04 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: various Americas

As a sort of intro, I have lost my mind and decided to make a list of all my bookmarks here just in case something terrible and completely unpredictable happens and I lose all of them. I think I would cry if that happened. Hopefully, that won't happen over the week(s) I spend doing this. Right now I just want to get all the links and prompts/summaries up. Later on, hopefully, I'll edit the entries to specify location (km, ff.n, personal, other), rating, and pairing (unless already specified).



Haunting You 1 and 2 : I want a haunting AU with America and England, preferably with America as the ghost. Human names are the only thing that would make sense to me in this setting and I want it to be creepy! unfinished

Fairytale : Anons, sorry to add to the ever growing pile of requests but this anon just found a new kink.


Preferably AU (fairytail-ish where people with extra appendages seems normal) and human names? I just want to see the events that lead to the picture...and maybe up until the end of it. ;)unfinished

No Known Cure : Strange request inspired by the "These are the times that try men's souls" fill and others. Also because in this anon's head-canon, America would make an epic doctor, personality-wise.

The scenario is that, for whatever reason (be it terrorist-attack, overwhelming financial crisis, internal conflict, etc.), the United States collapses and descends into disorder. The states are absorbed and taken over either by Canada or England.

Alfred manages to survive. But, already badly affected by the cause of the collapse and the resulting chaos, he can't take not being his own independent nation anymore. He disappears and no one can find him. After several years of unsuccessful searching, most of the other Nations presume Alfred is dead (though Canada and the other Latin American countries still aren't too sure...).

Years later, a Nation inadvertently finds America again. A more mature (though still carefree, cheerful, and optimistic) America who is a skilled and devoted doctor...and who doesn't remember anything or anyone from his life as a Nation. Though he hasn't aged physically, he doesn't realize that he's a Nation and not human. unfinished

Vital Regions : Canada's first kiss is accidentaly taken be a nation's soldier (preferably an American) during a Nations and Boss' meeting. CHAOS <-- because it's definitely the last thing anyone would expect. finished

Flipside : Tl;dr? Alfred's stuck in an alternate reality due to alien technological mishap. What at first seems a rest becomes a disaster in the making as Alfred starts becoming the alt. world's America. A Nation or a group of Nations needs to go there and drag America back at any cost, whether he wants to return or not. unfinished

Thirteen : Anon finished a fill that had a character mentioning off hand that he'd been shot in the head several times. And there seems to be a gruesome but amazing set of head canons about the various scars that nations have (the most gruesome of course, belonging to Russia, including a near decapitation, courtesy of the Golden Horde).

So basically, anon would like something along the lines of: "Five times Nation A should have died (but didn't)" finished

Author!Anon [original 1 and 2] [deanon 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6] : So, we've basically all read the misfire fills where Nations were reading the Kink Meme and, in their haste to reply, missfire. But what if they actually WROTE the fills?

So, here's the jist of it:
Nation A writes a fic for Nation A/Nation B. But, Nation A gets writer's block and doesn't know where to go next. So, without Nation B knowing, Nation A acts out the fill up to where they are to see how Nation B will react so they know what to write. finished


Who Slept With Alfred Jones? 1 & 2 & 3 : Alfred as unlikely virgin. The countries find out that behind all the bluster and the loudness, no one's actually slept with Alfred; and they just assumed someone had. Devirginization somehow ensues. unfinished

Hands : A nearly-blind America being taken advantage off by another nation-tan since his glasses were hidden/stolen by said nation-tan. Make America unwilling at first but then all slutty or submissive at the end. finished

Tegaki : Blue as Alfred

under skies of cornflower blue
: On September 11th, 2001, America is severely injured and hospitalized, to the shock of the other nations. Angst is a must. finished

The Six-Million Dollar Man : Wild tales concerning an anthropomorphic personification of a country are decidedly not the concern of the FBI. Unless, of course, you forward your complaint to the office in the basement... finished

Dear Diary : Alfred F. Jones isn't gay. Just read his diary; you'll see. AU, Alfred/Ivan among others finished

I'm Loving It More Than I Should
: America doesn't know how long he's had these urges, but if they aren't fulfilled, he'll go crazy. America/Hamburgers. finished

Little White Lie 1 & 2 & 3 : America starts seeing a human girl as his escape from life. Shit hits the fan nearly immediately. finished

Do You Remember? : The Nations often join their soldiers during war against their bosses' wishes. Sometimes they're the generals and sometimes they're lieutenants (did I get these ranks wrong? op knows pitifully NOTHING about the military otl;), and usually their men never know that they fought with their own country. finished

Fill You Up
: One night, America declares that he's going to fill France to the brim with cum. France approves of this idea very much. finished

Invasion 1 & 2 : An alien race invades Earth, and the Nations must band together to throw them out. (under the 'anything goes' prompt) ongoing

Why Flip Phones Are Awesome... : In short: Russia shoves America's vibrating cell phone up his ass finished

Preggers : Russia is pregnant. America is confused. unfinished?

Angels 1 & 2 : I would love to see an AU fic where a young (16 no older than 17) Alfred is a single father with 3-4 children. Here's the twist: The children are also his brothers. ongoing

Fahrenheit 451 Centigrade J : A brief behind the scenes of a fictional 2011 world conference. Completely unrepentant smut. finished

And I Know You Like It, Too : My headcanon tells me that America is France's bitch. In public, America acts like he can't stand France, but behind closed doors? America is a total slut that will do whatever France wants. finished

Die Buchhandlung
: Western Germany, the American side of the line, in a bookstore, Alfred F. Jones and Ludwig Beilshmidt: Even books without a happy ending deserve to be printed. finished

All Is Not As It Seems 1 & 2 : Triggered by the birth of Alaska or Hawaii or through just random thought, one nation (anon's choice) finally does the math and realizes that America had to have been really, really, alarmingly, unacceptably young when his oldest states (then colonies) were born. He/she confronts America about it, and America either flashbacks to it or actively tells the tale. ongoing

The Fair Belle
: In the time of the cowboys and the U.S. expansion West, French prostitutes were deported out of France and some moved the West to become a real hit with American cowboys, settlers, miners, etc. because there was so few women. So France, a prostitute in the West, gets a "visit" from a cowboy America finished

Thirteen Voices Raised : My head canon for the Original 13 Colonies/States is that they are not America's children but sprung up much like he did out of nowhere when their specific colonies were founded. America is still America representing the land as a whole and apart from them but they're there too watching over their own lands and people. Then America hits his growth spurt, starts having his own problems with England and gets his bright idea for his Revolution and eventually the colonies have to choose whose side they're on. Some of them easily choose to follow America some of them need a bit of convincing... ongoing

Soft Shock
: France is around when America is going through tough times. Feeling sympathy, he offers comfort through sex. America is pretty clumsy and wide-eyed, but he shows a definite improvement in mood afterward. Fast forward. Later, it comes through France's attention that he took America's virginity. This offends France's sensibilities. OBVIOUSLY A DO-OVER IS IN ORDER, AND HE MEANS TO SEE IT THROUGH CORRECTLY THIS TIME. ongoing

Hemingway in Love : High School/College AU, any pairing, I want to see tons of drabbles revolving around the sex/relatioinships going on between characters in a school/educational setting. FrUS. finished deanon in progress

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