no reason not to claim it. An attempt at a PruCan without fluff. finished

The Invasion Domestic
: A century ago, if someone had told Gilbert that he would one day be spending most of his time halfway across the planet playing domestic with a peaceful nation, he would have laughed in their face—and then invaded their vital regions for good measure. finished

Three and a half nations
: PruCan + GerAm. Because hot brothers...and hot brothers...being hot together? DO WANT. finished

Conference Complications
: Just the lightest of touches to Canada's knee, and suddenly the entire meeting is completely ruined. Smexings in a broom, ahem, Utility closet. Who could ask for more? finished

The Holiday Gift : Why, oh why was he given that of all presents in the world! Someone was doing that on purpose! Sometimes life is just so frustrating when you're Gilbert. finished

Memory My Canadian Savior
: The PruCan companion to Aftermath. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prussia is a mental and physical mess but seems to respond well to a blonde Canadian. From past to current, Prussia and Canada's gradual relationship change over time. finished

Tease : Prussia has had enough of Matthew's teasing and now he's going to act on it. finished

Whiplash : "Just remember, I own a Rottweiler, a variety of machine guns, and the blueprints to your house. I would be extremely careful in anything you tried to pull off." PruCan two-shot with protective America. finished

À l’Inverse : Everyone, including himself, knew that he hated being alone. He knew it, but he never admitted to it. A nice night in town might just lead him to make a new interesting acquaintance who could give him the time of his life. finished

Just a Little Business : Dominant Matthew and submissive Gilbert~ Would love if their relationship is something along the lines of Master!Matthew and Pet!Gilbert. finished

Long Love : Prussia taking it deep and LOVING LOVING /LOVING/ it! Inspired by "Long Love" from the Young Frankenstein musical. finished

Happy Birthday, Canada! : Gilbert had come to the conclusion that Matthew was an absolute bore. Unfortunately, far from being irritated by this, Matthew had agreed with his statement. So this birthday, Gilbert had decided to change up Matthew’s routine... Prussia/Canada/Netherlands. finished

Untitled : Prussia gives Canada a lap dance, and lands himself in a position he would normally not consider to be awesome. (Hot sex ensues, of course.) finished

Have No Fear Cuz Ecstasy Is Here... Or Something Like It : Prussia is getting all kinds of excited from watching Canada dance at a club. Imagine just how excited he gets when he manages to seduce the Canadian elsewhere. fail sex. finished

Control : Things were almost comfortable between them - pancake breakfasts and nights watching TV - until Gilbert asks where Matthew's badass side went. Matt demonstrates that his badass side isn't gone, and things get a different kind of comfortable. finished

Offer From the Neglected
: Once Canada got over the confusion of hearing such an offer from someone he'd never really spoken to, it actually made a lot of sense. finished

Sticky : This anon recently became a huge shipper Prussia x Canada shipper. Prussia gets turned on seeing Canada eating maple syrup and they quickly get a room. And... Prussia using maple syrup. You get the idea. And in the end, some fluff, please~ finished

Winning : "[...] That night, Canada dreamed of that viper-like body twined with his out in the storm, of getting fucked hard into the stinging grass and mud, of hearing that odd mixture of pleased laugh-and-snarl, of licking the blood off of Prussia’s face and letting his blood-slicked hands slide down his naked torso." unfinished

22 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Melkay's stories

Possibly my most favorite Hetalia writer ever. And she's also super nice and friendly and awesome. GR is definitely my absolute favorite fanfic ever forever, and probably half the meme agrees. I wish I could draw people from my head, because then I'd draw her fanart.

Wired Differently
: [Prompt: Canada/America and a sex machine.] In which America is hopelessly and awkwardly in love, stress threatens to give Canada ulcers, and porn gives them the answer they're looking for. finished

Over the Line : [Prompt: possessive!Canada, geography kink] Canada trusts America. It's the rest of the world that can't keep their hands to themselves. finished

A Place in the World
: [Drabble] When you want to get away from the world, sometimes the best place to go is the place you go together. finished

World Jeopardy: Dues Ex Machina
: [prompt was for SNL's World Jeopardy, Hetalia-style] In which Austria wants to kill someone (possibly himself), England is a raging drunk parody, France likes butts, and America likes... something. But not everything like nightgowns. finished

The Great Elevator Massacre of 2010 : In which the major superpowers of the world get into an elevator… and never get off. And no, that is not a euphemism. finished

The House We Built
: [Deanon from Hetalia Kink Meme, the Haskell House Opera House and Library with Canada topping.] Canada and America visit an old friend: the one place they literally have no boundaries. finished

Love in Seasons
: [Ficlet] The story of how Canada did not fall in love with America, told in glimpses and not-truths and the inevitable. finished

Assorted other deanons
: also, her Hetalia fic tag

General Relativity 1
& 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 : student!Matthew/professor!Alfred. prompt for student/teacher sex, turned into an amazing love story. I think I will cry when this ends. finished

Operation: Bridge the Border 1
& 2 & 3 & 4 : Turns out, Tony and Kumajirou share an OTP -- Canada/America! (in that order) The two of them decide to work together to get the two dumb blonds hooked up properly. ongoing

Mongoose 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 : Russia is hired to grab Arthur Kirkland's son and return him to insert-nation-here to be held for ransom. So he makes the grab and quickly realizes he's gotten more then he bargains for with the foul-mouthed brat he ends up with who fights him every step of the way and is just asking to be shot. ongoing

21 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Italies

Two Ways About It : THE YEAR IS 2005 "Eeeh... hey, Romano -" "Minimum three free meals and a nap with pasta." Spain takes Romano up on his bargain. Wedding hijinks ensue! finished

Just fuck me
: Germany fucks Italy raw and senseless. No fluff, no plot, just smut. finished

Can I Join?
: The two brothers are going at it somewhere in their house, when Antonio decides to drop by for a visit and barge in unannounced. He catches them in the midst of foreplay, and after getting over his shock, is immensely turned on and urges them to let him join. finished

Toccarmi, fratello : The Italies get their curls tangled, and proceed with frottage. finished

Seeing Red : S. Italy is aroused by Spain's matador outfit. finished

Because He Would : Never, ever click any link that Prussia sends you, especially if he's offering to "help you out." It may lead to this. (demon Rickroll) finished

And It's Supposed to be the Day of Love : Lovina finally agrees to go the Valentine's Dance with Antonio. But not because she likes him or anything!... Gen-flip and Gakuen AU. (plus other genflip AU stories by the same author) finished

Fuoco Infernale : Lovino Vargas goes to a church camp, meets a new friend, and learns a little bit about himself. finished

19 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Groups/Multiple Nations

The Dead Zone : America decides that the nations need to do some bonding so he makes them all (using blackmail mostly) play paintball. sorta finished

Twilight, Eh : Cracktastic retelling of the Twilight saga with Canada as Bella and France as Edward. finished

Hetaliaspotting/Reqiuem for a Nation
: DRUGS ARE BAD, MMKAY? I want the hard stuff, anon. (No weed, Canada...) I want it dark nasty gritty AND sparkly trippy crazy. multiple fills. finished

Like, Totally Manry : America, Canada and Poland have a girly sleepover. finished

Ignorance, My Bliss 1
& 2 & 3 : I want the nations to have some sort of secret (no, it has to be something other than the fact that they're nations). All of the nations know about this secret, but its never mentioned (at least not in public or in the meetings), merely mutally understood. That is, all but one nation. rather dark. finished

: writer of several high school AUs

: The Hetalia cast in the setting of Gakuen Hetalia with various "issues": America is bulimic and obsessed to look like a "hero", Sealand (or Austria) cuts themselves to take the edge off, Latvia is a heavy drinker, UK rips out his hair, South Italy has weight problems due to eating out of comfort, etc. various fills. finished

Buttsex: The Musical
: America comes up with a cliche game to fill the time. Who will last in an hour of extreme sexual awkwardness?! finished

kinky drabbles : Drabbles inspired by this list of kinks. various pairings, various fills. finished

The Secret Lives of Nations : Anon's head-canon dictates that Nations, while not occupied with official duties of state-running, boss-dodging, and international relations of the bedding sort, have their own lives that they indulge in either in the mockery of or in sincere envy of humanity. various fills. finished

Margins : An AU where Nation-tans are even more bound to their countries. That is, they can't physically leave their homelands. finished

Hockey is a Serious Sport
: Nations get drunk, play naked hockey. finished

Look At This Fucking Fill
: College AU with Nations as hipsters. ongoing

Sanguinary Blue : Supernatural AU, inspired by epic movie trailer music. unfinished

A Soft Reboot : [first 3 chapters] Once every couple centuries, the nations inexplicably disappear and are reborn as humans. But the memories and nationhood gradually return and they have funny ways of getting back to each other. ongoing

A Sky to Hold Them
: Fusion with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ongoing

Inglourious Muddbloods : Starring Arthur the Apache. Hetalia/Harry Potter/Inglourious Basterds crossover-fusion of win. ongoing

Carnations; Rosa; Lilies, Leaves and Weeds 1 & 2 : A world where everyone (Nation and human) identifies as dom or sub. Carnations: Spain/Romano. Rosa: USUK. Lilies, Leaves and Weeds: Canada/Prussia/France. LLW ongoing

Five Stops on the World Tour of Martha Jones
: YtNW. People Martha meets on her journey around the world. finished

13 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: France and X


Lessons : France teaches Canada bedroom arts, and the ways Canada uses them in, ahem, "negotiations" with other countries afterwards. unfinished

: Matt has no idea why he keeps going to his brother’s parties, but sometimes the reasons and proof one seeks out aren’t in plain sight. finished

Indigo : Francis misplaces his shirt, and when he goes looking for it, finds something rather unexpected. finished

Sensibility : When Francis agreed to teach Matt the art of seduction, he didn’t plan to have his own lessons used against him. finished

Une Nuit dans Canada : France takes Canada's virginity. And films it. finished

[untitled] : Canadian French turns France on. France is talking to Canada and trying to hide his boner. Whether France then proceeds to jump Canada's bones or he runs home to masturbate, this anon just wants France getting hopelessly aroused by Canada's dialect. finished

Fierce : France decides to take Canada shopping. Hesitantly, Canada agrees. He allows France to pick out all manners of odd clothing for him, until France finds a pair of very tight pants. Canada blatantly refuses the pants, much to France's chagrin. When asked why, Canada insists that he will not fit, even though they look like they are the right size. Because his dick's too big. finished

le loup et le lapin
: Okay, sorry to add to the madness but OP would give her right arm to see Francis Bonnefoy, French revolutionary, being wrongly accused of being an atristo supporter. Chaos ensues and M. Bonnefoy finds himself in England falling in love with, of all people, Matthew Williams, the son of a very rich aristocrat. Realistic fill. finished

12 pomegranate seeds : Okay, sorry to add to the madness but OP would give her right arm to see Francis Bonnefoy, French revolutionary, being wrongly accused of being an atristo supporter. Chaos ensues and M. Bonnefoy finds himself in England falling in love with, of all people, Matthew Williams, the son of a very rich aristocrat. Fantasy fill. finished

Wit of a Staircase 1
& 2 & 3 : Matthew in highschool alternate universe. The brunt of being a loner. The hardships of a social outcast....... and having a major crush on 11th grader Francis. semi-ongoing


Honest when drunk : England being fucked senseless... by France. finished

Lavender : detailed sex. finished

You Can't Refuse a Frenchman Forever : England and France are relatively happy as a couple. But as of late, England has been brushing aside France's attempts at seduction with lame excuses. France becomes sexually frustrated. However his feelings for England and his pride won't allow him to be unfaithful. His solution...beg England to fuck him. finished

Pour le Plaisir
: "Perhaps, England thinks as France’s hand nudges his thighs apart, knee settling between them and rubbing against his cock, this would be the time to say no." fisting. finished

Closer and Glow : 2 fills for UK/France, animalistic sex. finished

Sign A New Agreement With iTunes : Arthur and Francis have been roommates ever since their college years. They're vitriolic best buds, (though half the time they seem like frenimies) but they're always there for each other, through heartbreak and crazy exs and everything in-between. One day it dawns on them that they've basically been together all this whole time and were just too busy dating other people/in denial to realize it. finished

Le Temps Des Cerises : France - fem!France, if it's easier - and the Folies Bergère, specifically its costumes. Pairings entirely up to anon, but military!England would be very appreciated welcome. unfinished

Rose of Gaul
: In which France has a rose for a penis and England is just drunk enough to deal with it. finished

Hetalia fanfic links: FACE variations

What the Heart Forgets : What Arthur lost when he sacrificed himself to save the people beneath the Nations, and what he gained in return. Begins FrUK, becomes family. finished?

A Certain Satisfaction 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 : It is said that if you look in the right parts of London, you’ll find a house with a forest-green door – and if you ask the man there the right way, he’ll take you in and make your dreams reality. BDSM foursome. finished

SPOILER: He's not an only child 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6: Parent trap. This anon would like to see Canada and America as the twins trying to get their parents back together, and England and France as the lovingly divorced parents. And then the rest of the cast is up to you. semi-ongoing

Not One Word : America must keep silent during sex, letting Canada be heard. foursome. finished

Good Things Come in Threes : Not really sure how to put this, except England tied up and blindfolded with France, America and Canada having their wicked way with him. They all very much enjoy it. foursome. finished

Family Night : Family time is for getting closer with your family... NO FRANCE NOT THAT CLOSE! foursome. finished

Eiffel Tower : America -> England <- France, voyeur Canada. "A sexual act that requires two guys, one chick, and one other unfortunate soul. The chick bends over and one guy takes her from behind, while the other puts it in her mouth and then the two guys give a high five (or high ten), giving the illusion of the Eiffel Tower. The unfortunate soul is there to take the picture. No one will believe you if you don't have the proof." finished

The Screeching Bitches 1
& 2 : Alfred is in a band with Arthur and Francis. Recently they lost their drummer in the Incident and now they need a new one. Francis drags his ex-military cousin from Quebec, Mattieu in for a session and the poor guy is basically strong armed into joining. Alfred and Mattie settle into something of a love/hate kind of friendship, but eventually it stirs up into something a little hotter and a lot deeper. Mattie has PTSD, is an autodidact, is writing as he lives/wastes his life away on Francis's couch. unfinished/abandoned

Joint Decision : England and France decide to take teen America and Canada's virginity together, on the same bed at same time for whatever reason. England takes America while France takes Canada then the two switch, England taking Canada and France taking America. no non-con but can start out slightly dub-con. Want some loving sex though. finished

[untitled] : England is blindfolded and has no idea who's topping him. During the act he begins to fantasize about who it is, but can't keep his fantasies straight and switches back and forth between America, France, Canada... finished

I Have Seen Then Gentle : I love me some FACE, but this time, England and France are genderbent. They demand that the boys sleep together and they get to watch and direct. The boys have each other (preferably seme!Canada), and then have their mentors. unfinished

Starts With One : Alfred, Arthur, and Francis are a group of vampire hunters on the trail of vampire!Matthew. Once Matthew is all chained up, they start using their libidos instead of their thinking-heads, and decide to let cute little Matthew have a last fuck before they take him out for "disposal" at sun-up. various spin-offs at bottom. finished

Radix 1 & 2 & 3 : How they went from 'friends' to in a relationship. What brought them together that way and such. Spans history. ongoing

Walk on the Wind : Columbus never discovered the New World and England and France never colonized America and Canada. No one knows that the nations of the Western Hemisphere even exist. Around 1945, Japan comes across some Pacific islands and decides to use them as a base, so he "disposes" of the natives. Only problem is that those islands were Hawaii, aka American territory. And the NA bros are not happy. Cue America and Canada declaring war on the Axis Powers. unfinished

Misunderstandings of Cannonballic Proportions : America and Canada sneak into their parents bedroom for some reason while their parents are out. Before they can leave without being caught though their parents come home and head towards the bedroom. So to avoid getting in trouble America and Canada hide under the bed and wait for them to leave. Except they don't leave... in fact it sounds like they're wrestling or something? finished

Family Game Night : There should probably be an upper age limit on board games. If you are passed two centuries, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to play. 'family' shenanigans. finished

Specialis Revelio : Gryffindor!US/Slytherin!UK and Huffleclaw!Franada are musts. OP doesn't want the HP cast to play a major role at all. Focus should be on Hogwartsified Hetalia members. unfinished

Four Too Many : Human!AU with those four in a vaguely functional established relationship and just... living their lives (morning routine, going to work, getting into arguments, complaining about work, spending the evening together... whatever you feel like writing). ongoing

: France and England decide to take little America and Canada to the zoo. They have a lovely time but when it's time to go home they discover that Canada is missing. Cue their frantic search for him until they finally find him with the polar bears. And by with the polar bears I mean taking a nap with one. finished

12 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: England etc

Practical : Prussia/England. Porn during the Seven Years' War. finished

21 times England did "the deed" : Sexual history of a nation. finished

Threesome : Arthur is playing around with his magic once again. This time it ends up with two copies of himself! BUT! One is the incarnation of his full gentleman-personality; all polite, never swear, always kind and helpful. The other is his sarcastic, sexy side (c'on, we know it's in there); head high, evil remarks. Both Arthur-copies takes a liking in the original Arthur, and fights for his hand. And to Arthur's own surprise, he finds himself falling completely for.. eh.. himself. unfinished

Entwined : The ex-colonies (Canada, America, Australia, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.) all throw a party for England on his birthday. Orgy ensues. finished

An Incident and Jerusalem
/Increments of Jerusalem : Sherlock Holmes and England. A man comes to Sherlock looking for the mysterious Sir Arthur Kirkland. finished

No Such Place
: Not the King Arthur story you think it is. rather gorey. finished

Just a Bit of Discomfort : "This anon has heard that men can indeed lactate, and anon isn't ashamed to say that lactation is a hard core fetish of anon's, be it in a het relationship or a yuri relationship. However, Alfred x Arthur is anon's first yaoi OTP, so I'm curious about this." unfinished

Family Ties : Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3. ongoing

Robot Unicorn Attack : adultswim.com game

What Do We Have Here Then? : “Oh, just one thing I ought to warn you about... Keep an ear out for the name Kirkland.” "Massive poof. Fancies officers. WATCH OUT!!!" finished

Nice Day For a Drive :
Russia and UK have a drunken tank drive-off. finished

The International Awesome Pirate Weekend and director's cut : For one weekend only, England hoists the Jolly Roger again. The world weeps. finished

Our Scandalous Little Rabbit : UK likes to masturbate anally to a certain pair of nations. BIG Bonus: He comes just from Anal - in other words, he never touches his cock. BIGGER Bonus: He uses a vibrator. finished sequel ongoing

The Perils of a Democratically-Elected Leadership
: England during the Year That Wasn't. Doctor Who crossover. finished

05 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Canada-centric

History of Canada

Maple Express : Canada/Netherlands/Canada (I think Netherlands' name should be Maarten Van de Meer)... Bring weed to the UN summit. Madness ensues. finished

Are you there, God? It's me, Canada : Canada/Poland. Growing up around Arthur, Francis and Alfred can't have been terribly fun for Matthew, can it? What would be good to see is an angsty family AU. The drama! The teenage years! The running away and getting into trouble! unfinished

Daddy Issues : England/Canada\France. Canada calling out Daddy with UK and/or France. finished

October : The October Crisis in1970 finished

Duality : Identical twins share a pluralistic, rather then an individual, personality. The twins would frequently exchange identities and places with one another to the extent that they were a single individual for all intents and purposes. Two sets of hands, two bodies - a single personality, or at least one so intertwined with each other that there was no discernible line separating the two. unfinished

Tegaki : Matt Williams and Matthew Williams

Vinland : Lets suspend disbelief and say Canada was Vinland waking up after a very long nap because it was pretty much inevitable that the Americas would be 'discovered'. Now, what would happen if Vinland tendencies start surfacing the way childhood habits sometimes do? For some reason I like the idea of England still twitching at the thought of vikings or America freaking out over the possibility that he's the younger one and that the two of them might not be actual brothers at all. finished

Operation Maple Sandwich : Netherlands/Canada/Ukraine. finished

Ice, Fire, and Furballs
: Canada/Greece. "T-the cats are watching" finished

Forged From Fire : Matthew kicks ass during WWI, much to Arthur's surprise, despite looking like he's a little boy drowning in daddy's uniform. Confessions and internal struggles ensue. finished

Lay Me Down : So, I just have to say that the opening ceremonies in Vancouver were probably the most EPICALLY AWESOME programs I'd ever seen. So my prompt is very specific. I want to see Mattie's part in the ceremony! Come on, he had to be in there somewhere. Was he one of the mountie cosplayers? Was he that aerial flier? One of the First Nation dancers? Personally, anon wants to see him as one of the punk rock fiddlers. finished

Seashells and Caribou Trails
: Canada/Seychelles These two are the only two members of the British Commonwealth that were once French colonies, and are now members of La Francophonie. finished

Montreal hockey riots [various fills] : Most of us Canadanons are familiar with how riled up hockey gets us. And the riots that sometimes ensue. So, I'd love to see the normally timid Canada actively participating in the hockey riot in Montreal, drunk and disorderly. And being one of the people to be arrested. Bonus: He has to call another nation to bail him out, but they don't believe he's been arrested until he tells them it was hockey related. finished

The Cold We Hate : It's January, 1998, and the North American twins are about to be hit by one of the worst snowstorms they've ever faced. finished

Veins : Canada is turned on by trees. To be more specific, maples. finished

A Tale in the Oral Tradition : France/Canada Any pairing, so long as it involves some more Canada with an oral fixation. unfinished

Parentage : General Winter is Canada's father. finished

Walls 1 & 2 : Highschool student Matthew has been hiding from his family that he doesn't feel comfortable with his biological gender. At night, he dresses up and fantasizes about the day he is able to move from his family's small town, live the way he wants to live, and get the surgery.
Unfortunately though, through whatever anon chooses, his female counterpart is eventually revealed to his popular, football playing, twin brother Alfred (who I think wouldn't understand it, but would support him eventually) and his father, Arthur (who I think would be less accepting). ongoing

They think we're strangers : Romano/Canada Someone close to Romano, preferably Veneziano or Spain, gets hurt (not necessarily physically) - and Romano, for once, gets really protective. He's ready to kick everyone's asses and also partly drops the tsundere act around the hurt person - he's pretty nice and caring to them in his own way. ongoing

Better than Maple Syrup : I'll go with my headcanon so I wish for Canada to masturbate by touching his curl alone. finished

How it begins : England, Canada, France and Scotland have one hell of a drunken kegger in November 1866. Nine months later, Canada has quadruplets: Ontario (England's), Quebec, New Brunswick (both France's) and Nova Scotia (clearly Scotland's if only for the name). ongoing

04 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: various Americas

As a sort of intro, I have lost my mind and decided to make a list of all my bookmarks here just in case something terrible and completely unpredictable happens and I lose all of them. I think I would cry if that happened. Hopefully, that won't happen over the week(s) I spend doing this. Right now I just want to get all the links and prompts/summaries up. Later on, hopefully, I'll edit the entries to specify location (km, ff.n, personal, other), rating, and pairing (unless already specified).



Haunting You 1 and 2 : I want a haunting AU with America and England, preferably with America as the ghost. Human names are the only thing that would make sense to me in this setting and I want it to be creepy! unfinished

Fairytale : Anons, sorry to add to the ever growing pile of requests but this anon just found a new kink.


Preferably AU (fairytail-ish where people with extra appendages seems normal) and human names? I just want to see the events that lead to the picture...and maybe up until the end of it. ;)unfinished

No Known Cure : Strange request inspired by the "These are the times that try men's souls" fill and others. Also because in this anon's head-canon, America would make an epic doctor, personality-wise.

The scenario is that, for whatever reason (be it terrorist-attack, overwhelming financial crisis, internal conflict, etc.), the United States collapses and descends into disorder. The states are absorbed and taken over either by Canada or England.

Alfred manages to survive. But, already badly affected by the cause of the collapse and the resulting chaos, he can't take not being his own independent nation anymore. He disappears and no one can find him. After several years of unsuccessful searching, most of the other Nations presume Alfred is dead (though Canada and the other Latin American countries still aren't too sure...).

Years later, a Nation inadvertently finds America again. A more mature (though still carefree, cheerful, and optimistic) America who is a skilled and devoted doctor...and who doesn't remember anything or anyone from his life as a Nation. Though he hasn't aged physically, he doesn't realize that he's a Nation and not human. unfinished

Vital Regions : Canada's first kiss is accidentaly taken be a nation's soldier (preferably an American) during a Nations and Boss' meeting. CHAOS <-- because it's definitely the last thing anyone would expect. finished

Flipside : Tl;dr? Alfred's stuck in an alternate reality due to alien technological mishap. What at first seems a rest becomes a disaster in the making as Alfred starts becoming the alt. world's America. A Nation or a group of Nations needs to go there and drag America back at any cost, whether he wants to return or not. unfinished

Thirteen : Anon finished a fill that had a character mentioning off hand that he'd been shot in the head several times. And there seems to be a gruesome but amazing set of head canons about the various scars that nations have (the most gruesome of course, belonging to Russia, including a near decapitation, courtesy of the Golden Horde).

So basically, anon would like something along the lines of: "Five times Nation A should have died (but didn't)" finished

Author!Anon [original 1 and 2] [deanon 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6] : So, we've basically all read the misfire fills where Nations were reading the Kink Meme and, in their haste to reply, missfire. But what if they actually WROTE the fills?

So, here's the jist of it:
Nation A writes a fic for Nation A/Nation B. But, Nation A gets writer's block and doesn't know where to go next. So, without Nation B knowing, Nation A acts out the fill up to where they are to see how Nation B will react so they know what to write. finished


Who Slept With Alfred Jones? 1 & 2 & 3 : Alfred as unlikely virgin. The countries find out that behind all the bluster and the loudness, no one's actually slept with Alfred; and they just assumed someone had. Devirginization somehow ensues. unfinished

Hands : A nearly-blind America being taken advantage off by another nation-tan since his glasses were hidden/stolen by said nation-tan. Make America unwilling at first but then all slutty or submissive at the end. finished

Tegaki : Blue as Alfred

under skies of cornflower blue
: On September 11th, 2001, America is severely injured and hospitalized, to the shock of the other nations. Angst is a must. finished

The Six-Million Dollar Man : Wild tales concerning an anthropomorphic personification of a country are decidedly not the concern of the FBI. Unless, of course, you forward your complaint to the office in the basement... finished

Dear Diary : Alfred F. Jones isn't gay. Just read his diary; you'll see. AU, Alfred/Ivan among others finished

I'm Loving It More Than I Should
: America doesn't know how long he's had these urges, but if they aren't fulfilled, he'll go crazy. America/Hamburgers. finished

Little White Lie 1 & 2 & 3 : America starts seeing a human girl as his escape from life. Shit hits the fan nearly immediately. finished

Do You Remember? : The Nations often join their soldiers during war against their bosses' wishes. Sometimes they're the generals and sometimes they're lieutenants (did I get these ranks wrong? op knows pitifully NOTHING about the military otl;), and usually their men never know that they fought with their own country. finished

Fill You Up
: One night, America declares that he's going to fill France to the brim with cum. France approves of this idea very much. finished

Invasion 1 & 2 : An alien race invades Earth, and the Nations must band together to throw them out. (under the 'anything goes' prompt) ongoing

Why Flip Phones Are Awesome... : In short: Russia shoves America's vibrating cell phone up his ass finished

Preggers : Russia is pregnant. America is confused. unfinished?

Angels 1 & 2 : I would love to see an AU fic where a young (16 no older than 17) Alfred is a single father with 3-4 children. Here's the twist: The children are also his brothers. ongoing

Fahrenheit 451 Centigrade J : A brief behind the scenes of a fictional 2011 world conference. Completely unrepentant smut. finished

And I Know You Like It, Too : My headcanon tells me that America is France's bitch. In public, America acts like he can't stand France, but behind closed doors? America is a total slut that will do whatever France wants. finished

Die Buchhandlung
: Western Germany, the American side of the line, in a bookstore, Alfred F. Jones and Ludwig Beilshmidt: Even books without a happy ending deserve to be printed. finished

All Is Not As It Seems 1 & 2 : Triggered by the birth of Alaska or Hawaii or through just random thought, one nation (anon's choice) finally does the math and realizes that America had to have been really, really, alarmingly, unacceptably young when his oldest states (then colonies) were born. He/she confronts America about it, and America either flashbacks to it or actively tells the tale. ongoing

The Fair Belle
: In the time of the cowboys and the U.S. expansion West, French prostitutes were deported out of France and some moved the West to become a real hit with American cowboys, settlers, miners, etc. because there was so few women. So France, a prostitute in the West, gets a "visit" from a cowboy America finished

Thirteen Voices Raised : My head canon for the Original 13 Colonies/States is that they are not America's children but sprung up much like he did out of nowhere when their specific colonies were founded. America is still America representing the land as a whole and apart from them but they're there too watching over their own lands and people. Then America hits his growth spurt, starts having his own problems with England and gets his bright idea for his Revolution and eventually the colonies have to choose whose side they're on. Some of them easily choose to follow America some of them need a bit of convincing... ongoing

Soft Shock
: France is around when America is going through tough times. Feeling sympathy, he offers comfort through sex. America is pretty clumsy and wide-eyed, but he shows a definite improvement in mood afterward. Fast forward. Later, it comes through France's attention that he took America's virginity. This offends France's sensibilities. OBVIOUSLY A DO-OVER IS IN ORDER, AND HE MEANS TO SEE IT THROUGH CORRECTLY THIS TIME. ongoing

Hemingway in Love : High School/College AU, any pairing, I want to see tons of drabbles revolving around the sex/relatioinships going on between characters in a school/educational setting. FrUS. finished deanon in progress

07 October 2010


That boy. I just-

I'm pretty sure he's not fired from his job because he keeps calling out for not very good reasons. Like, he went out the night before and is kinda hungover and doesn't feel like going in. Or he needs to run lines for this play, but he actually takes a nap.

He has no sense of responsibility.

Also, he's sort of in a relationship with a girl, who is dating another guy. And they're operating on the assumption that she and the other guy will break up before Christmas.

He's making terrible life decisions and it makes me not want to talk to him. But his other friends are shutting him out and such, so I feel like if I get too angry with him and stop talking to him, then his self-diagnosed depression will get worse and something terrible will happen.

But seriously, he's just not a fun person to talk to right now.

He volunteers me for events that I might not like to do with him, like going to Las Vegas. Just. That boy frustrates me.

03 October 2010


I feel like this has been the most amazing weekend ever.

Mainly because I haven't really gotten dressed - or even left the apartment - since Friday.

Even Friday, when I spent a total of 9 hours in the studio working, was a good day. I got all my fabric dyeing done. And even though I think it might count as a mistake, I'm still happy with the mottled yellow-green I got out of it all. But the bound parts look good, so I'm happy.

I didn't really get out of bed yesterday until around 4pm. Sure, I got up to make breakfast at 10:15, and I got other food and used the bathroom a couple times. But my bed was just so amazingly warm and comforting, I just couldn't leave it. I'm not even sure of what all I did while in bed. Even after I got up, I just relocated to the sofa to read a book. I even made a sandwich. And I went to bed around 1:30.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Except at 4, I was just waiting for the Ravens-Steelers game to wrap up (RAVENS WON!) so I could take a shower.

And what a shower. 15 minutes of bliss. I could see the steam in the shower with me. Oh, it was amazing.

And I put on my housedress and my rabbit sweater and sat down to read some more.

And now I'm waiting for the dishes to dry so I can have all the 4 feet of counter space I can get to make cookies. Which will also be amazing.

The main reason this weekend has been so fantastically lazy is because I have hardly any schoolwork to do. I did my dyeing Friday, and I cut my pattern pieces Saturday, and I got started on reading Mrs Dalloway today. And that's pretty much it, really. I know I've got a bit more to do later in the week, like make my stencils and print my samples for Julia, and get started on my burial doll for Susan, oh, and sew sew sew that dress. But for a few days, I've been so relaxed.

I really wish I didn't have to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow, even if I have nothing to do but read. Ah well.

It's my dad's 52nd birthday. And my parents' 25th anniversary next week.

10 September 2010

body image

Gosh, body image is such a weird thing for me.

Yasha will often tell me, "You do know you're good looking, right?" Probably because I don't ever do anything to acknowledge my body and would rather cover it up than wear shorts.

But today I kinda realized something about that.

I was at Lowes getting steel rod for my loom. A sales guy asks me if I need any help, and I say, "Yea, I'm looking for steel rods, smooth ones." And he says something about bludgeoning people with it. And it occurs to me that he might be flirting, maybe, or am I just really paranoid about that? Then I say I need something to cut the rod into pieces, and he takes me over to where the hacksaws are, saying something about making a cannon and firing the steel pieces at people, and how it's always the chicks you gotta watch out for.

(Jeez, writing this now I'm seeing how totally fucked up everything he was saying was...)

Anyway, as I was walking back to my apartment, I was thinking about body vs sexuality. I realize my body is skinny aka 'ideal' and I have a pretty face and a flattering haircut and I try to dress neatly, even if it's just a t-shirt and jeans. But because I don't see people as attractive, as something I admire and desire, it confuses me when I notice other people checking me out. I don't do it, I have no desire to, and so I don't really understand why others would. As an artist, I appreciate and admire the human form, but as a person, a woman, it really does nothing for me.

Then again, that still doesn't really explain my semi-fear of anyone hitting on me, and of actually being naked around people I know, ie Yasha. He is still trying to get me to take off my top for him.

29 August 2010

after all that we've been through~

Went to my first party of the year tonight. Didn't stay very long. It's whatevs.

I mixed PBR in my Cheerwine. Nicole didn't like it, and nobody else was willing to try it, but it wasn't that bad. It certainly tasted better than straight up PBR. That shit is terrible!

I got a new sketchbook today. It's another little Cachet one, only navy blue this time. I did a couple little sketch things in it with commentary, and Nicole did a bunch of random drawings in it cuz she was a little bored at the party.

Yeah, I had about 1/2 - 2/3 of a beer, diluted with Cheerwine. Just enough so I didn't feel uptight, so I could try and dance to the music and have actual conversations, but not enough that I felt in anyway out of control or even tipsy and stumble-y.

Unrelated: I now have "Stillness Is The Move" stuck in my head.

24 August 2010


Sometimes, my asexuality feels like a secret shared by me and one of my exs. I feel like both of us kind of used the relationship to figure out how comfortable we were with couple-y things, and if it never went past a few kisses, that was fine. So when someone around us mentions something about 'hey, you'd tap that right?' or some such, we kinda glance at each other and go 'ehhh, suuure.'

And immediately following that nice and comfortable relationship, I was with a guy who was steadily going further, and I always felt detached from what he was doing to me. Sure, it felt kinda nice, but it never got me 'hot n bothered.' And when I was single again and could look back on it and think about how I felt all during it, I just figured it all out.

I have no idea where this is going. But sometimes I guess I just need to write these things out somewhere.

28 July 2010

high school, and my artistic growth

I went to my high school for the first time in over a year today to drop off some pieces for the alumni show.

First of all, I was amazed at my ability to remember all the random back-roads ways to get to it.

Walking through the halls was really interesting for me. All the 'gallery' walls were empty and plain grey, which makes sense, since it's the summer and all. I had a random burst of pride, knowing that my high school was so very art-oriented and encouraging, when I could have went to a regular zoned school and not had the same opportunities to grow.

I think the reason I'm feeling so nostalgic at the moment also has to do with the episode of 'Work of Art' I watched today (from last week). The artists had to create a piece about their childhood and how they realized they would be artists, and they could only use childrens' art supplies. Most of them didn't do too great of a job, just going with 'childhood' and 'art', only 2 did anything with a real personal concept behind them. I was disappointed with Abdi's piece; I liked his first idea, but oh well. The show was taped months ago, it's not like I can change anything...

Anyway, it got me thinking about my own childhood and what might've lead to my decision to pursue art. And, distressingly, I couldn't really think of any moments that stood out to me. Even now, the best I can come up with is in nursery school when we had to paint a large cut out of an apple red or green, and I used both because I thought it was more realistic. And in second grade, on some sort of leaf-related assignment, I counted the number of purple leaves (along with green, yellow, orange, red, and brown) because I had seen purple leaves. Neither of those events are very monumental, and are certainly not related to my current artistic pursuits.

I think I only started to really develop my own interests and talents in high school. I spent those 4 years focusing mainly on photography, with some figurative painting and mixed media thrown in. I was all set to major in photography in college, until the crit for 'opposites'. I had done 2 large 3'x4' grids of paper cranes, one black and one white. Torie suggested I should look into majoring in crafts or fibers, since lately I had been doing those sorts of oddball pieces. And it just clicked in my head that yes, that's what I want to do.

Recently I've figured out what I would love to do, though my mind keeps telling me it'll never work out because this is the real world. I want to make sustainable fiber art. As in, made from natural materials, like well-treated animals and organic plants, as local as possible. I feel it's a good mix of my strong environmental habits and ideas with my artistic interests and tendencies. The problem I see, though, is the expense of wanting to do it. Buying natural materials is always more expensive than synthetic, and when you factor in local materials it gets harder to find and more expensive.

Even if I could affordably get my hands on natural materials, my brain keeps telling me art is not a reliable or smart career choice - fine art especially. And while this isn't exactly 'fine art' it's far from commercial art. I want to be making art for myself in a small studio, but that's not a very reliable way to live. My brain started yelling about health insurance and dentist appointments and paying bills and affording a car and then I just feel like settling for some hourly job to make ends meet, which will likely kill me inside.

As much as I want to, being a professional artist just seems so terribly hard to live on. Then again, my self confidence isn't very high, even when I know I make good art when I put my mind to it.

Today I contemplated taking orders for embroidered shoes. People seem to like the fun patterns most hi-top shoe companies offer, and there's a small market for hand painted shoes, so I think there would be a similarly small market for embroidered shoes as well. But then I get bogged down with how long it takes, and how painful it can be for my hands, and in the end I decide it's just not worth it.

I feel like now I'm ranting...

Maybe I just need to actually make all those recycled jean things I've been meaning to do, make a dozen sock creatures, and sell all that on the Etsy account I got but have only used to buy one shirt.

[no relevant art today. though I did read another amazing bit of 'General Relatively' that had me smiling goofily the whole time. and blue did a bit of art for it!]

21 July 2010

antisocial girl strikes again!

Is it rude to invite myself places because I'm feeling terribly left out?

Because, through the wonders of FB, I find 2 of my best friends from middle/high school having 'Star Wars' funteimz. So, this is my passive-aggressive attempt to get invited.

It's just, it can't be entirely my fault no one tells me things or invites me places. I know I'm not exactly forthcoming about my own plans, mainly because my life consists of work and sitting at home online. If I showed more interest in going out and doing things, maybe I'd get invited more places. But these friends should know I'm stupidly quiet and just... I'm sad.

Then again, with another whirlwind tour of Richmond tomorrow, I'm not sure going out and having fun is a good idea. I get to spend a grand total of 8-9 hours on a Greyhound bus tomorrow, all to finally sign my lease. It's not gonna be fun, but I'm getting Buz & Ned's when I get in for lunch, and the campus library will be open so I can just hang out there while waiting. Which is still really lame.

And now I'm thinking: I was a lot more outgoing in middle school. As awesome as Carver was, something about it seems to have made me cripplingly quiet. Yeah, definitely channeling Canada here... Yasha is the only non-family person to remember on a mostly regular basis. Maybe in another year or so I'll be used to being forgotten and it won't bother me as much.

I need to stop the angst-fest.

Postive things: I was productive yesterday! I made my dentist and eye appointments, dyed my hair and made dinner.

Unrelated: I'm contemplating getting one of those pill organizers, what with all my self-medicating. The list right now: vitamin, Zyflamend, St Johns wort, Stress B & C + iron, iron, melatonin. And I need to add greens to that. This is what comes from working in the wellness department...

will you indeed...

03 July 2010

!tuo kool

IDK, man. 'Top Gear' ftw!

Moving is way too stressful. And I'm not even actually moving yet!

Monday is going to suck big time... I'm driving myself down to RVA in the morning to pack up everything I own. Everything. My room will be filled with boxes and furniture I can't disassemble. I'm hoping to get a good 9-10 hours down there working. I also need to pay my last month of rent, sign the new lease, and a couple other random and annoying things. You have no idea how happy I am to finally be 'moving out' of that place, even if I won't actually be moving till the end of the month. I'm way too excited for the new place.

Which, by the way, will have a sofa as of tomorrow. Horray furniture!

In other news, Thursday was epically busy. I got up around 7 to do a major bike ride with Yasha. We rode the NCR Trail from Paper Mill to Monkton, 13 miles total. I learned that my bike, being a mountain bike, isn't really meant to be sat upon for such long periods over such flat terrain. My butt still hurts.

That night was also The Inventory From Hell. Pro: free pizza. Con: everything else. I drank 2 bottles of delicious matè to stay awake. I didn't actually count as much as I was expecting, but it was still long and tedious and boring and I hope I never have to do it again. The eggplant on my pizza was pretty good though, for my first time eating it.

Random: I was basically a vegetarian on Thursday. I had a Poptart, a vegan turkey club sandwich, a toasted PBJ, and a slice of vegan pizza. The tempeh was surprisingly good, if incredibly overpowering on that sandwich. I don't want to think about what the 'turkey' was. Tofu just freaks me out.

Also, I spent 5 hours today checking and unpacking 51 boxes of products from UNFI. While suffering from cramps. But then I had a bison burger for dinner, the first burger of any kind I've had in years. Still bland, but slightly better than regular ground beef. I just love seafood too much, I guess.

I think I might have mild depression. Maybe. According to WebMD, I have some of the symptoms. For some reason the prospect doesn't bother me though. Then again, I'm not exactly dissatisfied with my existence, nor do I want to physically harm myself. I'm just terribly lazy, not very hungry, and apathetic towards nearly everything. Whatevs.

Also, more random: I came out, I guess, to Yasha a week or so ago. It just sorta came up, like, "So, what exactly are you, if you don't mind my asking?" "Oh, asexual." Yeah. Basically. And then on the bike ride we had a short conversation about me having sex and proceeding to tell him about it, while I'm thinking, 'Yeah, right, like that'll happen.' I don't even like putting in tampons, why would I be willing to have something else up there?

I need to update more often, or else every time I do I just end up spewing out tons and tons of random where one paragraph is almost never linked to the previous one. Seriously.

45 more minutes. Is it lame that I know how old America and Canada are? [234 and 143] Fucking Hetalia....

24 June 2010

*sneeze attack*

Ugh, I've got a cold. It's really totally not fun.

Yesterday and the day before I had a numb, scratchy throat, but it didn't affect my voice. I've gotten progressively more sniffly and now it's just ridiculous. And of course cat snuggling isn't helping with the runny nose problem.

Other news:
Inventory starts next week. I've already started counting some of backstock, like the holiday stuff, the new stuff that we don't have space for yet, and all the bulk herbs. In preparation for inventory, I get to come in tomorrow and work backstock as much as humanly possible. Oh joy...

I was invited to a party Friday night, which I convinced mom to let me go to for a couple hours, but I'm starting to think maybe it's not such a good idea. I won't be able to really have fun since I'm driving myself home early, and I've got work at 8 the next morning. I feel like it really would be better for me to stay home, especially if I'm still sick then.

Saturday is the e-cycling event at work. Mom gets to man a grill and make food. I finally get to see Fred's band, which is exciting. Angela said she'd try to take some old computer stuff to the Alexandria store, which is cool. It's kinda funny, though, that mom and I are scheduled to be there at 8, but I'm off at 2 and she's off at 4. I'll probably just hang around at the event for those 2 hours or something.

Soccer is actually kinda interesting. Or, at least, I'm interested in the games we're playing; I could care less about the others... I'm really quite pleased that the US and England both made it to the round of sixteen. Perhaps we'll play each other again later. Sadly, our next game is Saturday while I'm at work.

oh, those vuvuzelas...

16 June 2010


"Besides, my capital is awesome!"

Canada, who has been completely ignored for the last hour, is annoyed. Kumapaku hasn't even asked his name! So, naturally, he feels like being a bit of bastard. Plus it's always fun to get a rile out of his brother. "August 24, 1814," he mutters with a smirk. "It didn't look so awesome back then."

England winces. While that incident always cheered them up when the young superpower was being particularly obnoxious, he really wishes that Canada had chosen a better time to bring it up, preferably when he wasn't trying to keep his mind on dealing with this country's backwards driving laws.

America stares around wildly as if looking for the source of the voice. When he notices Canada, his eyes narrow. "You bastard!" he hisses. "You said we wouldn't talk about that!"

Canada's smirk only grows. "Of course, flames make everything look so much more awesome, don't they?"

America opens his mouth a few times in shock, and Canada has to fight off giggles manly laughter. Then, America smirks back at him. "Well, in that case," he says, "York didn't look so hot in 1813, now did it? Oh, wait!" He claps a hand to his face in mock realization. "Yes, it did, because it was on fire!"

from a silly roadtrip fill

03 June 2010



I found a truly epic fill on (not surprisingly) the Pimp Post. And based on the prompt I knew it was going to heartbreaking and intense and maybe something I would regret reading. But the authoranon is doing an amazing job at this whole thing, and I seriously got kinda teary-eyed at the end of this latest update. Other anons were crying for the last, like, 3 updates, but I guess my soul has a hard outer coating that only 'LOST' can truly shatter to pieces. Or something...

Basically, jock!Al is being a jock and tormenting normal!Arthur for being gay, even though he isn't, and then it comes out that Al actually is. And, well, some really really terrible shit just went down, of the extreme kind, and the comfort is starting to come about, but the period between the reveal and the shit was just terrible. And Al is so completely broken. And it makes me want to cry.

And I feel like if I want to talk about anything else right now, it would be a total buzzkill. Or something.........

feel better, dudes.

29 May 2010

sleeeeeeeepy (and a rant)

This has nothing to do with anything, but I feel like ranting a bit...

It's really starting to bother me - like, seriously, make me angry for a couple seconds - when, in fics, authors decide that Matt/Canada [depending on canon v au] is younger than Alfred/America. Based on their canon birthdays, Matt is 3 days older, and Canada had its first year-round successful settlement in1605, 2 years before Jamestown. HE'S OLDER GRAHHHH!! I have no idea why this bothers me so much, but it really does. And then I feel like a terrible person for getting so worked up over such a minor detail. In all honesty, I much prefer them as twins who don't know which is older, as is implied by canon, since Himaruya never has one of them using onii-san or ototou or any form of either; they use a neutral form of brother. [And my mind just jumped to a deleted scene from 'Boondock Saints' involving a call from their mom and talk of 'aren't you going to tell us which one of us is older?']


Anyway, work!

Fun times were had by all as I checked in UNFI. Or something... I had to cut some bits of gouda for JP's wine tasting today, promoting businesses in the same shopping center and all. And I ate a rather delicious and large lunch for about as much as Amy's kid's mac & cheese: cheesey broccoli pocket, cherry fruit smash, black cherry yogurt, root beer. I would just like to say that Brown Cow yogurt is really really delicious, which means a lot, considering the only yogurt I've had in the last, like, 5-6 years was Trix, which only kinda counts.

Well, I'm off to get some ice cream and watch the latest 'Doctor Who'. Psh, like my life is busy...

besides, al's ridiculous behavior is more consistent with a younger sibling, while matt is calm and responsible.