07 October 2010


That boy. I just-

I'm pretty sure he's not fired from his job because he keeps calling out for not very good reasons. Like, he went out the night before and is kinda hungover and doesn't feel like going in. Or he needs to run lines for this play, but he actually takes a nap.

He has no sense of responsibility.

Also, he's sort of in a relationship with a girl, who is dating another guy. And they're operating on the assumption that she and the other guy will break up before Christmas.

He's making terrible life decisions and it makes me not want to talk to him. But his other friends are shutting him out and such, so I feel like if I get too angry with him and stop talking to him, then his self-diagnosed depression will get worse and something terrible will happen.

But seriously, he's just not a fun person to talk to right now.

He volunteers me for events that I might not like to do with him, like going to Las Vegas. Just. That boy frustrates me.

03 October 2010


I feel like this has been the most amazing weekend ever.

Mainly because I haven't really gotten dressed - or even left the apartment - since Friday.

Even Friday, when I spent a total of 9 hours in the studio working, was a good day. I got all my fabric dyeing done. And even though I think it might count as a mistake, I'm still happy with the mottled yellow-green I got out of it all. But the bound parts look good, so I'm happy.

I didn't really get out of bed yesterday until around 4pm. Sure, I got up to make breakfast at 10:15, and I got other food and used the bathroom a couple times. But my bed was just so amazingly warm and comforting, I just couldn't leave it. I'm not even sure of what all I did while in bed. Even after I got up, I just relocated to the sofa to read a book. I even made a sandwich. And I went to bed around 1:30.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Except at 4, I was just waiting for the Ravens-Steelers game to wrap up (RAVENS WON!) so I could take a shower.

And what a shower. 15 minutes of bliss. I could see the steam in the shower with me. Oh, it was amazing.

And I put on my housedress and my rabbit sweater and sat down to read some more.

And now I'm waiting for the dishes to dry so I can have all the 4 feet of counter space I can get to make cookies. Which will also be amazing.

The main reason this weekend has been so fantastically lazy is because I have hardly any schoolwork to do. I did my dyeing Friday, and I cut my pattern pieces Saturday, and I got started on reading Mrs Dalloway today. And that's pretty much it, really. I know I've got a bit more to do later in the week, like make my stencils and print my samples for Julia, and get started on my burial doll for Susan, oh, and sew sew sew that dress. But for a few days, I've been so relaxed.

I really wish I didn't have to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow, even if I have nothing to do but read. Ah well.

It's my dad's 52nd birthday. And my parents' 25th anniversary next week.