25 February 2010


sometimes i worry about how much of a total hetalia freak i am...

now all i need is a flele... and i actually am highly tempted to download it...

though i do thoroughly enjoy having alfred perch on itunes. he yells "HEY YOU GUYS!!" when you click him.

he's cheering for the mittens! too bad they're sold out or something on that site... I WANT THEM SO BAADDD!!

cheering for how cold it is?

ANYWAY CANADA GOT GOLD IN WOMEN'S HOCKEY!!! i have never seen more depressed medal winners than the us team when they got silver.

24 February 2010


i feel like every time i go to the blogger home page, i have to log in. annoying, but whatevs.

so, canada played russia in hockey. i couldn't watch, as i was attempting to do annotated bibliographies [more on that later...] but i had the 'live' olympic page on. i wanted to stream it live, but i would need to log in to comcast, which i can't do. i was sad. but we [lol, i so wish i was canadian...] beat russia 7-3. i'm hoping they'll make it to the bronze game, but i have no clue. i'm optimistically predicting canada will sweep in hockey and curling, getting at least some medal in all four. the women's hockey team will definitely get gold or silver, as that game is canada v us. I AM SO WATCHING THAT, I DON'T EVEN CARE WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO SEE IT. both curling teams are in the semifinals, so either way they'll be contending for some medal.

more on the russia game at the bottom...

anyway, annotated bibliographies! i decided to just do a google scholar search for some brain damage articles, since i was finding nothing in the databases. i found a really comprehensive one about how diseases and injuries leave traces in handwriting, like a stroke or parkinson's. it's pretty cool. i'm so glad i did that search! i just need to find a second article... i'm gonna be up late, i know it. if only i knew we would be doing nothing in class tomorrow except handing these in, i'd skip again. but we've got a reading due [which i won't do, as usual], and we're going over making claims and how to go about supporting them. so i kinda need to be there. so, little sleep for me tonight. i just took a caffeine pill anyway, as i was falling asleep.

last night pat, anna, tay, and their friend asim [?] came over to smoke with liz. i was feeling sorry for myself, wishing i could partake, as the first time was awesome. but alas, i don't like the feel of smoke in me. that and, by the time i figured out what they were doing, it was gone. so i hung out with them in the kitchen as they feasted. i embroidered. it was kinda nice. i'm really hoping 420 will end up panning out for me in that regard - and for that matter, st patrick's day will involve the associated consumption. 2010 is definitely a good year for me becoming "a real college student". stupid yasha...

yesterday was free pancake day at ihop. so i convinced nicole to drive us out to glen allen for dinner. it was me, her, angela, and nicole's friend anthony. unfortunately, nicole ended up leaving because she had class at 7. she came and got us after and got food to go. i got a purple lap desk as michael's while waiting for her to get back. i ended up missing lost - we spent almost 5 hours on this adventure - but that's okay cuz i watched it today. and claire has totally flipped her shit. jack also had a bout of anger, but that's not really surprising considering him. in the au, he has a son, which confuses me. i'm gonna have to comb my brain for how the island being blown up would result in him having a son, because i'm still at a loss...

anyway, i should get back to that bibliography. i need to come up with some sort of shorthand for that, because 'annotated bibliography' is forever long...

beautiful fanarts resulting from the canada-russia game today. apparently, it was violent. i'm sad i missed it...

and i just refreshed the 'results' page to find canada got 3 more medals!

1st: america, 28
2nd: germany, 24
3rd: norway, 18
4th: canada, 15
5th: russia, 13

there's still one more medal event to go today, which is going on now.

no new developments, really. i'm endlessly amused by the bronze and gold medal games for women's hockey: finland v sweden for bronze, america v canada for gold/silver.


this is win. i just found the vancouver olympics tag on pixiv, and blue did this. i'm really sad i missed that game now!!

unrelated: i finished my bibs for tomorrow. the second one is fail because i stupidly picked a source that was a sort of overview of a study, and it was done by a student, so i can't use it. i'll have to do 3 sources for the next due date then...

i'm also slightly concerned about my mental state because i took that caffeine pill around 9, and i just finished a melatonin lozenge. and my chest feels weirdly tight. i need to go to bed...

23 February 2010

bibliographies? what are those?

procrastinating like nobody's business...

i did something in odosketch today. because i haven't in a while.


i ordered a woot shirt today. it's a tv that says 'read' and under it says 'a book'. not sure why i did that...

i decided it was finally time to upgrade the ipod. partially because i have way more music i would want to listen to than will fit on 3.77G. partially because i lost the usb cable again and can't change the music. partially because i'm feeling unsatisfied with the functions of the mini. so i stuck a green nano in my amazon wish list to buy once it's march. because i have 5 transfers already, and that thing is $160, and i still need to paypal utilities to liz.

so, last night someone broke my window. i feel like i've explained this way too much... but yeah. i was going down the front stairs on my way to ceramics and noticed a large hole in one of the panes. i called the office during class, and when i got back they had duct taped over the hole until they can replace the pane. which they were supposed to do today, but i guess the rain delayed them. bullshit. but what scares me the most is that no one noticed the window breaking during the night. i slept right through it, liz was up all night and didn't hear anything, and ces is basically right above it and heard nothing. luckily nothing was taken, but still.

shay is making a whale in the lobby of the fab tomorrow - i mean today. the structure was up yesterday, and it was pretty sweet. i've got class during the construction time, so i'm going to cut through the fab to and from my afternoon classes to see the before and after. AND THEN I'M GOING TO IHOP WITH ANGELA AND NICOLE FOR FREE PANCAKES!! awesome.

grosse-averse has returned! there was a new chapter in le lys & la rose-verse, and a new chapter in 'into the face of the beguiled.' i was excited! gosh, i've missed her writings.

i had veal at shafer today. it was tasty.

and i really don't want to do this annotated bibliography, which is why i'm still typing. i'm trying to finish the one i started that was due last thursday that i skipped because i wanted to sleep. and i've got 2 more due this thursday. why is this so hard for me to do? grr...

usa beat canada at men's hockey last night. i wanted to cry. at least the women's team is doing awesome, as is both canadian curling teams. and canada just got another gold today for ice dancing, a first for them.

ok, for serious. time to do work.

gosh, that's a lot of links today.

completely unrelated to anything. but pretty!

21 February 2010


just in case i suddenly just pass out, i want to say i took 2 melatonin pills. i don't expect it to make me just... fall over asleep, but i'm not sure what exactly will happen.

i've been having bouts of insomnia this past week, which really sucks, especially since i feel absolutely no urge to do my embroidery homework, which i'm worried i will get really behind on, or my annotated bibliographies, which i totally skipped on thursday. i did one, and decided, "fuck it, i'm sleeping through class."

and i accidentally hit the 'back' button and lost the paragraph i had written...

i need to get one shoe done in embroidery for class on monday so i don't fall behind and get totally screwed over for the crit. i've got over a week till the crit, and i'm surprised at how fast i'm going, but still. that would be just like me...

i did almost absolutely nothing today. i woke up at noon, got my bagel, crocheted some while reading fics and watching 'community.' i finally took a shower [since wednesday... eww...] around 8 so i could go out in public and have dinner with angela at chili's. which was fun and tasty. i ate all my food [except the over-herbed rice...] before angela. i was so proud! then i sat around some more and watched some more 'community' and did a little more embroidery. and yeah.

on the main com today i discovered the epic-ness that will be the canada-america men's hockey game tomorrow. even though i refresh the olympics main page obsessively every few hours, i missed that. i need to watch it. i set an alarm on my phone. it's happening.

oh yeah, the tegan and sara concert. i went with liz, laura, adrienne, and a couple other girls they knew that i met in line. my feet were frozen by the time the doors opened, and it wasn't even all that cold out. we ended up somewhat more forward than the middle. it wasn't too bad. though, there was someone near us that had gas literally the entire show. not cool. and i got pushed and ended up next to a crazy barely-teen fan. i seriously looked over at her more than a couple times and was convinced she would burst into tears of absolute joy. and she only knew songs from 'the con' and 'sainthood', which i found terribly sad. if you're such a crazy fan, learn all their songs. i knew most of the songs, except for a couple of the new ones because i just put my music on random and tune in occasionally.

i was excited to learn one of the openers was steel train. when i told matt he was incredibly jealous. they were pretty good live. i was happy they played a couple songs i knew ['firecracker' and 'kill monsters in the rain']. the other opener was holly miranda, who for some reason had their bass turned up more than you'd expect. the singer had a really nice voice though. i'd definitely check out their music.

as for t+s, i quite enjoyed the show. there wasn't as much banter as i was expecting, but they were still fun. they even did a few songs basically acoustic as a sort of encore, which i thought was really cool. they did 'back in your head' with guitar and xylophone, they styled the lighting of 'feel it in my bones' after the vid. overall, it was a good show.

i wonder if my seat number on my ticket, 39, indicates what number i was in purchasing my ticket... and if that shows how much of a nerd i can be... probably...

well, i need to get to bed if i intend to get up before noon and at least make an attempt at being productive. i'm determined to get a lot done on at least one shoe. i really am. movie marathon anyone?

no fics to report on today. i did find a good one today of a post-ww2 human!au though. germany/america, not something i'd read normally. but it was very good and had a hopeful ending.

blue-fox's fanart for 'die buchhandlung'

16 February 2010

4 8 15 16 23 42



so. tonight we finally learned the meaning of the numbers. and the lists. and i flipped out.

not-locke takes sawyer to a cave in a cliff side [what an interesting trip that was, going down the cliff] to show him why he's on the island. written on the walls and ceiling of an inner cave are last names with numbers next to them. most of them are crossed out, except for 6. guess which 6. and next to those 6 are one of the numbers. jack was 23, sun and jin were 42 [it's by last name, so 2 for one], hurley was 8 [i think], sayid was 16, sawyer was 15, which leaves kate as 4. all the names are candidates for someone to replace jacob as the guru, now that he's dead.

i flipped the fuck out and started hyperventilating. total shock.

in other news!

i finally had to get a membership to mediafire so i could send fala 'boondock saints 2'. which, by the way, also had a "WTFAHHH" ending. because of fucking willem dafoe. he came back at the end, and it was open to a 3rd, if they so choose. the boys ended up in prison, but it looks like it'll be okay and not sucky and bitch-y and such, but smecker was talking about breaking them out or something. though, greenly and noah died, soo...

thursday is gonna be awesome. not the morning, but i don't count that. we start tessellations in math, which should be fun. and then. TEGAN AND SARA with STEEL TRAIN as one of the openers. YESSS!!!! excitement.

the fic-of-the-moment this time is from the USUK com by semebay, who wrote the epic canada-serial killer fill that i fell in love with. this is an AU with arthur as a recluse [sorta] who lives with the fae and sort-of[-but-not-really] controls them and who does random little magicks and herbal healing and just cool shit. and alfred is a semi-hero [he's got enhanced abilities] who keeps trying to be friends with arthur. and it's adorable at times, but dark and real. i love bay's voice and the way she writes arthur as a believable brit, not some american throwing in those random stereotypical words. fifteen chapters in and the fae have all escaped arthur's tenuous control and are wreaking havoc and killing people. cliffhanger: the last fae that still liked arthur has decided that alfred has to die since he was supposed to but arthur saved him and just GAHH.

thusly. [well, chapter 1. click 'next entry' for the next chapters]

olympics! germany is at the top right now with 9 medals, then america with 8, france with 7, canada with 5, and south korea with 4. both canadian hockey teams are kicking ass: the women whooped slovakia hard 18-0 a few days ago, switzerland yesterday 10-1, and the men just beat norway 8-0. is it weird that i'm cheering for canada more than america? sometimes i really wish i was canadian. i was practicing my accent at random times today. it was fun.

i decided to treat myself to some good quality bagels today. so i spent the rest of my birthday cash on a baker's dozen plus 2 tubs of cream cheese from panera. i can't wait! i made french toast for dinner. yummy cinnamon french toast.

my converse came for my embroidery project. they fit and all. i traced the open spaces on both so i know specifically how much i have to work with. i gridded my reference photos yesterday and will be gridding the print cloth and possibly the shoes [for placement purposes] tomorrow, along with at least laying out the large shapes. i am the master of the grid!

unrelated pic is unrelated. kinda. but mainly it's cute.

14 February 2010


i decided to try and clean my keyboard. so i systematically removed the tops of entire rows of keys and brushed out the insides. it still didn't fix my space bar problem.

and for some reason i had a really hard time spelling that correctly...

i added a couple more movies to my list. haven't downloaded them yet though.

yesterday i watched "the imaginarium of doctor parnassus" and "mirrormask". the sound ended up being off on 'parnassus', but i wasn't really watching the whole time so it didn't bother me as much as it would have otherwise. i found the cameos rather hilarious. so, heath ledger was tony, but when he went in the imaginarium with someone else, he became that someone else's version of him. so he was johnny depp, and jude law, and colin farrel.

i followed that up with 'mirrormask' because they are related in a sense: a different version of reality with the same people just different. it made sense in my head, ok?

i started my math final. i was going to cross stitch the whole thing, but realized how much work that's going to be. so i'm cross stitching some of it, then stitching that to the canvas and painting in the rest and drawing the tracks on top. hopefully it'll be awesome.

today i watched "wristcutters." which reminded me of "the lovely bones" so i had to torrent that. haven't watched it yet. the actor who was mr nick in 'parnassus' was also in 'wristcutters' as a similarly influential/powerful character, which i found pretty funny. and it took me the longest time to place the main actor, and finally had to look him upon imdb. he was paul trout in 'white oleander'. also, gogol bordello was featured quite prominently in the soundtrack, which made me quite happy.

happy valentine's day, i guess. first time alone in quite a few years. or am i misremembering the breakup with emily... probably... either way. the fills for the prucan exchange were due last night, and they've been posted all day. it made me happy to read all that sweetness and such.

which reminds me of why it can be fun to be friends with rpers on facebook. the canada i'm friends with has been being bro-tastic with an america, and i've been stalking their conversations. related: CANADA GOT IT'S FIRST GOLD WHEN HOSTING THE OLYMPICS! the other 2 olympics that have been in canada [calgary winter, montreal summer], they didn't get a single gold. but today they got gold in men's freestyle skiing. which is what the weird bro-ness started out being about and divulged into petting. weird.

i raided pixiv for olympics!canada pics. it made me happy, especially since annie had one.

i'm not sure if i was going to say anything else...

oh. my horrible procrastination habits are getting worse... that math final is due tuesday at 12:30 and it's barely started. i haven't printed the refs i need for ceramics or textiles. i'm avoiding those annotated bibliographies like the plague. the only productive thing i managed to do with weekend was laundry and my embroidery sample. i want to be able to start the shoes soon, but that's entirely dependent on when i actually get the shoes. hopefully tomorrow, because this is ridiculous...

man, i need to eat that caramel apple...

annie, why are you so awesome?

12 February 2010

movie-downloading weekend!

i found [ok, joe etzine invited me] a site that lets you download movies for cheap. it's not free, not even the trial day, though that's only 99cents. so i was surfing through it for movies to download and found out the trial restrictions: only movies made before 2008 and in divx format. which is still a lot of movies. and those i can't download there i'm torrenting. and vary rapidly as well, which is awesome. i found about 7 movies to download from the site, and 5 more that i'm torrenting. it's quite a few lesser-known, kinda foreign films. foreign in the sense they're not american, though still in english. like canadian or british movies.

so, after all this downloading, my movie collection will be:
- 9
- Airplane!
- Angels and Insects
- Battle Royale
- Boondock Saints
- Boondock Saints 2
- Born of Hope
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
- The Darjeeling Limited
- The Devil's Brigade
- The Emperor's New Groove
- Fire and Ice
- Franklyn
- The Hunt for Red October
- The Imaginarium of DoctorParnassus
- Inglorious Basterds
- Ink
- King Arthur
- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Extended Edition
- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Extended Edition
- The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Extended Edition
- MirrorMask
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- Nightwatching
- Passchendaele
- Perfect Creatures
- Phone Booth
- Pineapple Express
- The Prestige
- Puffball
- Requiem for a Dream
- The Secret of Kells
- Steamboy
- Tideland
- A Viking Saga
- Wristcutters

and that's quite an eclectic collection of movies.

as far as ficage, i found a fill that started out as what would happen if the UK broke apart: N Ireland went back to Ireland, and Scotland separated, but Wales stays. and now it's become WW3. and there's a lot of BAMF stuff going on, and an enjoyable assortment of OC nations. candesceres draw a few things for it, and i just picture her versions of the countries when i read it. it makes me incredibly happy that RoI is a girl and so is Mexico. there's sort of 2 versions of Israel too: Jacob, 'real' Israel, and Sarah, all the displaced jews around the world. the first parts are here and it's continued here and IT WAS JUST UPDATED SO NOW I MUST GO READ IT.

RELEVANT! Northern Ireland [male] and Republic of Ireland [female] by candesceres for 'Family Ties.'


wow, hetalia makes the olympics so much better! they were just pimping canada, and it was way more entertaining than i would have found it before. they even had kennedy's quote about the relationship between canada and the us. also, harper went before the parliament to encourage canadians to be loud and patriotic for their athletes, and they would apologize for their rudeness later. i loled.

ski jumping is on now. not the opening ceremony, for some reason. oh well, it's coming.

also, depressingly, someone died on the luge track this morning. a luge athlete from georgia [the country] lost control and flew off the track. they showed the footage.

10 February 2010


"gold lion" yeah yeah yeahs
"boulevard of broken dreams" green day
"wonderwall" oasis

i found this fantastic mash-ups station on itunes radio. and it's been blowing my mind all day. seriously.

snowday today. when i left home for campus, it was just a tornado outside. i made it to the fab so i could at least check my email [it's doing that thing where it won't load on my laptop], and i was sitting in class, waiting for the crit, when debbie comes in and tells us campus is closed.

i was unhappy that i walked to class in that horrible white-out, only to be told, "nope, nevermind."

oh well. now i have time to figure out how exactly i'm gonna go about my embroidery final. which is hopefully gonna be awesome. i'm embroidering ansel adams photos onto a pair of white converse. i got a ton of floss in every shade i could find from black to white. some are brown-ish and some are blue-ish, but hopefully it won't be a big deal. i ordered the shoes monday, and they should be here this weekend. i really think it's gonna be awesome.

and i'm currently procrastinating on my annotated bibliographies. i finally finished one, after working on it since 5. i just started the second one, and then i got distracted [shocking, i know...] but this one is much shorter than the other one, so it should be easier. hopefully.

i still want there to be no class tomorrow morning, even though i know there will be.

there's over 4 feet of snow at home now. fucking whoa. no school for anyone - big surprise. i'm sad we don't have as much because connor figured out how to make elaborate tunnels in the snow and now i want to turn out back yard into a warren. but that's a lot of missed class, and a lot of snow that just won't leave. seriously, it just keeps snowing. today was the fourth major snowfall this winter: before christmas, the last weekend of january, the weekend of my birthday, and today. and it's supposed to snow again monday. snow is awesome and all, but i think everyone is really sick of it by now.

in other news, i finally gave in and started reading "seven little killers." i've got some theories, but who knows. i'm almost completely sure america is one of the killers, thanks to hoogily spoiling things, and i'm fairly confident canada is one too. possibly hungary, but that's just random speculation. i really like how each chapter is named after a serial killer. i've got a wiki tab open next to the fic so i can learn about the featured killer with each chapter.

relevant pic is relevant! i swear! it's by hoogily...
yayyy prucan!

09 February 2010

mind reader!

i just needto sharethisbit of awesome.

grrr, my space bar hatesme...


i was just reading a spamano doujin [something about spanking, idk, it's in japanese...] and my itunes decides to spit out a song from a spamano fst... called "i can't read yr mind."

yes you can, itunes! yes you can!

relevant pic is relevant... or something...

07 February 2010


friday was awesome. though around 1 i started to sober up, and then i realized everyone was pretty much in couples and doing that grinding, and i felt awkward and then angry and depressed. so i went to bed. but other than that, it was awesome. so much better than that 80s party. the jungle juice was delicious, though it had no everclear since you can't get that in va. i only had a cup and a half. cesley had probably 4, definitely 3. robertino, i'm fairly sure, drank an entire 12 pack of pbr, and tommy drank a bottle of wine by himself, plus some beer.

but yeah. i danced the whole "cotton eyed joe" dance with emily, and i headbanged to "smells like teen spirit" [my neck is still paying for that one...], and i fell over after a couple songs. but it was awesome.

and then i did absolutely nothing yesterday. seriously. i stayed in bed, only getting up to find food. we finally got the place mostly cleaned up today. there's a lot of recycling, good thing that gets picked up wednesday. and a lot of trash too.

in other news, i decided to try odosketch. it's pretty cool. i really like the color palate they have, even if it is limited. i'm surprised at my ability to use it, considering it's my first ever foray into the world of flash drawing, and considering i only have my touch pad. i've done a couple random experiments and a couple drawings. i realized when i was looking at my stuff there that i draw the same, whether it's on paper or on a computer. which doesn't bother me, i quite like my sketchy drawing style. i drew a couple cans, and they came out pretty well considering. i wish i had more control over my little brush, but it's hard with the touch pad. i'd like to be able to refine my lines better and get neater curves, but oh well. practice, i guess.

also, it was snowmageddon this weekend. not so much here, but there was close to 3 feet of snow at home. obama called it snowmageddon. it snowed for about 6-8 hours friday, then it rained all night, and started snowing again sometime around 10. we've only got about 6-7 inches here. i'm very glad we didn't get snowed in like everyone north of us. snow is awesome and all, but i'm personally ready for it to be spring already, even if it's only the second week of february.

HOLY GOD, I FORGOT TO RANT ABOUT THE PREMIERE OF LOST LAST WEEK!!BECAUSE IT BLEW MY MIND!! i was sitting there, especially at the end, going, "OH GOD WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME WITH NEW QUESTIONS!!" several characters died in the episode, and there's apparently a parallel world now, instead of time traveling. because that makes a lot more sense. OH GOD the parallel world scenes were so gahh! so, season 5 ends with the white out of the bomb exploding. and season 6 started with THE PLANE SCENES FROM THE SEASON 1 PREMIERE, EXCEPT THE PLANE DOESN'T CRASH!! and i was in shock. so, if oceanic 815 doesn't crash: the airlines lost the casket with christian, jack offers to help john with his back, charlie gets arrested for his heroin, kate tries to escape again and steals claire's cab, shannon didn't even get on the plane, jin is taken by customs because of a ton of money he didn't declare, and DESMOND WAS ON THE PLANE!! back in 'reality', the islanders are back in the correct time period where they were before: the hatch has exploded after desmond turned the key, but juliet is in the bottom because that's where she fell in '77. she ends up dying, and so does sayid. but then they get taken by a different group of [the same] others, which includes the stewardess from the flight, and somehow sayid COMES BACK TO LIFE. oh, and THE MAN IN BLACK IS THE SMOKE MONSTER IS PRETEND-LOCKE!! OH GOD WHY MUST THERE BE SO MUCH AWESOME?!?!

i've been craving some super bros in my hetalia readings lately. because for real, america and canada are the best bros ever. no joke.

relevant pic is relevant. i love how one pixiv artist, annie, draws them. her style and her characterizations are awesome. broooooooosss~

01 February 2010

i keep forgetting...

i meant to post an update about that 80s party but forgot...

basically, the playlist was only 40 songs, so that got old quick. there was a lot of pbr, so i finally tried some. it tasted ok at first, probably because i had been drinking smirnoff. i had 2 bottles of smirnoff and about 2/3 of a can of pbr. i was kinda drunk. i ended up falling asleep on patrick's couch around 1, and then another guy fell asleep on the part i wasn't on and ended up sleeping on my ass. i got up around 3, had a long and weird conversation with newbie, and went home. that nap helped me work off the alcohol i had, so saturday was nothing.

now: this past weekend. because it was epic.

i went to anna's around 5:15 to drop off my sleeping things for their sleepover because thursday's are tv night with angela. i spent over an hour there talking, and helped her hang a blanket on her wall.

oh, but before that! maintenance came! there were 4 guys, plus one of the administrators for the company to look at the mold problems and hash out what to do about it. they're going to dig down around the back closet wall and fill it back in higher, so it slopes away. that should clear up the problem inside, and then they'll come in and clean up the walls there. this should be done by the end of the week, but i'm not so sure.

anyway. tv night was fun. angela got an hd tv for her room, so we watched there because the step team was practicing downstairs. i took the escort to anna's, and got there really late, which sucked. i missed all the food. we watched some movies, drank a little [i only had sips], played apples to apples, then i fell asleep. around 4 a friend of taylor's came in, already drunk, and was loud. i yelled. fell back asleep.

i woke up for good around 10-10:15. i was really bored and contemplated just leaving around 10:30, got as far as the stairs, then came back. i had some ice cream, sat around. finally left for some real breakfast closer to noon. i honestly forget what else i did that day, since i had no class. i ended up staying up watching season 1 of LOST, trying to catch up for the PREMIERE OF THE FINAL SEASON TOMORROW NIGHT. it started snowing close to 2.

campus was closed. no surprise. when i woke up there was already a good 6". i took a shower and walked to kroger to get stuff for a crock pot dinner. mom had been texting me about it for a couple hours, so i figured why not. the walk wasn't too bad. i walked in the tire tracks in the street. i am so glad i had my good boots and not just my rain boots. seriously. i got chicken, herbs, broth, milk, chocolate chips, shortening, and food for lunch. came back, set up the crock pot, sat around.

i think it was around 3 that the roomies and i headed out to bother nicole. btw, it was still snowing. we threw snowballs at her window until she came outside. she had no boots, just her converse, so she went back in and wrapped her feet in plastic bags. we walked to the park, pretending it was a nuclear winter/zombie apocalypse and nicole had been bitten. we saw some other students constructing a fort for a snowball fight, so we decided to make one of our own. we tried... but it ended up being a whale. some freshie kid helped us.

we went to shafer to thaw and ended up eating. we eventually decide to head back, but side track to rite aid and get things for smores. we come back, i turn off the crock pot, and we set up scrabble. part way through, we eat the chicken. nicole pwned us all with 72 points on "quote". the stupid 10-point Q was on a double-letter, and the whole thing got a triple-word. we make the smores and go up to liz's room to watch 'eraserhead' on the projector. we watch 'amelie' too. nicole ruined the end by shouting "YASHA" at the end when they're doing the kissing thing.

we sit around, and i start talking to cesley, and us two decide we should make a fort. so we end up making a fort [btw, it was still snowing]. we bring chairs and sofa cushions up, and i grab about 4 blankets from my room. we construct it between liz's bed and desk, and put the projector inside. we lay there, watching the visualizations for about an hour. eventually we fall asleep.

when i wake up, i'm on a different part of the floor next to nicole, liz is in her bed, and ces has gone back to her own. i take my blanket downstairs and get my laptop and wait for everyone to wake up. eventually i take everything back downstairs, and settle in on the couch. at some point i make cookies. i watch LOST. i stayed on that couch pretty much all day. i don't even take my stuff to my room until i'm ready to go to bed. classes are canceled for monday.

wake up late. eventually get dressed for a snowball fight jenny organized in the park. we roomies leave together. we're the first ones there, then courtney [anne frank], then tempest, then jenny & laura. we eventually have 11 people, and pick teams like middle school. angie and tempest are team captains. we fight. it eventually ends up being all of us standing in a giant circle, randomly throwing at each other. no one can hit me. then again, i can't really hit anyone...

we end up stopping and then decide to make a giant snow vagina next to the giant snow penis someone else made. it ends up being pretty good, even has pubes. angie stood in it to make the vaginal passage itself. taylor and anna show up, cesley leaves for the gym. we take pictures. tom shows up, then anna sees nick, and everyone pretty much disperses. me, liz, anna, tay, and tom go to the commons and get ice cream. we go out to the plaza and take jumping pictures. we go back to biggs.

we watch 'the office' and nicole shows up. finally... eventually we're hungry, so me, liz, nicole, and anna go to the village. holy shit, that was delicious. we go back, nicole leaves, anna gets cold stone. we come back to our place.

and yeah. that was my weekend. i tried to do homework, only finished my math work before i started typing this. i kinda gave up on my english reading. i really don't want to go to class tomorrow. mainly, i just want morning classes to be canceled. i really don't want to go to english...

also, my birthday party is this friday. it's a 90s party. it's going to be amazing. not sure if i'll be able to actually put it here... i had to promise yasha to text him every 1-2 hours so he knows i'm conscious. yeah.

completely unrelated and rather depressing...
"so, a baby seal walks into a club..."