21 June 2009

sometimes i'm just a little too into myself...

for some odd reason i spent today having random thoughts about how to turn the events into a book. like, what i would say to describe feelings and surroundings and such.

i was washing the cheese dishes and thinking about how to describe my build, since i have practically no fat... but i'm not really strong...

i talk to myself when i'm driving to and from work and listening to my ipod. random comments about the songs...

and just now, while texting christian:
him: but i like it [a pic i sent of me] : ) and they said ur cute. but i think ur gorgeous
me: ^_^ yea, everyone says im cute...
here, i finished the text in my head with, 'but you're the first to say i'm gorgeous.'

yeah, i'm a really freaky person. and i just realized that this blog is just serving to magnify my egotism, cuz i know no one reads this except occasionally yasha when he remembers it's here...

19 June 2009


so, i found this app thing on facebook... something about who's my perfect match based on zodiac signs. this is what it said for aquarius:

Perfect Partners: Gemini, Libra
Nearly Perfect Partners: Aries, Sagittarius
Like Minded Souls: Aquarius
Opposites Youre Attracted To: Cancer, Virgo
Learn From Your Differences: Capricorn, Pisces
Not Your Destiny: Taurus, Scorpio
Astrological Hell: Leo

so, i started thinking and comparing. conclusions:
- emily is a cancer = 'opposites i'm attracted to'
- yasha is a capricorn = 'learn from your differences'
- my mom is a leo = 'astrological hell'
- christian is an aries = 'nearly perfect'
- jay is a sagittarius = 'nearly perfect'
- my dad is a libra = 'perfect' [lol!]
- sean was [is] a gemini = 'perfect'

all extremely interesting... though horoscopes tend to be hoaky, this certainly was thought-provoking.

on a similar-ish note, i remembered the celtic tree horoscopes. apparently i'm a poplar.

You Are A Poplar Tree

People tend to look up to you, and it's a bit lonely at the top.

Inside, you are not always self confident, but you show great courage.

Mature and organized, you are reliable in any situation.

You tend to have an artistic or philosophical outlook on life.

You are very choosy in love and take partnership seriously.

interesting, and really true. i trust the ancient celts much more than whoever came up with the regular zodiac...

15 June 2009

he says the sweetest things

the last half of tonight's conversation...

him: hehe. i hate to ask but ur name is spelled eleanor? right
me: yea. a lot of people get it wrong so congrats
him: yay! well hey many ppl get christian wrong...
me: how? that makes no sense...
him: honestly no idea... and the funny thing is most were catholic
me: wtf? whoa...
him: yerp haha ppl arent too bright. thank god for u haha
me: lol yea. go not-average names!
him: haha plus ur smart so which is good
me: ^_^
him: i like smart girls especially ones that are cute and named eleanor
me: cuz we'r th best
him: i think ur the only one love hehe
him: or at least the only eleanor i kno thats cute. smart and has my attention :D
me: good! i might be worried otherwise lol
him: but the best thing about u is how sweet u are
me: aww thanks ^_^
him: i dont think there are others like eleanor fisher :)
me: im juz that special lol
him: i really do mean it though
me: thanks ^_^
him: ur welcome sweetheart. like id really like to tell u this in person but i honestly never really enjoyed being w a girl like i do with you
me: thanks ^_^
him: i just wanted u to kno lovely
me: ^_^
him:jw what do u really feel for me?
me: i dont really kno yet. i really like u and spending time w u. i can tell this is gonna go somewhere, which is a nice change from my last 2 relationships which hit plateus fairly quickly. im excited for everything that can happen
him: aww i actually went through crap just like that. that really did upset me but i really do trust you that u wont do anything like they did. i would like this to go somewhere too. bc i kno having you would make my life great
me: yeah i feel happier in general lately and im pretty sure u did that
him: aww im glad i make u happy but u should be happy all the time love
him: but ill do what ever i can to see u smile
me: it doesnt take much i keep smiling juz reading what u say
him: aw good :) i tend to be a very sweet guy so i mean u might get tired of all the sweet stuff i say to u bc i might be too much haha
me: well right now im not complaining
him: aww but who knos u just might haha
me: maybe... ehh whatevs
him: haha i hope i dont
me: me too
him: oh
me: ?
him: haha nothing lovely
me: ook
him: mmm hmmm. i just want u to be happy :D i remember how excited i was when i first met u
me: really? woww
him: mmm hmmm. haha i remember thinking dang yasha has a cute gf then when i found out u 2 werent dating i was like OOOOH really?
me: lol everyone assumes we'r dating its ridiculus
him: haha. then u sat on my lap when were outside by the fire... u kept me warmer than the fire did
me: apparently im a furnace lol
him: ur really warm like no joke. i love it. haha then u got up and i was cold then eventually it was time to go. and im pretty sure i got ur num from yasha bc i didnt get a chance to ask. then i started talking to u and then i found out u had a gf and i was bummed bc i was really into you... though we just met butttt! yea haha then i didnt really try anything bc that would be mean and probably wouldnt have worked
me: but now it totally can so no worries
him: hehehe yes! and i remember whenever u came around here and there i really did get excited to see u. ha more excited than to see yasha. even when i knew u were goin to beaus pool party. i was pumped to see u that night bc i missed you
me: i was really excited when i heard ud b there too
him: aw :P even though i showed up late haha but i did enjoy laying on the hamock. even though i completely talked about pointless crap haha idk why i did
him: also when u came to panera that night u made that night so much better haha. oh and that black guy that served u tom. he said to me that we would make a cute couple haha
me: i juz got those... and everyone keeps saying that
him: well its not going through but ill let u get to sleep lovely. sweet dreams
me: gnight then

13 June 2009

all my cds

i got my new giant cd binder today. so i had to spend time reorganizing all my cds to fit in it. which first involved tracking down where all my cds actually are... here's the final list, because i feel like it. it's alphabetical by album title because i have a bunch of mix cds with multiple artists...

- 3hive one! : beast, myself, flunk, the hextors, lady sovereign, lone, new skin, plastilina mosh, science for girls, teargas and plateglass, the ting tings, 30 seconds to mars, the 88,
+/- b
- 3hive two : daft punk, glasvagas, karsh kale, metric, parker house and theory, penny and ashtray, polara, the republic tigers b
- 3hive three : now now every children, of montreal, reby isle, the sky drops, the sweet hurt, sylvie, tempest rogers, the upsidedown, 1000 robota b
- 3hive four : about, aqueduct, ernest gonzales, the laureates, leila, love grenades, max alexander, mono in vcf, part chimp, photons, the posies b
- 3 doors down : yeah, i ignored the alphabet a bit there... and i have no idea what else is on this one, beause for some reason my laptop refuses to play it... b
- 300 : the movie soundtrack a
- a crow left of the murder : incubus b
- abbey road : the beatles a
- the absolute best ultimate funk : commodores, wild cherry, ohio players, king floyd, the staple singers, carl carlton, cameo, kool & the gang, rick james, brothers johnson, the barkays, gap band, dazz band, lipps inc a
- across the universe discs 1 & 2 : movie from the motion picture [the fancy extended soundtrack] a a
- alegria : cirque du soleil b
- all their greatest hits disc 1 : barenaked ladies b
- american idiot : green day b
- anime 1 : music from samurai champloo, cowboy bebop, dnangel, ghost in the shell sac, flcl, gravitation [sorta... it's a parody song] b
- anime 2 : music from bleach, gravitation, dnangel b
- anime 3 : music from host club, wolf's rain, d gray-man, death note, vitas [the russian guy] b
- anna ternheim : anna ternheim, free from after-prom! a
- antarctica: a storybook record : the never a/b
- back to bedlam : james blunt b
- beast : beast a
- beach mix : seki tomokazu, a heartwell ending, the who, backseat goodbye, high and mighty color, host club, johnny mandel, the hush sound b
- blood : franz ferdinand a
- the body, the blood, the machine : the thermals a/b
- bring yer wellies : gaelic storm a
- broken boy soldier : the raconteurs a
- by the way : red hot chili peppers a
- californication : red hot chili peppers b
- the con : tegan and sara a
- consolers of the lonely : the raconteurs a
- drunken lullabies : flogging molly a>
- electric arguments : the fireman a
- electronica i : cobra starship, fantasy mirrors, goukisan, meho plaza, the postal service, the radio dept, science for girls, +/-, the hermit b
- everything to everyone : barenaked ladies b
- float : flogging molly b
- franz ferdinand : franz ferdinand a
- franz ferdinand: eps and singles : franz ferdinand a/b
- gettin away with murder : papa roach b
- good news for people who love bad news : modest mouse a
- gravitation : music from gravitation b
- gravitation 2 : more music from gravitation b
- greatest hits : styx a
- hot fuss : the killers a/b
- how the west was won discs 1-3 : led zeppelin b b b
- indie i : health & beauty, the elected, the how, voxtrot, kay kay & his weathered underground, the black antipodes, millimeters mercury b
- indie ii : i am bones, first coat, over the atlantic b
- indie iii : aloe blacc, cake on cake, 13ghosts, one night band, someone still loves you boris yeltson, mitch easter b
- indie iv : shalini, hello saferide, christians and lions, denis leary, blake miller, tahiti 80 b
- indie v : the awkward stage, the futureheads, the like young, matt & kim, miho hatori, the never, the scarring party, the thermals b
- irish music : da vinci's notebook, dropkick murpheys, gaelic storm, the pogues, the real mckenzies, silly wizard b
- kansas: the best of kansas : kansas a
- like vines : the hush sound a
- the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring : music from the movie b
- the lord of the rings: the return of the king : music from the movie a
- the lord of the rings: the two towers : music from the movie a
- love : cirque du soleil featuring the music of the beatles a
- menos el oso : minus the bear b
- monty python sings : monty python b
- morning view : incubus b
- noise won't stop : shy child a/b
- one : the beatles a
- piano man : billy joel a
- playlist 1-3 : i have absolutely no idea what's on these cds. they're from yasha... b b b
- queen: greatest hits 1-3 : queen b b b
- saltbreakers : laura veirs a
- season of poison : shiny toy guns a
- schmargle-mcflorgin-pants : i don't remember what's on here anymore. yasha was in a weird mood when he made me this... b
- so inclined, farewell ep, mobius trip : millimeters mercury, 3 eps on one cd b
- so jealous : tegan and sara a/b
- soda fountain favorites : elvis presley, bill haley and his comets, buddy holly and the crickets, the beach boys, the everly brothers, boy orbson, jerry lee lewis, bobby dann, bion & the belmonts, neil sedaka, the tokens, the chiffons, the marvelettes, bobby day, dion, fats domino, danny & the juniors a
- stadium arcadium discs 1 & 2 : red hot chili peppers b b
- storm front : billy joel a
- the stranger : billy joel a
- swagger : flogging molly b
- them vs you vs me : finger eleven a
- tonight: franz ferdinand : franz ferdinand a
- trans siberian orchestra : trans siberian orchestra b
- turbo, torr ep, live at niu springfest : millimeters mercury, 3 eps on one b
- varekai : cirque du soleil b
- the very best of the doors 1 & 2 : the doors a a
- we are pilots : shiny toy guns a
- the wall 1 & 2 : pink floyd a a
- ¡viva la cobra! : cobra starship a
- while the city sleeps we rule the streets : cobra starship a
- wolfmother : wolfmother a
- you could have it so much better : franz ferdinand a

a = actual cd = 41
b = burned = 50
a/b = bought online then burned = 4

total = 95

12 June 2009


sooooooo, i guess i'm no longer single...

behold the power of texting!

him: may i ask u a question dear
me: sure
him: what do u think of me? bc well theres more than just that i mean its obvious that we like each other or idk how to put it like... would u want to date me or be in a relationship. idk how to explain like what do u feel? haha
me: yea i like u. us really fun and i like hanging out w u. i would like to date u
him: wow u just made that sound alot easier than i did haha. and im not trying to ask u out in a txt bc that would be pathetic. but i would love to be in a relationship w u. i have had a thing for u for a while too
me: i noticed lol ^_^

and so right now he's complimenting me on how non-normal i am in all the good ways.

and while this is awesome, i'm slightly distressed that i have this ├╝ber need to tell everything to yasha. i keep thinking, 'man, i need to tell him right now!' but i'm sure he's sleeping and i'm too nice to wake him up with news of my love life. so i inboxed him instead. and i'm counting that as telling someone.

for some reason this doesn't, because i'm not sure if anyone actually reads this. which is why i candidly talk about all this stuff.


i've got an eye appointment in the morning. i'm not particularly looking forward to it. i know he's gonna put eye drops in and shine bright lights in my eye to check its healing. and then i go to work. horray...

ah ha, the tags say 'christian dating yasha.' that would be hilarious. and now we can go on double dates!