05 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Canada-centric

History of Canada

Maple Express : Canada/Netherlands/Canada (I think Netherlands' name should be Maarten Van de Meer)... Bring weed to the UN summit. Madness ensues. finished

Are you there, God? It's me, Canada : Canada/Poland. Growing up around Arthur, Francis and Alfred can't have been terribly fun for Matthew, can it? What would be good to see is an angsty family AU. The drama! The teenage years! The running away and getting into trouble! unfinished

Daddy Issues : England/Canada\France. Canada calling out Daddy with UK and/or France. finished

October : The October Crisis in1970 finished

Duality : Identical twins share a pluralistic, rather then an individual, personality. The twins would frequently exchange identities and places with one another to the extent that they were a single individual for all intents and purposes. Two sets of hands, two bodies - a single personality, or at least one so intertwined with each other that there was no discernible line separating the two. unfinished

Tegaki : Matt Williams and Matthew Williams

Vinland : Lets suspend disbelief and say Canada was Vinland waking up after a very long nap because it was pretty much inevitable that the Americas would be 'discovered'. Now, what would happen if Vinland tendencies start surfacing the way childhood habits sometimes do? For some reason I like the idea of England still twitching at the thought of vikings or America freaking out over the possibility that he's the younger one and that the two of them might not be actual brothers at all. finished

Operation Maple Sandwich : Netherlands/Canada/Ukraine. finished

Ice, Fire, and Furballs
: Canada/Greece. "T-the cats are watching" finished

Forged From Fire : Matthew kicks ass during WWI, much to Arthur's surprise, despite looking like he's a little boy drowning in daddy's uniform. Confessions and internal struggles ensue. finished

Lay Me Down : So, I just have to say that the opening ceremonies in Vancouver were probably the most EPICALLY AWESOME programs I'd ever seen. So my prompt is very specific. I want to see Mattie's part in the ceremony! Come on, he had to be in there somewhere. Was he one of the mountie cosplayers? Was he that aerial flier? One of the First Nation dancers? Personally, anon wants to see him as one of the punk rock fiddlers. finished

Seashells and Caribou Trails
: Canada/Seychelles These two are the only two members of the British Commonwealth that were once French colonies, and are now members of La Francophonie. finished

Montreal hockey riots [various fills] : Most of us Canadanons are familiar with how riled up hockey gets us. And the riots that sometimes ensue. So, I'd love to see the normally timid Canada actively participating in the hockey riot in Montreal, drunk and disorderly. And being one of the people to be arrested. Bonus: He has to call another nation to bail him out, but they don't believe he's been arrested until he tells them it was hockey related. finished

The Cold We Hate : It's January, 1998, and the North American twins are about to be hit by one of the worst snowstorms they've ever faced. finished

Veins : Canada is turned on by trees. To be more specific, maples. finished

A Tale in the Oral Tradition : France/Canada Any pairing, so long as it involves some more Canada with an oral fixation. unfinished

Parentage : General Winter is Canada's father. finished

Walls 1 & 2 : Highschool student Matthew has been hiding from his family that he doesn't feel comfortable with his biological gender. At night, he dresses up and fantasizes about the day he is able to move from his family's small town, live the way he wants to live, and get the surgery.
Unfortunately though, through whatever anon chooses, his female counterpart is eventually revealed to his popular, football playing, twin brother Alfred (who I think wouldn't understand it, but would support him eventually) and his father, Arthur (who I think would be less accepting). ongoing

They think we're strangers : Romano/Canada Someone close to Romano, preferably Veneziano or Spain, gets hurt (not necessarily physically) - and Romano, for once, gets really protective. He's ready to kick everyone's asses and also partly drops the tsundere act around the hurt person - he's pretty nice and caring to them in his own way. ongoing

Better than Maple Syrup : I'll go with my headcanon so I wish for Canada to masturbate by touching his curl alone. finished

How it begins : England, Canada, France and Scotland have one hell of a drunken kegger in November 1866. Nine months later, Canada has quadruplets: Ontario (England's), Quebec, New Brunswick (both France's) and Nova Scotia (clearly Scotland's if only for the name). ongoing

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