30 April 2010


i have nothing to really talk about.

lately i've been online less. when refreshing the same pages and rereading bookmarked stories gets too repetitive, i tend to just put the comp to sleep, go upstairs and curl up on the sofa with a book. i'm already half way through "fool moon" and i just ordered "grave peril" and "darkly dreaming dexter" today. it makes me feel warm inside when shipping costs more than the books. i love buying used!

i've got a hot library date with anna sunday... and our english papers...

yesterday i looked at an apartment - finally! it was kinda not good though... nicole and i checked out another one today, and it was also a no-go. it's a little frustrating and off-putting for me that nicole has a bigger budget than i do. i'm looking at $1000 as the top of the range, so then split between two people. i feel like nicole might have higher expectations than i do, which is frustrating. but we'll find something. my goal is the end of may, though i guess realistically it would be by the end of my summer class.

anyway, i think i'm gonna go read some more. i put the book down right in the middle of a super climactic moment - a loup-garou is ravening the police station! ahhh!!

i have no idea...


[ ] Lose a lover
[x] Love a loser

[x] Never see again
[ ] Never speak again

[x] Run 2 miles straight
[ ] Walk 8 miles

[ ] Go to the beach
[x] Have a milkshake

[x] Laugh when no one else is
[ ] Not laughing while everybody else is

[ ] Drink 10 cans of soda at once
[x] Never drink soda again

[x] Have your pants rip
[ ] Get thrown in a trash can

[x]Work at McDonald's
[ ] Join the army

[x] Kiss someone you don't like
[ ] Have someone kiss you who doesn't like you

[ ] Not take a bath for a week
[x] Take a bath in a lake

[ ] Be an only child
[x] Have 5 brothers

[x] Cry in front of 5000 strangers
[ ] Cry in front of your whole school

[x] Be able to rewind time
[ ] See the future

[x] Be hated for who you are
[] Be loved for something you're not

[x] Die the day after the best day of your life
[ ] Live to be 90 with everyday being 'okay'

[ ] Be absolutely gorgeous
[x] Have a really great personality

[ ] Go skydiving
[x] Go scuba diving

[x] Be loved by one person
[ ] Have 10 people who like you

[x] Have one absolutely amazing kiss
[ ] Have 40 okay kisses

[x] Love and lose
[ ] Never love at all

[x] Be friends with someone you absolutely hate
[ ] Give someone you love a dirty look

-high school: Carver Center for Arts and Technology [I refuse to add 'George Washington' to the front...]
-junior high school: Sudbrook Magnet Middle School
-elementary school: Church Lane Elementary Technology School [hells yeah, 14 years of magnet schools!]
-favorite soda: Cheerwine
-favorite fruit: mango
-favorite season: winter

-want a tattoo: Indeed
-want more piercings: Probably

-talked to: Anna Pallotta
-shower: yesterday
-watched: South Park

-long distant relationships: for
-killing people: against
-teenage drinking: for

-ever cried over a girl or boy: no
-ever been arrested: no
-ever had a friend die: no
-ever dated a cousin: no!
-ever used a gun: just a bb gun
-ever finished a puzzle: yes
-ever got surgery: yes?
-ever got beaten up: no
-ever hated someone: no
-ever made a huge mistake: yes
-ever jogged a mile: probably
-ever broken someones heart: yeah...

-favorite number: 69. heh...
-number of times you've have had your heart broken: 0!

-slept in a bed with you: whoa. I'm gonna go with Christian, even though that was back in... July, I think
-made you cry: probably a movie...

-blue or red?: blue
-spring or fall?: fall

-criminal record?: none
-do you speak any other language: some bits of Italian (I've mostly forgotten it by now), random words in other languages, mainly swear words (oh, Finnish...)
-piercings?: 5, ears

-how old do you look: early 20s, I guess
-how old do you act: probably also early 20s
-do you have any pets: 2 kitties, though technically they're the family pets
-mood: content, getting sleepy

Condoms: no
Cell phone: yes
Chair/stool: yes, several
Book shelf: yes!
Dresser: yes
Computer: yes. are you serious?
Pictures: yes
Mirror: yes
Skateboard: no
Bed: yes
Clothes on the floor: you have no idea... (yes)
Surfboard: no
Smoke detector: yes, but it's not actually in place... I should fix that...
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass/drums: no... just a flute
Locking door: yes
Bottle of water: yes?
Blacklight: no
Medals/ribbons: yes, just the KSR one
CDs: yes!
Flag: no
Stop sign/any sign: no
Real gun: no!
Empty bottles: too many...
Books: YES!
Stereo: no, just a boombox
Television: no
Lighter: yes
Gum: yea, like, 2 pieces...

How many windows do you have in your room? one
What color is your bed sheet? white
What's on your walls? random art from high school, a couple posters, about a zillion polaroids
Has the opposite sex been on your bed? yes
Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? nope
Do you like your bedroom? for the most part

1) Are your parents married or divorced? married
2) Vegetarian? nooooooo
3) Heaven? how do you expect me to answer this?
4) Come close to dying? no
5) What jewelry do you wear? my sweet dino watch, plain earrings, usually my class ring
6) Are you eating? no
7) Do you eat the stems of broccoli? yes
8) Makeup? just on my eyes
10) Would you ever have plastic surgery? nope
11) What do you wear to bed? flannel pants, whatever tshirt i was wearing that day
12) Have you ever done anything illegal? yeahhhh
13) Can you roll your tongue? indeed
14) What kind of sneakers? all stars, man
15) Abortion? depends on the person and situation
16) Hair color? auburn
17) Future child's? what about them?
19) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? UK and NZ
20) Do you sleep with stuffed animal? used to, I still have her
21) If you won the lottery, what would you do first? get myself a car!
22) Gold or silver? silver
23) Hamburger or hot dog? hot dog
24) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? bagels, though I imagine I'd get sick of them... eventually
25) What was the last thing you touched? before my keyboard, I grabbed a hat and put it on
26) Where do you eat dinner? technically I haven't really... but the last 'meal' I ate was a boring salad and a slice of apple streusel bread
27) When's the last time you cried? uhh
28) Do you read blogs? yep
29) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex? yeah, probably. I already wear boy pants
31) What's your favorite shampoo/conditioner and soap? Nature's Gate (it's all natural), Irish Spring
32) Do you talk in your sleep? I don't think so
33) Ocean or pool? pool
34) What's your favorite song at the moment? "Lucid Dreams" Franz Ferdinand (the original, not the extended album one)
35) What's your favorite color? green
36) Window seat or aisle? window
37) Do you feel that you've had a truly successful life? for the most part
38) Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut ? depends on how long it is, but I love twirling
39) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey? uhh...
40) Basketball or Football? football, i guess
41) 15 - 30 minutes? huh?
42) Do you drive a stick? not at the moment, but my dad's getting one for us kids to split over the summer
43) Cake or ice cream? ice cream
44) Self-conscious? indeed!
45) Have you ever given money to a bum? probably
46) When did you first fall in love? not yet
47) Where do you wish you were? with people and not cooped up in my basement...
48) Have you ever rode in an ambulance? nope
49) Can you tango? not really...
50) Last gift you received? uhh... Nicole bought me a frap today?
51) Last sport you played? does cycling count?
52) Things you spend a lot of money on? woot shirts
53) Where do you live? currently RVA, normally B'more
54) Last wedding attended? I have no idea
55) Favorite fast food restaurant? Five Guys!
56) Most hated food(s)? uhh...
57) Can you sing? indeed!
58) Last text? Anna: "Not a bad idea!"
59) What's your least fav. cleaning? bathrooms...
60) Favorite drink? tea
61) Current Crush? no one
62) Current thoughts of person posted this quiz before you? I wish he really existed...

26 April 2010


apparently, all it needed was to be restarted. because when i turned it back on, there was a little message about going through files before the login, and then i got a little message from mcafee saying it found and deleted a trojan.


completely unrelated: something must be wrong with me for deciding i should finally read the dr mengele fill. seriously. i know i'm going to be terrified and disgusted. but here i am. i'm going to take it slow, break up the chapters with other things. sorta like i did for SLK, only then it felt like nothing was happening so i kinda abandoned it. i also want to reread 'trials' for some reason...

well, i'm glad it had a happy ending. i read the whole thing straight through. honestly, i was expecting more to be done to them. though i'm also glad it was just those few things, because i'm not sure if i could handle a lot of things. i still don't think i can handle the gangbang fill though, mainly because it's a pretty comic. i might be able to handle it if it was just words, but the images too might be too much. either way, i'm not ready for it.

it makes me feel better


soooooo something's up with my laptop. it won't connect to the internet. every time i try, it says there's an issue with the network adapter drivers or hardware. so i tried to take it to the g2g help desk, since it's under warranty, but when i got there it was close to 6 and the stupid thing closes ridiculously early at 2. so i'll be dropping it off when i come to class tomorrow morning.

WHAT THIS MEANS is i will be online very little for the next week, possibly more. which is really not good for my english paper, but i have that backed up in, like, 2 other places so i should be good.

in other news, i completely finished 3 of my silk scarves and did the resist on 2 more. i finally have a sort of idea for my math final, though i have way too little time to do it in. i'm gonna try quilting a hypercube. we'll see... at least i have my own sewing machine, so i can work on it all night if i have to/no other idea comes to mind. i wish i had an iron though... also, maintenance finally came and put up this neat metal grid thing over my window so it won't get broken again, and they futzed around with the back gate so it actually swings.

NO PICTURE because yeah. i left my ehd at the house, and i'm in the library right now...

but hey, at least with no internet to distract me all the time i can get a ton of reading done!

21 April 2010


just wanted to share this bit.

“Will Shakespeare is not a murderer,” England snaps, and America’s heel hits the bedpost as he recoils. “For the love of—sweet fucking Christ, I knew the man, he’s no villain.”

“He writes a pretty convincing one.”

England scoffs. “And do you think Anthony Hopkins eats people on a regular basis?”

“Of course not,” America says, and adds, “that’s different.”

“Is it really.”

New topic.

from puella_nerdii's epic 'time travel and shakespeare and zombies' fanfic.

[to be edited with more things... probably...]

lulz, alfred trying to speak Elizabethan english...

“Have you lost your tongue, man?” one of the men behind him asks.

Right. America clears his throat, tries to grin even if it feels like he cracks his face when he does it. “Uh. Prithee, sirs! I, um. I cometh to—” Christ, he hasn’t talked like this in centuries, if ever. When do you use the –eth, again? “I cometh to attend—no, wait, to wait upon. Uh. Thy pleasure?”

The first guy looks nonplussed. “What manner of speech is this?” he asks.

“I know not,” says one of the guys in back. “I have not heard its like.”

Oops. America grins, holds his arms out to show he’s unarmed. (Ha, arms to show he’s unarmed—oh wow he’s cold.) “Lo, I am—I am a traveler! A traveler dicked around—I mean, cast down by fortune,” he’s sure he read that in one of Shakespeare’s plays, “and uh kind of strandedeth at the moment, so if you—” Crap, should he say thou instead? “Uh. If thou could point me to yon inn, I would be way grateful, because it is cold as balls out here.”

“His speech and dress are passing strange,” the third man says.

“Yeah, well, taketh one to knoweth one, buddy.”

“A traveler, sayest thou?” the lead guy asks. “Show thy papers.”

America grimaces, and not just because of the cold. “Papers?”

“Thou art a traveler, aye? Where are thy traveling papers?”

Jeez, England had bureaucracy this far back? “I, uh, left ‘em in the privy, but if you’ll giveth me one second—”

“Art thou a rogue, a madman, or both, sirrah?” asks the first, and the tip of his sword’s pointed at America’s neck. Not good. “The captain of the town watch bids thee speak, for no God-fearing man walks the streets at this hour.”

“I was walkingeth the alleyways, and did you just call me a hooker?”

The guy blinks, but doesn’t lower the sword.

“Never mind. Look, I apologize most humbly for the confusion, can you please let me go on my merry way, ‘cause uh, there art this other guy waiting for me, and he’s going to be most pissy with all of thou, if you know what I mean.”


“So uh,” he says, changes the subject. “You’re Shakespeare.”



“Sweet?” Shakespeare frowns. “I’ve not had that appended to my name often.”

“No, no. Uh. Sweet means—cool.” Crap, he won’t know that either. “Awesome? Something you approve of?”

“Ah.” Now the soft smile’s back. America likes it. Less showy than what you’d expect from like the greatest writer of all time, but it looks like Shakespeare’s content enough with it and doesn’t want to force it further, and who’s America to argue? “You speak a most strange dialect, sir.”

“I guess so.” America cracks a grin of his own. “You guys sound strange to me.”

“Ay, that we must.”


“I’m from, uh. I’m from—Schnittelheim,” he says. It’s the most German thing he can come up with on short notice.
“Where is this Schnittelheim?”

“In Germany,” America says. “Way deep in Germany.”

“I had thought it Swedish, perhaps. Or Danish.”

“We’re pretty close to Denmark!” he says. “And we’ve got a lot of Swedes in the village.”

“The village of Schnittelheim.”

“Yeah. You like the way it sounds?”

Shakespeare doesn’t answer, just breathes in and echoes the word again. “It puts me in mind of clipping and scraping,” he says. “Marvelous qualities to evoke, truly.”

unrelated:BAWWWWW, JIN AND SUN FINALLY FOUND EACH OTHER!!!! i got a little teary. it made me incredibly happy.

and then i was promptly whiplashed by creepy not!locke.

also unrelated: doctor #11 and his showwwww. i love the internet. seriously. because 'the eleventh hour' just showed in america this past weekend, right after ep 3 showed in the uk. though, i couldn't watch either cuz i was at pawpaw's, but still. i watched ep 3 when i got back. and i couldn't stop giggling through the whole thing. and i completely lost it when the new daleks showed up. the first thing i thought of was "HOLY SHIT DALEK POWER RANGERS" and then molly said she thought of skittles: "TASTE THE EXTERMINATION." i love my nerdy friends.


blinded by science

last night was pretty sweet. even if i was up till 2:30 and felt wobbly in ceramics. totally worth it. i feel accomplished. one guy was totally bombed, sat there almost unconscious for, like, 3 hours. ces got pretty bombed too, didn't stop laughing for close to an hour. and i got cheerwine! and anna made a funfetti cookie penis.

silly potheads...

19 April 2010



sooo i forged on saturday.

and i have a summer/rest of 2010 reading list that's 19 books long, plus the 2 i'm in the middle of right now.
- the complete Dresden Files,13 books. i'm almost halfway through the first one
- the complete Hitchhiker's Guide, 5 books. i'm partway into the third
- the complete Dexter series, 5 books. i mistakenly bought the second one instead of the first...

oh, and i'm sad and angry. the author of "Screeching Bitches" has decided to quit because of too much criticism or something. some of it was just wank, but i'm really unhappy that she just decided to give up on it. i think it was almost done too. fuckers...

gosh, today was a pretty good day. i finally got to keep 2 of the cylinders i threw this morning, even if they were too short. i made progress on my first origami scarf, got all the resist down, and stretched a second one. we got out of that class early because andrea had a meeting to get to about her show. and when i got home my leatherman and random shirt were in the mailbox. yayy! the random shirt is cute: it's an apple, a banana, and an orange on bikes and skateboards, and it says "unstill life". i like it.

420 is tomorrow. i'm almost certain i'm gonna be celebrating. it'll be my first time smoking it though. it suddenly occurred to me earlier today that 'lost' is on when the partying will be happening. i think i'm gonna pick 420 over lost, because there's no way i'm watching lost stoned, that will freak me the fuck out. as chelsea said, "i can barely get lost when i'm sober".

i walked away and lost my train of thought... i should probably detail more of the fun forging weekend, but i'm feeling lazy...

romano in a dress. idk...

13 April 2010


so, exciting news regarding journey. BFTW has been asked to be chasers because we're huge and awesome. wow, that sounds dirty...

THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING EMAIL I'VE GOTTEN IN, LIKE, MONTHS!! seriously, aside from all my ff.n alerts, the only emails i get are spam and order confirmations for all the shit i order online [still waiting for my tea from republic of tea and that random woot shirt. oh, and i ordered a leatherman multitool! god, i think i might have a problem...]


wow, i think hoogily and his amusing blogs are rubbing off on me...

i did the first of that 30 days meme i found. favorite song = "lucid dreams" by franz ferdinand. so i drabbled, recorded myself air-drumming the whole song, and then posted both on dA.

also, i was up late last night working on my english paper, but i still only wrote 2 pages. because i'm terrible like that. and i meant to throw today too, but that didn't happen because i'm too lazy. i almost missed 'lost' because i was too caught up in being retarded with that meme thing. AND THAT WAS ALMOST A REALLY TERRIBLE THING BECAUSE I WOULD'VE MISSED HEARTWARMING HUGO/LIBBY AND DESMOND BEING SIMULTANEOUSLY AWESOME AND DOUCHEY. the dude was all zen, and then ran down wheelchair!locke in a school parking lot then drove off. but then he got thrown down a well by not-locke.

god, 'lost' makes absolutely no sense to someone who has either not watched it for any length of time. BUT OHMYGOD IT'S ALMOST OVER WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE WHEN IT ENDS!!

ok, i need to stop before i abuse my capslock key anymore than i already did...

yet more evidence of why i love candesceres. angel!portugal is grumpy.

blank 30 days meme

day 01: your favorite song

day 02: your favorite movie

day 03: your favorite television program

day 04: your favorite book

day 05: your favorite quote

day 06: whatever tickles your fancy

day 07: a photo that makes you happy

day 08: a photo that makes you angry/sad

day 09: a photo you took

day 10: a photo of you taken over 10 years ago

day 11: a photo of you taken recently

day12: whatever tickles your fancy

day 13: a fictional book

day 14: a non-fictional book

day 15: a fanfic

day 16: a song that makes you cry (or nearly)

day 17: an art piece (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc)

day 18: whatever tickles your fancy

day 19: a talent of yours

day 20: a hobby of yours

day 21: a recipe

day 22: a website

day 23: a YouTube video

day 24: whatever tickles your fancy

day 25: your day, in great detail

day 26: your week, in great detail

day 27: this month, in great detail

day 28: this year, in great detail

day 29: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days

day 30: whatever tickles your fancy

i didn't write this, i found it. i'm hoping to write little drabbles, or longer 'fics', for each one. i'll be filling this on my writing page, acenano.

12 April 2010

i may have developed a dependancy...

for every due date in english this semester, i've gone out and got red bull to keep me up the night before so i can actually meet that due date. although, the last 2 times i've gotten a 4-pack and stayed up all night. this time i only got 2, and i already drank one last night, and i won't be staying up all night. i'm so incredibly glad i don't have to have the entire paper for tomorrow. i can just write as much as i can and then stop. and finish it later. like, the day before it's due. i really hope i don't actually do that though...

i've gotten part way through the intro so far. go funnels! it's gone from "From almost the moment we are born until we die, our brains are constantly changing and developing" to "Once the process becomes second-nature, the brain can be free to concentrate on what is being said, rather than how to transfer thought to paper." still haven't gotten to my thesis yet... all in good time, i suppose. since this needs to be 13+ pages, i can take my sweet time getting there.

i'm actually rather happy with how the point-sentence outline turned out. real sentences and everything!

in other news, tomorrow i need to do some wheel practice to make up for almost a week of nothing, and figure out a better reason behind doing silk paintings of maritime signal flags besides "hey, this is cool!"

also, instead of going home this weekend for carver celebration, i'm letting heather take my ticket and going to paw-paw's to learn to weld instead. i'm still kinda mixed about it, but i feel kinda bad because i haven't seen him in probably close to 2 years. and i really do want to learn to weld.

oh, also! i planned out my course load for the next 2 years. i have a feeling i'll be stuck with 17 credits again in the fall, but only 14 by spring 2012. which hopefully will be awesome. i need to pick an english class and a random elective for the fall though. registration is next week.

saturday was fun. went to belle isle - finally! - with emily and 2 of her roommates. fun times mostly... a kid slipped into the river and went down some of the rapids before a couple guys fished him out. emily helped pull him out. it was pretty scary.

and then when we went to the intercultural festival, she embellished the story with more daring exploits, including delivering a baby, fighting off a polar bear, shooting a nazi, and riding unicorns. i wish my life was that exciting...

i don't think i've talked about a hetalia fic in a while. really there's nothing new... though i occasionally feel the need to rant about canada and french. so i will. because he doesn't speak french-french, he speaks french-canadian. which is completely different. so it always bothers me when some author has him speaking french-french, especially swear words. because it's really easy to find quebecois swear words. they're on wikipedia, for fuck's sake! and that's one of the reasons i so enjoy reading everything orangepencils writes. she lives in quebec and speaks quebecois and all her canadians speak quebecois, not metropolitan french. especially quebec. he only speaks quebecois. [well, not only, he just doesn't like english.] the only reason i remembered this today was because folie a plusiers has been updated recently [finally!] and canada speaks french-french. and suddenly i realized how much it bothered me, the use of french swears, rather than quebecois ones. but i'm worried the author would take it the wrong way if i suggested using quebecois, especially swears, rather than french. i wish i could find a for-real online translator... oh well...

unrelated: it's not even 8, and i'm almost finished that red bull. not cool.

rant-related. and because it's sexy.

06 April 2010

feed me, seymour!

except not really...

i've been sick today. as in, throwing-up sick, not sneezing sick. and it seems that i only throw up after i eat things that are not saltines. the first time was after half a pbj, a few cheez toast crackers, and a peach-mango fruit 2day drink. and the second time was oatmeal with maple syrup. i have no idea what's wrong.

yum. i'm in for a diet of saltines, ginger ale, and peptobismol.

but the good news about today: someone is coming to fix the leaky sink tomorrow, and 'lost' was full of win. lots of true love happenings in the flash-sideways, and desmond is all zen after a second run-in with mass amounts of electromagnetism. crazy.

BUT anyway. saturday. or, well, this past weekend.

friday i hung out with yasha and shelley. separately, but yeah. toured towson mall for the first time in probably a couple years. finally got me some orange eyeliner and some sweet gir slides for $10. hot topic can indeed be cool. got cheesecake from cheesecake factory. that was delicious.

but SATURDAY. OH MY GODDDDD! it was international pillow fight day, so yasha and i went down to dc for some festivities. we missed the first fight by the washington monument, but we played games at dupont circle. i got whacked pretty hard early on in the face and smashed my glasses into my eye. they got knocked off too many times to count. we ran into kevin and a bunch of other guys from BFTW. aside from the initial long brawl, which lasted for probably half an hour and included many charges, we played capture the pillowcase, zombie tag, and a championship elimination.

here's the flickr pool.

when i got back on sunday i threw with angela. i'm still having trouble with those cylinders. i can get the form right but not the height, or the height and not the form. maybe if i start with more clay i can get the height that i need while still keeping the form. i'll try that next time i go in. not sure if it'll be tomorrow or not, depends on my stomach.

not hetalia! me from the pillow fight. from the flickr pool.