12 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: England etc

Practical : Prussia/England. Porn during the Seven Years' War. finished

21 times England did "the deed" : Sexual history of a nation. finished

Threesome : Arthur is playing around with his magic once again. This time it ends up with two copies of himself! BUT! One is the incarnation of his full gentleman-personality; all polite, never swear, always kind and helpful. The other is his sarcastic, sexy side (c'on, we know it's in there); head high, evil remarks. Both Arthur-copies takes a liking in the original Arthur, and fights for his hand. And to Arthur's own surprise, he finds himself falling completely for.. eh.. himself. unfinished

Entwined : The ex-colonies (Canada, America, Australia, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.) all throw a party for England on his birthday. Orgy ensues. finished

An Incident and Jerusalem
/Increments of Jerusalem : Sherlock Holmes and England. A man comes to Sherlock looking for the mysterious Sir Arthur Kirkland. finished

No Such Place
: Not the King Arthur story you think it is. rather gorey. finished

Just a Bit of Discomfort : "This anon has heard that men can indeed lactate, and anon isn't ashamed to say that lactation is a hard core fetish of anon's, be it in a het relationship or a yuri relationship. However, Alfred x Arthur is anon's first yaoi OTP, so I'm curious about this." unfinished

Family Ties : Scotland leaves the United Kingdom, giving Northern Ireland an excuse to up and out to reunite with his sister. This leaves England and Wales all alone. And also somehow starts off WW3. ongoing

Robot Unicorn Attack : adultswim.com game

What Do We Have Here Then? : “Oh, just one thing I ought to warn you about... Keep an ear out for the name Kirkland.” "Massive poof. Fancies officers. WATCH OUT!!!" finished

Nice Day For a Drive :
Russia and UK have a drunken tank drive-off. finished

The International Awesome Pirate Weekend and director's cut : For one weekend only, England hoists the Jolly Roger again. The world weeps. finished

Our Scandalous Little Rabbit : UK likes to masturbate anally to a certain pair of nations. BIG Bonus: He comes just from Anal - in other words, he never touches his cock. BIGGER Bonus: He uses a vibrator. finished sequel ongoing

The Perils of a Democratically-Elected Leadership
: England during the Year That Wasn't. Doctor Who crossover. finished

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