19 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Groups/Multiple Nations

The Dead Zone : America decides that the nations need to do some bonding so he makes them all (using blackmail mostly) play paintball. sorta finished

Twilight, Eh : Cracktastic retelling of the Twilight saga with Canada as Bella and France as Edward. finished

Hetaliaspotting/Reqiuem for a Nation
: DRUGS ARE BAD, MMKAY? I want the hard stuff, anon. (No weed, Canada...) I want it dark nasty gritty AND sparkly trippy crazy. multiple fills. finished

Like, Totally Manry : America, Canada and Poland have a girly sleepover. finished

Ignorance, My Bliss 1
& 2 & 3 : I want the nations to have some sort of secret (no, it has to be something other than the fact that they're nations). All of the nations know about this secret, but its never mentioned (at least not in public or in the meetings), merely mutally understood. That is, all but one nation. rather dark. finished

: writer of several high school AUs

: The Hetalia cast in the setting of Gakuen Hetalia with various "issues": America is bulimic and obsessed to look like a "hero", Sealand (or Austria) cuts themselves to take the edge off, Latvia is a heavy drinker, UK rips out his hair, South Italy has weight problems due to eating out of comfort, etc. various fills. finished

Buttsex: The Musical
: America comes up with a cliche game to fill the time. Who will last in an hour of extreme sexual awkwardness?! finished

kinky drabbles : Drabbles inspired by this list of kinks. various pairings, various fills. finished

The Secret Lives of Nations : Anon's head-canon dictates that Nations, while not occupied with official duties of state-running, boss-dodging, and international relations of the bedding sort, have their own lives that they indulge in either in the mockery of or in sincere envy of humanity. various fills. finished

Margins : An AU where Nation-tans are even more bound to their countries. That is, they can't physically leave their homelands. finished

Hockey is a Serious Sport
: Nations get drunk, play naked hockey. finished

Look At This Fucking Fill
: College AU with Nations as hipsters. ongoing

Sanguinary Blue : Supernatural AU, inspired by epic movie trailer music. unfinished

A Soft Reboot : [first 3 chapters] Once every couple centuries, the nations inexplicably disappear and are reborn as humans. But the memories and nationhood gradually return and they have funny ways of getting back to each other. ongoing

A Sky to Hold Them
: Fusion with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ongoing

Inglourious Muddbloods : Starring Arthur the Apache. Hetalia/Harry Potter/Inglourious Basterds crossover-fusion of win. ongoing

Carnations; Rosa; Lilies, Leaves and Weeds 1 & 2 : A world where everyone (Nation and human) identifies as dom or sub. Carnations: Spain/Romano. Rosa: USUK. Lilies, Leaves and Weeds: Canada/Prussia/France. LLW ongoing

Five Stops on the World Tour of Martha Jones
: YtNW. People Martha meets on her journey around the world. finished

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