22 January 2010

first week!

first week! doneeee. well, it was done yesterday, but whatevs...


english is pretty cool, i guess. jenny had lodge last semester and said he's pretty laid back and cool. there's a former soldier [i forgot which branch] in the class, he was in afghanistan. bryce and krystal are also in it. i'm slightly worried my topic will end up being german expressionism, which is cool and all [it's my favorite art movement], but i think i'm gonna end up bored with it. one of my other ideas was handwriting and how people develop their own styles. i know there's, like, personality tests or whatever based on how a person writes. i also thought of the specific importance and significance of bass lines in music, and the evolution of jazz into other music forms. and deep sea creatures, though i have no idea where i would go with that...

math is pretty fun. jenny is in my class, and theresa from textiles last sem, and krissy and corey. dude, thursday, i learned why perspective happens. and it blew my mind. like whoa. it's hard to explain, but it has to do with planes and how they intersect with your eye as a point in space and yeah. intense. it kinda blew my mind. and our first homework was to take a piece of plastic, tape it to a window, and trace what we see out of it. i did mine from the one window in the craft bathroom, looking across at the parking deck and the corner of rams hall. i thought it was pretty cool, but we'll see.

cinema seems like it'll be fun. jessica is in my class, so i sat with her. we watch a film noir, which was pretty cool up until, like, the last half hour-45 mins, when i was just confused. but still. i'm excited because we get to watch 'vertigo' and 'the royal tenenbaums' and some other movies i was excited about.

which reminds me: i need to 'rent' "the devil's brigade" from itunes. that trailer was hilarious, even though it wasn't meant to be. sometimes i'm such a history nerd...

ceramics may prove troublesome. i'm not terribly excited about it. our first assignment will be to sculpt a boot. maybe 'sculpt' isn't he right word, but yeah. it's also due on my birthday, so i really hope mine doesn't suck because that would be a terrible birthday present. no one i know in that class though...

and textiles. both mollys are in it, which should prove entertaining, along with one of the emilys. i'm definitely excited for that class. we're starting with some intense embroidering. it's structured basically the same as the other semester: one specific project on one technique, then the final which can be anything.

i finally got my bus pass today, so i shall FINALLY be venturing to ben franklin tomorrow. molly b mentioned a quilting shop next to ben franklin, so i'll have to check that out too.

today, being a completely free day of nothing has been interesting. i laid in bed, hitting snooze, for almost an hour. i had some toast, and stayed in bed till a little after 2 when i went to get my bus pass. when i got back, us 3 [me, liz, nicole] went to the gym to check out the pool. it's pretty sweet. there's a vortex, a slide, and a hot tub/jacuzzi, plus quite a few lap lanes. the process to get in for the first time was really confusing though, but hopefully it won't be so terrible next time. then we got 5 guys, which, if we had actually been working out, would have pretty much negated any exercise we got.

and then i took a shower and blow dried my hair with my new round brush. because i'm going to an 80s party at patrick's. i'm excited. i've got a tube top and wedges, which are pretty much the most 80s things i own. though i feel like my hair is more 60s than 80s... oh well. it's byob, so drinks i'll like will be slim pickin's, if at all. i'm not sure how to get liz to get 'bitch beers' for nicole and i. they may be almost alcohol-less, but they sure are delicious.

i wish i had 80s jewelry...


18 January 2010

food diary!

i've just started a food diary.

because it depresses me how little i eat, and maybe keeping a written record of what i eat when will convince me to eat more.


in other news, the schedule for english 200 is scary. like, for real. i have 2 weeks to come up with a topic and research question. i need 8-12 sources in an annotated bibliography. but i know for sure the final paper is due may 4. i moved my calendar from the wall where it was to above my sewing table where i can more readily get to it and see it.

for some reason vuze is being dumb and not downloading things. it's only uploading 13 kB/s, which is low. i'm trying to download 9, but so far i've got nothing. and it's been trying for the last hour. there's only 4 in the swarm, so maybe that's it? i have no idea...

and i'm reconfiguring my battery bar, so it charged fully and is now in the uncharging cycle. i may just need to get a whole new battery soon, because this is ridiculous...

also, 'Trials' ended today. i finally commented/reviewed, starting with my utter inarticulateness at the fact that it ended. i wanted it to keep going! but alas. the authornon will be de-anoning in the coming week, possibly adding a couple more chapters, so that's good. i might have to go re-read it because i've got separation anxiety and don't want it to be over.

i fried some salmon for dinner. i had to put it back on, though, because it was undercooked at first. but it was tasty. i ate the whole thing, skin and all. i really should eat more fish. i may start getting fresh from the fish counter at kroger and freezing it to eat later. because i forgot how tasty fish is until today. it was jsut salmon, but still. mmmmm

i'm not sure if these entries are disjointed and confusing because each new paragraph i start is a new topic. at least i'm kinda consistent.

i got my textbooks today. my cinema one is used, and you can tell. the spine was broken at about the middle and it looks like the front half is about to come completely away from the binding. it was still $71, which is bullshit. at least my other one, for english 200 was only $17. and i got some cheap-not-moleskins for notebooks, only to realize they're squared and not plain lined. oh well. now math will be easier.

i spent over 2 hours last night sewing. it was awesome. the vest turned out pretty ok, though i'm not very happy with the neckline. oh well. i turned the sleeves into pockets and it's still pretty cool. i hope i get around to actually wearing it...

boobs. lolwut? idk...

17 January 2010

so good to be back!

finally back and moved in! gosh, it's so awesome.

mom went with me to come back. i drove the whole way, which doesn't really bother me, since i know she'll have to drive the whole way back herself. but then she insisted we set up the crock pot to make a pot roast stew thing, then go to kroger, then to lowes. and so now i have some random food things, but not, like, bagels. and i just used the last of my shortening to make brownies which are practically glued to the pan. i had a hard time getting one 'piece' out with a fork. it's pretty much just crumbles.

i've been feeling rather domestic today. i cleaned up my mess from last night and made brownies to sorta apologize for nicole eating most of the roast from last night. i changed my sheets and put my nice flannel ones on. i finished that fleece hoodie mom started forever ago - and now i jsut have this urge to sew things. so i looked through the jean book, intending to start something, but i need so many notions for everything...

so i decided to make something with those extra tshirts anna found last year, only i sniffed them and they smell like man. so i have to wash them before i can do anything with them. and i almost typed 'warsh' there...

so now i'm waiting for the dryer to finish so i can start sewing again. i just really want to sew! i'm planning on making a shirt with the border of a bandana on it for a neckline. and i hope it looks cool... i might just make it a vest or something cuz i have 5 mediums and 1 small.

i have a closet again! it's awesome. mom let me have the hanging rack that was in her sewing area since my actual closet is pretty much unusable. it fits perfectly in the indent where rachel's poster is. only now you can't really see the poster... i hung up all my senior invites next to shelley's painting above my sewing table. looking through them makes me happy, especially because i have a mini copy of ben guthorn's bawlmer hon.

i suddenly feel like talking about my most favoriteest fill ever. it's ongoing, and is updated about twice a day, which is really nice. the prompt was this:

Matthew and Alfred say their farewells, promising to meet the next day for lunch, and they depart in their own directions, each heading for home. Matthew walks happily, not really taking in his surroundings, and turns down an alley he always uses as a shortcut home.

And then, he feels the knife in his body. He looks up, and into a face he does not know, the details burning into his mind before the killer slashes again, this time more fatally. Matthew falls to darkness.

And wakes, the sent of plywood and diesel around him. It's pitch dark, and he is flat on his back. He reaches up to realize he is trapped on all sides by wood, and he panics. He screams, knowing no one can hear him, and pounds on the wood, sobbing, vainly trying to reign in his terror.

And then, he can hear them. The voices of the others. The other victims of this killer, all buried like he is now, buried in the Canadian wilderness.

What I would like is a fleshing out of this, please. How is he found? What would be the consequences if he is never found, and he is trapped in an airless box, doomed to forever die of asphyxiation, and come back again, only to die over and over again?

it apparently came to OP in a dream, which is pretty terrifying. and at first i didn't want to read it, but for some reason i decided to give it a try. and boy am i glad i did. because it's amazing. and kinda terrifying at times, and very dark. but i love it. there's 41 parts right now. and it's nowhere near done. currently, Alfred and Matt are going around Canada and digging up the other victims and placing Canadian flags at their heads, then calling the police to find them. Matt was in that box for about 3 and a half months, so he's a little 'off' now.

read it here~

not that anyone will... i'm not even sure why i take the time to rant about these things here...

in other news, ces is planning to hit the gym tomorrow [for a real work out, not just to check it out] and i'm tempted to go with. because this new place sounds amazing.

also, i now have about a zillion pills to take. i'm trying the natural approach to dealing with my ADD, which means fish oil, omega-3, and DHA! fred recommended this one pill that's highly concentrated omega-3 and DHA, and when i opened the bottle they're gel-filled capsules. like, i can see the gel and it moves a bit. weird. they also smell vaguely of fish, and gave me slight fish breath for a while. in addition to that, i've got a vitamin, a B + C + iron pill [that looks like sprinkles in a capsule], and zyflamend for my stupid ankle. and at night i'm going to start taking melatonin to help me sleep better.

after this past more-than-a-month of going to bed around 10 and getting up by 9 at the latest has completely thrown off my 'normal' school cycle. so i went to bed around 12:30, and finally couldn't stay in bed at 9:30. though i had been more or less awake since around 8-8:30. which i guess is good because my classes start at 9:30 at the latest. it's just a little weird because i was so used to staying up late and sleeping in at least a little bit. stupid work...

idek... crossdressing!maid!America and Canada!

14 January 2010

music fiend!

lately i've been more actively thinking about my attempts at making an fst. i've been sorta collecting random songs from "my music" [as in, not from any other fst's] for the past month or two, and i've noticed a slight pattern to them: they're either indie or classic rock.

so my new goal is to create 2, with those as guidelines. i've got a fair list going in total:

"Skipping Hearts" MR RUSSIA [belarus]
"Stuck on Repeat" Little Boots [pre-revolution]
"shoulders" 13ghosts [canada]
"Billy Brown" Mika [england, due to a fic...]
"One Week" Barenaked Ladies [2 nations fighting]
"The Boys Are Too Refined" the Hush Sound [girls]
"Wine In the Afternoon" Franz Ferdinand [drunk arthur]
"Lumberjack Song" Monty Python [canada]
"Where Did Our Love Go" the supremes [post-revolution]
"Backstabber" dresden dolls [angry!revolutionary!england]
"Womanizer" franz ferdinand [france]
"Let Me In" siriusmo [belarus]
"Le Disko" Shiny Toy Guns [all the girls]
"Magazine" millimeters mercury [america]
"fortunate Son" CCR [america]
"Brand New Day" NPH [cold war america]
"We Didn't Start the Fire" Billy Joel [everyone]
"Angel of Mercy" Shy Child [everyone]
"When I Was a Boy" The How [colonial!america]
"Ballroom Blitz" Sweet [meetings]
"Legend of Zelda Theme" System of a Down [america]
"Changes (Borderline Remix)" Tahiti 80 [prussia]
"Fashion" Rogue Traders [poland]
"Filthy/Gorgeous" Scissor Sisters [poland]
"Farm Land" The Never [austria & hungary]
"Guitar vs Piano" Gokusan [prussia & austria]
"Let's Go To The Mall" Robin Sparkles [temporarily-canadian-poland]
"Letter From God to Man" Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip [everyone sorta]

i have a feeling the indie one is going to work out better [and faster] so i started actively looking for songs by little-known artists. which reminded me that i should really check out 3hive again...

as far as the indie one goes i've got:

"Skipping Hearts" MR RUSSIA [belarus]
"Stuck on Repeat" Little Boots [pre-revolution]
"shoulders" 13ghosts [canada]
"The Boys Are Too Refined" the Hush Sound [girls]
"Wine In the Afternoon" Franz Ferdinand [drunk arthur]
"Womanizer" franz ferdinand [france]
"Let Me In" siriusmo [belarus]
"Le Disko" Shiny Toy Guns [all the girls]
"Magazine" millimeters mercury [america]
"Brand New Day" NPH [cold war america]
"Angel of Mercy" Shy Child [everyone]
"When I Was a Boy" The How [colonial!america]
"Changes (Borderline Remix)" Tahiti 80 [prussia]
"Fashion" Rogue Traders [poland]
"Farm Land" The Never [austria & hungary]
"Guitar vs Piano" Gokusan [prussia & austria]
"Let's Go To The Mall" Robin Sparkles [temporarily-canadian-poland]
"Letter From God to Man" Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip [everyone sorta]

with "Legend of Zelda Theme" System of a Down [america] as a bonus.

i'm still determined to find at least one t&s song that fits somewhere. i can't use "come on" because i found that one in a liet/pol one. but i can't figure out how to make the song i really want to work ["feel you in my bones"].

i decided that for a cover i was going to futz with a photo i had. so i surfed my belle isle album for things that would be ambiguous and clever and 'indie' and edited them in picnik.

9 so far. multiples of some. once i figure out the specific songs and how to zip/rar the folder up and such, i can title it and add the title to one of the images.

in other news, yasha turned 20 today. scary. he was going to celebrate at bourbon street, and something about me needing a dress and getting me hooked up with some chick... idk. but anyway, that fell through and instead he's having a get together tomorrow afternoon at his house. i think that's much better, especially considering my recent revelation.

thing is, christian is going to be there.

and i haven't seen or talked to him since we broke up in august.

yasha says he says he's fine with it, and i hope so. i know i'm going to be awkward for a bit because i just am. but i really do want him to be okay with it, because i still feel bad about the whole thing. mainly because of my recent revelation. i finally figured out why specifically i was uncomfortable with it, aside from him being in love with me and me not. well, the two are connected.

so yeah, i'm nervous about it. i want it to work out. i don't want to ruin yasha's party with our issues. i'm hoping i get there before he does, or at least that we don't get there at the same time...

today was my last day of work. it was a pretty good day, considering it was also payday. yayy! my before-tax total was $666, which i laughed at, but i got $615 out of it - even with my exemptions. stupid medicare and social security... but in addition to that i ended up winning My Oh My and a $25 gift card. My Oh My is basically all the department heads getting together and deciding which employee was the most involved and helpful and all around best for the week. i'm slightly surprised i won, but not really. i wasn't even aware of how the winner was picked until mom told me. i know ellie and dan had been very glad i was there. i really helped wellness get things straightened and able to hire a 'real' employee. i did the grunt stocking work to the regular people could focus on the customers and the busy work. it was hard - my back was not very forgiving - but it worked out well.

and i added to my repertoire of skills at MOMs.

i spent my $25 on some omega-dha pills to help with my add, a delicious chocolate protein drink [mmm odwalla] and an amazing raspberry blood orange. god, that's my new favorite fruit. it wasn't as sour as oranges [and especially blood oranges] are, and you could taste the raspberry right at the end. amazing. i might have to get mom to stop by saturday when we go back to rva so i can grab 6 and bring them back with me. i know ces wants to try one.

anyway, i think i'm going to go to bed now.

oh! i just remembered an awesome thing i discovered about vista yesterday. when i have 4 firfox windows and 8 apps open in my bottom bar and vista compresses the 4 firefox tabs into one, i can right click it and tell it to display all stacked. and then i've got all 4 in quadrants in my screen. they're tiny, but that's okay. when i need to access one i just fullsize it.

and i found the most amazing fill ever on the kink meme. the prompt was something about canada being killed by a serial killer and how being a nation plays into that and the awesome twin-ness between him and america. and at first i thought it was going to be dark and depressing - actually it totally is for the first 20 or so parts - and i didn't want to read it. but then i did and it's fantastic. it really is. even though it is depressing and crazy and it just doesn't matter. it's over here.

okay, bed for real now.

12 January 2010

i found this on dA...

You win backstage passes to meet the Jonas Brothers, you....?
mail the tickets to my cousin...

You've locked yourself outside and no-one will be home for a few hours you:
call yasha and see what he's doing

You wake up, all your hair is gone, your first reaction?
HOLYSHITWHATTHEFUCK!! well, now i know what i look like...

Have you ever kicked a wall, door, etc.?

What are you wearing?
clothes. several layers of them cuz it's freezing outside

What are you excited for?

Do you like to cuddle and snuggle?

Have you ever had a best friend of the opposite sex?
see: yasha [that's a yes...]

Who was the last person you went out to eat with?

Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?

Do you want your tongue pierced?

Are you listening to music right now?
that i am. my itunes is getting really huge...

Are you wearing makeup?

Do you tend to waste a lot of your money?
i used to kinda, but i'm working on not

Do you find smoking unattractive?
depends on the person

Where is the person you miss the most right now?
i don't really miss a person... i miss a place...

Your parents split; would you want to live with your mom or dad?
i'd probably spend more time with my dad, but i'd figure out how to live on my own since i'm almost 20

Is there anyone who doesn't like you?
probably, though i think he's mostly gotten over it by now [it's been almost 5 months, get over it...]

Were you happy when you woke up this morning?
psh, as if. i was angry at myself for not going to bed earlier...

Does anyone like you at the moment?
possibly? idk... if he pursues me, i'm denying him straight up. though i doubt he will...

What would you say if someone told you they were in love with your brother?
"really? ooooook..."

Two days from now this time, where will you be?
probably the same place i am now: on my bed online...

What's the worst thing to happen to you today?
i woke up. not to say the whole day was bad, just the fact that i had to wake up was bad.

Is there a certain person that makes you feel safe?
most of the time, he does. and sometimes he calls me to say he's coming to get me so we can do donuts in the snowy/icey deserted mall parking lot. and then i freak out a bit. [see pic at end]

Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?
nope, i don't really hate

Do you hate the last girl you were text messaging?

What was on your mind mostly today?
"wow, i was an idiot for staying up that late last night..."

Do you use smiley faces on the computer a lot?
hardly.... mainly the horizontal ones like ^_^

Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?

Are you wasting your time on someone?

Have you told anybody you loved them today?
don't think so

Have you kissed anyone in the past 2 days?
nope. though i was bitten and licked last night... not like that!

Who was the last person you took a picture with?
uhhh..... i was next to yasha when i took my last picture, but neither of us were in said picture...

Will tomorrow be better than today?

Do you hate when people smoke around you?
only if the smoke is blowing in my face and that's all i'm breathing...

Think a lot before you fall asleep?
lately i've been so dead that i don't. but i sometimes have that problem

Is there someone who you can spend every minute with and be happy?
i don't think so. because even my bestest friends have their moments. wait. i think anna would be nothing but fun, even with her diabetes

Is your hair up or down right now?

Do you like hugs and kisses?
hugs: yes; kisses: depends

Think back to September were you in a relationship?
nope, had just gotten out of one

Do you feel like you have life figured out?

How's your heart right now?
good, why?

Do you ever bite your lip?
sometimes, i guess. cuz i like the pain of it. seriously. and then it gets too chapped so i put chapstick on.

Do you think two people can last forever?
if they have a balance, yeah

Where do you go when you want to be alone?
my room

Do you have someone you can be your complete self around?

So, what if you married and had kids with the last person you kissed?
i don't even remember who that is...

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
rva... god, i'm so ready to go back...

What is your current annoyance?
stupid early work hours...

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a C?
yep. first and last name

Are you a bad influence?

Do you get called baby, babe, or honey most?
hun, actaully

When did you last cry?
saturday night. i flipped out.

Do you have a favorite number?
69. heh. i blame laura.

Do you bite your nails?
nope, i tend to grow them out. though it's hard with my major...

If you could spend more time with someone you used to be very close with, would you?

When will your next kiss be?
no clue

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?


i was gonna say something here, but i totally forgot...

but i just remembered something else! i read a fill last night about Canada being asexual and the other nations trying to get into his pants... but that's not important. what was important was the website resources linked at the end. and it made me feel so much better about my own asexual-ness. because that's pretty much what i am.

sex itself hold no interest for me. i have no real desire to participate in it. which i'm sure is part of the reason christian didn't work out: i know he wanted to have sex with me, though he never went out and said it. but i really didn't. not just cuz it was him, but in general. and it only ever bothered me 3 times that i can recall: telling bri about how i'd never done anything beyond kissing with emily, telling jenny the same thing, and being with christian in general. and when yasha gets it in his head that i need to hook up with someone [generally of the female persuasion, which would probably be preferable anyway].

the site

and it's not that reading that fill and finding that site made me realize and put into words that i'm asexual. i figured that out a while ago, back when i was with emily. but that site helped me understand what it means specifically and figure out 'to what degree' i guess. cuz i do masturbate. gosh it feels weird to admit that someplace people i know can find...

anyway, the promised pic from the meme:

so perfect!

09 January 2010

post 100... what a subject to use...

so i just checked my wachovia accounts. i was going to transfer a bit over so i could get a nice top for bourbon street next thursday. but when i logged in, this is what i see:

something has been charged or whatever on my account of $710, and i have no fucking clue what it is. so i, apparently, have -$700. and it really sucks because i'm home alone right now and it's saturday, meaning the bank will be closed tomorrow. and i realized that that whatever is dated jan 11, which is monday, not today. i have no clue what the fuck is going on and i'm freaking out. i ended up curled up in a ball on the sofa crying for a few minutes. i can't even begin to describe how totally fucked up this all is. seriously.

ok, gotta think about positives.

i've got the internet with which to distract me. and i shall soon be watching 'doctor who' and working on cesley's scarf. i just baked some [hopefully] delicious banana nut bread.

maybe i'll find some smut to read and browse my [disturbingly extensive] doujin collection...

these runts are tasty, at least...

these bros always make me happy... so bro-tastic...

07 January 2010


i got bored and found this meme in my dA watchers list. my answers:
1- twenty i have no idea what that is... something to do with ww2...]
2- glasgow, scotland!
3- bed [that's a pretty sweet bed, btw]
4- tea
5- shrimp scampi
6- lolcats
7- green [that woman is kinda terrifying...]
8- bawlmer, merlin, hon!
9- rva
10- abigail [breslin]
11- emily [strange]
12- yoshi! [i hope he doesn't get offended lol]
13- jellybean [though only my parents call me that]
14- eleanor [mustang... which i'm starting to kinda want...]
15- geneva [switzerland]
16- fisher [otter?]
17- internet...
18- cheese cutter [seriously.]
19- nancy
20- fiber arts
tag- i hate my touch pad...

btw, work was long and sucky today. it's supposed to snow some tonight, and dan predicted we'd get a lot of business today as a result of everyone in baltimore running around and freaking out. it was true... those last 2 hours, which i think were technically overtime, were brutal... i crashed in the car ride home. seriously. i vaguely remember mom getting out at bob's for her part, and then we were at berrymans and reisterstown and i had no idea how we even got there.

last night i was watching part of the 25th anniversary concert for the rock and roll hall of fame. the general format is one band sets up and does a song or two, they have several random guests come out and join them for other songs, and repeat. almost everyone was an inductee [fergie and will.i.am certainly aren't]. aretha franklin had just finished singing with annie lennox. that was cool i guess [honestly i fast forwarded through it...]. the next band out, though, was metallica, just inducted this past year. and one of their 'guests' was ozzy. and i was amazed at that whiplash genre change. seriously.

i felt kinda bad fast forwarding through so much. i felt like it was my history in a weird way, and i was being disrespectful by skipping huge chunks. then again, the whole thing was over 4 hours long, with no commercials. there's no way i'm sitting through all that.

06 January 2010

the bits around my fingernails are weird...

no idea about the title. but the little bits of skin right next to where my fingernails come out of the skin are really itchy on both my middle fingers. and i need to pick at them. it happens sometimes...

so, yesterday was hell. i really don't like tuesdays at work.

regular tuesdays are truck days, so i get to unpack 10-20 randomly packed boxes of shit. normally it's not that bad. my first tuesday had the largest order they've had in a long while: 21 boxes. nothing so bad since. i had 14 yesterday.

tuesdays are also leadership meeting days, so ellie has to leave for that at 11. and i get to run the department - which i know next to nothing about - by myself for 1-2 hours. it's usually not too bad. customers tend to be nicer and forgiving of my lack of knowledge when i say i'm just helping out and the other person is in a meeting.

now, why yesterday was a really sucky tuesday. in addition to those 14 boxes there were also a couple other shipments that had come in the day before, one of which was a rather large and tedious vitamir [our house brand of supplements] order. it didn't help that i had slept kinda bad the night before. [though not as bad as jan 1-2, where i'm not sure if i actually slept because i spent the night twitching and convincing myself i was high even though i knew i wasn't but my body felt the same and it really sucked]

today was kinda sucky too. i wasn't originally scheduled to work today, but on saturday instead.

i ended up putting 2 carts worth of endcap stuff into backstock. mom helped me, we spent a couple hours rearranging and adventuring into the storage over the bathroom.

02 January 2010

new year's-ish


woke up with fingers crossed
in a boy's bed with your pants off
after polite declines of coffee and toast
walked home itching in last night's clothes

passed a phone booth and a beauty bar
the broken windows of your neighbor's cars
in through the back door, to a message from sis
asking "who was your new year's kiss?"

it took the afternoon to piece it all
plus a half a dozen phone calls
crashed a party with larissa and chris
in pursuit of a new year's kiss

not the way that you'd imagined it
on the balcony with champagne lips
but in the pantry 'gainst the pancake mix
you had your new year's kiss
that's unrelated to everything else i'm going to write, but it's been in my head for the last couple of days and i had to write it down somewhere. i really like that song!


my basic new year's plans were eat dinner with angela and her dad downtown, then go to stella's party at her house near mica.

the rest i'm not sure i want to put on the internet...

fan-netherlands [before the official version] + canada = stoned...