21 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Italies

Two Ways About It : THE YEAR IS 2005 "Eeeh... hey, Romano -" "Minimum three free meals and a nap with pasta." Spain takes Romano up on his bargain. Wedding hijinks ensue! finished

Just fuck me
: Germany fucks Italy raw and senseless. No fluff, no plot, just smut. finished

Can I Join?
: The two brothers are going at it somewhere in their house, when Antonio decides to drop by for a visit and barge in unannounced. He catches them in the midst of foreplay, and after getting over his shock, is immensely turned on and urges them to let him join. finished

Toccarmi, fratello : The Italies get their curls tangled, and proceed with frottage. finished

Seeing Red : S. Italy is aroused by Spain's matador outfit. finished

Because He Would : Never, ever click any link that Prussia sends you, especially if he's offering to "help you out." It may lead to this. (demon Rickroll) finished

And It's Supposed to be the Day of Love : Lovina finally agrees to go the Valentine's Dance with Antonio. But not because she likes him or anything!... Gen-flip and Gakuen AU. (plus other genflip AU stories by the same author) finished

Fuoco Infernale : Lovino Vargas goes to a church camp, meets a new friend, and learns a little bit about himself. finished

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