24 June 2010

*sneeze attack*

Ugh, I've got a cold. It's really totally not fun.

Yesterday and the day before I had a numb, scratchy throat, but it didn't affect my voice. I've gotten progressively more sniffly and now it's just ridiculous. And of course cat snuggling isn't helping with the runny nose problem.

Other news:
Inventory starts next week. I've already started counting some of backstock, like the holiday stuff, the new stuff that we don't have space for yet, and all the bulk herbs. In preparation for inventory, I get to come in tomorrow and work backstock as much as humanly possible. Oh joy...

I was invited to a party Friday night, which I convinced mom to let me go to for a couple hours, but I'm starting to think maybe it's not such a good idea. I won't be able to really have fun since I'm driving myself home early, and I've got work at 8 the next morning. I feel like it really would be better for me to stay home, especially if I'm still sick then.

Saturday is the e-cycling event at work. Mom gets to man a grill and make food. I finally get to see Fred's band, which is exciting. Angela said she'd try to take some old computer stuff to the Alexandria store, which is cool. It's kinda funny, though, that mom and I are scheduled to be there at 8, but I'm off at 2 and she's off at 4. I'll probably just hang around at the event for those 2 hours or something.

Soccer is actually kinda interesting. Or, at least, I'm interested in the games we're playing; I could care less about the others... I'm really quite pleased that the US and England both made it to the round of sixteen. Perhaps we'll play each other again later. Sadly, our next game is Saturday while I'm at work.

oh, those vuvuzelas...

16 June 2010


"Besides, my capital is awesome!"

Canada, who has been completely ignored for the last hour, is annoyed. Kumapaku hasn't even asked his name! So, naturally, he feels like being a bit of bastard. Plus it's always fun to get a rile out of his brother. "August 24, 1814," he mutters with a smirk. "It didn't look so awesome back then."

England winces. While that incident always cheered them up when the young superpower was being particularly obnoxious, he really wishes that Canada had chosen a better time to bring it up, preferably when he wasn't trying to keep his mind on dealing with this country's backwards driving laws.

America stares around wildly as if looking for the source of the voice. When he notices Canada, his eyes narrow. "You bastard!" he hisses. "You said we wouldn't talk about that!"

Canada's smirk only grows. "Of course, flames make everything look so much more awesome, don't they?"

America opens his mouth a few times in shock, and Canada has to fight off giggles manly laughter. Then, America smirks back at him. "Well, in that case," he says, "York didn't look so hot in 1813, now did it? Oh, wait!" He claps a hand to his face in mock realization. "Yes, it did, because it was on fire!"

from a silly roadtrip fill

03 June 2010



I found a truly epic fill on (not surprisingly) the Pimp Post. And based on the prompt I knew it was going to heartbreaking and intense and maybe something I would regret reading. But the authoranon is doing an amazing job at this whole thing, and I seriously got kinda teary-eyed at the end of this latest update. Other anons were crying for the last, like, 3 updates, but I guess my soul has a hard outer coating that only 'LOST' can truly shatter to pieces. Or something...

Basically, jock!Al is being a jock and tormenting normal!Arthur for being gay, even though he isn't, and then it comes out that Al actually is. And, well, some really really terrible shit just went down, of the extreme kind, and the comfort is starting to come about, but the period between the reveal and the shit was just terrible. And Al is so completely broken. And it makes me want to cry.

And I feel like if I want to talk about anything else right now, it would be a total buzzkill. Or something.........

feel better, dudes.