30 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: PruCan

note: pretty much exclusively smut

There's a Voice... ...That Keeps on Calling Me : Established relationship sex. finished

Apfel : Rape fantasy in semi-public place, consensual. finished

The Merits of Imagination : Prussia loves twincest. Secret obessive Prussia mind-fapping over seeing America and Canada together, while America and Canada notice and use his fetish to their advantage. unfinished

: Years of training had taught Prussia very specifically in the art of recognizing good land, and then taking it for himself. Canada's was particularly nice, and as such there was no reason not to claim it. An attempt at a PruCan without fluff. finished

The Invasion Domestic
: A century ago, if someone had told Gilbert that he would one day be spending most of his time halfway across the planet playing domestic with a peaceful nation, he would have laughed in their face—and then invaded their vital regions for good measure. finished

Three and a half nations
: PruCan + GerAm. Because hot brothers...and hot brothers...being hot together? DO WANT. finished

Conference Complications
: Just the lightest of touches to Canada's knee, and suddenly the entire meeting is completely ruined. Smexings in a broom, ahem, Utility closet. Who could ask for more? finished

The Holiday Gift : Why, oh why was he given that of all presents in the world! Someone was doing that on purpose! Sometimes life is just so frustrating when you're Gilbert. finished

Memory My Canadian Savior
: The PruCan companion to Aftermath. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prussia is a mental and physical mess but seems to respond well to a blonde Canadian. From past to current, Prussia and Canada's gradual relationship change over time. finished

Tease : Prussia has had enough of Matthew's teasing and now he's going to act on it. finished

Whiplash : "Just remember, I own a Rottweiler, a variety of machine guns, and the blueprints to your house. I would be extremely careful in anything you tried to pull off." PruCan two-shot with protective America. finished

À l’Inverse : Everyone, including himself, knew that he hated being alone. He knew it, but he never admitted to it. A nice night in town might just lead him to make a new interesting acquaintance who could give him the time of his life. finished

Just a Little Business : Dominant Matthew and submissive Gilbert~ Would love if their relationship is something along the lines of Master!Matthew and Pet!Gilbert. finished

Long Love : Prussia taking it deep and LOVING LOVING /LOVING/ it! Inspired by "Long Love" from the Young Frankenstein musical. finished

Happy Birthday, Canada! : Gilbert had come to the conclusion that Matthew was an absolute bore. Unfortunately, far from being irritated by this, Matthew had agreed with his statement. So this birthday, Gilbert had decided to change up Matthew’s routine... Prussia/Canada/Netherlands. finished

Untitled : Prussia gives Canada a lap dance, and lands himself in a position he would normally not consider to be awesome. (Hot sex ensues, of course.) finished

Have No Fear Cuz Ecstasy Is Here... Or Something Like It : Prussia is getting all kinds of excited from watching Canada dance at a club. Imagine just how excited he gets when he manages to seduce the Canadian elsewhere. fail sex. finished

Control : Things were almost comfortable between them - pancake breakfasts and nights watching TV - until Gilbert asks where Matthew's badass side went. Matt demonstrates that his badass side isn't gone, and things get a different kind of comfortable. finished

Offer From the Neglected
: Once Canada got over the confusion of hearing such an offer from someone he'd never really spoken to, it actually made a lot of sense. finished

Sticky : This anon recently became a huge shipper Prussia x Canada shipper. Prussia gets turned on seeing Canada eating maple syrup and they quickly get a room. And... Prussia using maple syrup. You get the idea. And in the end, some fluff, please~ finished

Winning : "[...] That night, Canada dreamed of that viper-like body twined with his out in the storm, of getting fucked hard into the stinging grass and mud, of hearing that odd mixture of pleased laugh-and-snarl, of licking the blood off of Prussia’s face and letting his blood-slicked hands slide down his naked torso." unfinished

22 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Melkay's stories

Possibly my most favorite Hetalia writer ever. And she's also super nice and friendly and awesome. GR is definitely my absolute favorite fanfic ever forever, and probably half the meme agrees. I wish I could draw people from my head, because then I'd draw her fanart.

Wired Differently
: [Prompt: Canada/America and a sex machine.] In which America is hopelessly and awkwardly in love, stress threatens to give Canada ulcers, and porn gives them the answer they're looking for. finished

Over the Line : [Prompt: possessive!Canada, geography kink] Canada trusts America. It's the rest of the world that can't keep their hands to themselves. finished

A Place in the World
: [Drabble] When you want to get away from the world, sometimes the best place to go is the place you go together. finished

World Jeopardy: Dues Ex Machina
: [prompt was for SNL's World Jeopardy, Hetalia-style] In which Austria wants to kill someone (possibly himself), England is a raging drunk parody, France likes butts, and America likes... something. But not everything like nightgowns. finished

The Great Elevator Massacre of 2010 : In which the major superpowers of the world get into an elevator… and never get off. And no, that is not a euphemism. finished

The House We Built
: [Deanon from Hetalia Kink Meme, the Haskell House Opera House and Library with Canada topping.] Canada and America visit an old friend: the one place they literally have no boundaries. finished

Love in Seasons
: [Ficlet] The story of how Canada did not fall in love with America, told in glimpses and not-truths and the inevitable. finished

Assorted other deanons
: also, her Hetalia fic tag

General Relativity 1
& 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 : student!Matthew/professor!Alfred. prompt for student/teacher sex, turned into an amazing love story. I think I will cry when this ends. finished

Operation: Bridge the Border 1
& 2 & 3 & 4 : Turns out, Tony and Kumajirou share an OTP -- Canada/America! (in that order) The two of them decide to work together to get the two dumb blonds hooked up properly. ongoing

Mongoose 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 : Russia is hired to grab Arthur Kirkland's son and return him to insert-nation-here to be held for ransom. So he makes the grab and quickly realizes he's gotten more then he bargains for with the foul-mouthed brat he ends up with who fights him every step of the way and is just asking to be shot. ongoing

21 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: Italies

Two Ways About It : THE YEAR IS 2005 "Eeeh... hey, Romano -" "Minimum three free meals and a nap with pasta." Spain takes Romano up on his bargain. Wedding hijinks ensue! finished

Just fuck me
: Germany fucks Italy raw and senseless. No fluff, no plot, just smut. finished

Can I Join?
: The two brothers are going at it somewhere in their house, when Antonio decides to drop by for a visit and barge in unannounced. He catches them in the midst of foreplay, and after getting over his shock, is immensely turned on and urges them to let him join. finished

Toccarmi, fratello : The Italies get their curls tangled, and proceed with frottage. finished

Seeing Red : S. Italy is aroused by Spain's matador outfit. finished

Because He Would : Never, ever click any link that Prussia sends you, especially if he's offering to "help you out." It may lead to this. (demon Rickroll) finished

And It's Supposed to be the Day of Love : Lovina finally agrees to go the Valentine's Dance with Antonio. But not because she likes him or anything!... Gen-flip and Gakuen AU. (plus other genflip AU stories by the same author) finished

Fuoco Infernale : Lovino Vargas goes to a church camp, meets a new friend, and learns a little bit about himself. finished