27 September 2008

mmm, liiife..

mmm, today.

Well, depressingly, I had to use my own money at Kroger. I kept trying to swipe the credit card, but it wasn't working... so I just used my card, and now I need to put $7 in checking before I officially overdraft when the money goes through.

On the plus side, I FINALLY FOUND SPAGETTIOS!!! And I'm eating some right now. Or, I will be.. once it's cooler and won't burn my mouth. But yeah, I'm excited. I also got a Halloween costume of an autumn witch, whatever the fuck that means... But it's cute, and I tried it on in the store (over my clothes, so only a little weird) and it was awesome. Yay!

And soon, I shall be helping Angela to dye her hair. I had meant to spend that $20 I transferred earlier today to get my own dye, but having spent it on that and a tropical smoothie, I couldn't. Maybe next month... Or once this dye fades out. That would make more sense...

Well, Clap Show time!!

15 September 2008


from the greyhound bus trip:
Ew, it smells an awful lot like old pee on this bus. Extremely not pleasant.

Also, the bus was over half an hour late, so we won't be getting to DC till 6:15ish. Oh well, as long as I can actually ge to the metro from there, I think we're good.

Oh, jeez, it sucked getting tothe station. I followed the directions google gave me, but it turns out the stupid thing was confused! It took me to 2910 N Blvd, as in the name was N, it was a blvd. But, in reality, it was supposed to be north blvd. So, I walked the hour to N blvd, and I thought I was totally screwed. But there was a guy there, like a maintenace buy, packing up his truck. I asked him where the station was, and it was totally all the way back past where I'd come from, on fucking blvd. He offered to drive me there, even though he's not allowed to pick people up in the city truck. I felt so uncredibly lucky that he was there, that he wasn't some creepy guy, that he was helpful, and even that I had walked. Oh, god, such an adventure, and it's barely started!

Ugh, we haven't even been on the road for an hour, and I'm already bored and tired of typing my stupid notecards on art history. Though it is good for studying, this repetition and copying and whatnot. But I really wish I could actually access the internet... That would really help my bordom...

Hey, we're near the mixing bowl! Or, maybe... The HOV lanes are there now, going in the other direction, of course. But seriously, how is this supposed to take another hour?

Mmm, I wish I had some real food... All I've got is Red Machine drink, which doesn't count as food, pita chips, and a chewie bar. I'm hungry. Well, I fail for not thinking that far ahead... Then again, if I'd brought more food, then my bag would weigh more than it already does...

We're passing the Pentagon and the Mall now. Almost there? I wish... I'm so ridiculously bored. I thought I'd have a lot more fun. Then again I wouldn't be this bored if I'd taken a pill this morning. I'd actually be focused on something, instead of being totally unfocused and stuff.

I feel like I'm getting repetitive.

Also, a bit motionsick.

Well, it's not raining! That was one thing I was worried about, since I didn't bring an umbrella. It's not that I forgot, I decided not to bring it.

Also, I know I won't have the same problem I did earleir with not being able to find my next stop. I know how to get to the Metro from the terminal, I've seen it on a regular map.

Hopefully I'm not just telling myself that to make myself feel better...

Well, that's it for now. I'm gonna start packing my shit up, cuz I think we're almost there. Finally. I now understand why she said it would take up that long to get here. Rush hour traffic.

the rest of the details of my wonderful weekend can be found in my photos on facebook.

09 September 2008

Magical Wall

What follows are pictures of what the drawing-ish wall looked like at 12:15 today. By now, it may have changed considerably.

Just try and make sense of that...

mm, stretch

hmm, i wonder if there's a way for me to add music... that'd be cool.

anyway, i really felt like trying to blog again... i know one of my previous attempts is here on blogger, brokentypewriter. but, of course, there's no way to search for it!

ah well...

mm, i really feel like stretching...

i'm highly amused by the fact that it's quarter to 11, and cesley's still in bed! she said she'd be going to the gym today, since she has no classes until her project class starts. oh, how i envy her.

there's now a board on the floor that we're allowed to draw and write on. so, last night a bunch of us spent at least an hour, probably 2, covering it in weird and vaguely inappropriate things. mostly due to nicole and jenny... no clue what sami's gonna say when she takes the time to actually read it... hopefully we won't get into too much trouble. i mean, really. she should've known! we're the really awkward and inappropriate 8th floor! it's just what we do!

oh, yeah. i'm going home this weekend. finally, lol. i'm going for the glorious event that is scottish weekend at renn fest. i'm taking the greyhound to dc, where yasha's gonna pick me up and drive me the rest of the way. cuz, for some reason, he wants to drive me but he doesn't want to come all the way down to richmond. well, that makes sense. it's 3 frickin hours. as it is, the bus trip to dc is gonna take almost 3 hours... stupid bus... well, it was $26 of my dad's money, so whatever. i don't really care.

i just need to figure out if i'll walk or bike the 3 miles to the station. i still don't really trust my bike being left there for 3 days. behind the dorm, sure! at a strange bus depot, ehh... not sure. but it's gonna be about an hour walk... not fun... well, i'll figure it out. i've got a few days still.