30 October 2009


sooo i lost my mind and decided to enter NaNo, or National Novel Writing Month. i made a new blog so i can keep track of my entries, even though i'll be saving them to my ex-drive. and so i can share my progress with anyone interested... i'll probably fb-link it every week when it archives. luckily november starts on a sunday.

the format/topic i picked is documenting my life over the month from a third-person perspective. the documentation is gonna be pretty easy, but the third person might be harder. i'm still not really sure if i'm going to use my name or pick a different one. but that would likely be the only change. we'll see how it goes...

as a result of this topic i won't be updating this except to also link to the weekly archive, since that's basically a blog.

i'm pretty excited. november looks to be an interesting month. hopefully i'll make it all the way through, but if not it will be an interesting experiment. i calculated that to reach that 50,000 word mark i'll have to write 1667-ish words a day. which is a lot. we'll see how this goes...

26 October 2009

just wanted to share...

still no response back about that, btw...

23 October 2009

today was fan-fucking-tastic

no lie.

yeah, it started off sucky with the whole, "WAKE UP, YOU'VE GOT BORING BIO LECTURE AT 9" thing. but right after, when i printed out the nietzcshe for english, i perused the awesome book sale in the library. today was the last day, so everything was 50% off: $1 hardcovers, $.50 paperbacks. yes.

i got 5 books for $3.50
- The Celts by Gerhard Herm
- An Encyclopedia of World History edited by William L. Langer [from 1952]
- A Short History of the Movies by Gerald Mast & Bruce F. Kawin
- Japanese Works of Art from Sotheby's London [a museum]
- Cinefex number 89

english was interesting. i never knew anything about nietzcshe and his whole "god is dead" thing actually isn't depressing. it was a really interesting class.

and then i went home [that was a sucky walk back...] and chilled for a while. and yasha called and we talked about stuff and this girl he's interested in while i read my new world history book. there are a lot of guys named 'frederick' in history... i really enjoy being a history nerd, i wish i had more opportunities to indulge as such. i think that's part of why i enjoy hetalia so much, it introduces me to new aspects of history. liiiiike how kickass canada was during the world wars. no joke.


as i was getting ready to leave for laura's surprise party prep, emily IMs me from germany! we had a short convo. it was nice to hear from her. she reminded me that we reeeeeeeeeeelly need to do that LotR-a-thon. like no joke. and she's getting me something sweet from germany, but it's a surprise. i'm excited! also, she's 6 hours ahead over there. so as i type this it's 5:30a over there. and they use 24-hour time, which i find really awesome.

anyway... [god i use that word a lot]

so the party set-up was... interesting... ces and i were the first ones there, then anna found us, then kim and courtney. nicole didn't show till we were underway. we ended up wrapping a tree in streamers and a string of balloons and taping a giant cardboard '69' to the tree. it was... interesting... we also had bubbles. and another girl, sarah, showed up to help. but we weren't done by the time taylor and jenny showed up leading laura, so the reveal was total fail... but yeah.

we had random awkward fun by the tree for a while. i made a '69' keychain in jewelry [taking class time to do so] and also gave her a pic of yasha to symbolize his presence. nicole made a clay laura, kim baked brownies, anna gave her bacon soap and bacon bandaids and meatball gumballs. there were also funfetti cookies. it was pretty random. when we left we left the tree all decorated.

so then me, laura, anna, jenny, and sarah went to the commons for a snack, then the library for more book sales! they now had paper bags that were $5 and you just filled as much as you could. between the 5 of us we bought 2 and just went at it.

i got 7 more books for my $2 contribution:
- A History of the World in the Twentieth Century by D. C. Watt, Frank Spencer, Neville Brown
- Lorenzo Lotto: Convegno Internazionale di Studi 1980 a cura di [edited by] Pietro Zampetti e Vittorio Sgarbi [yes, i got a book in italian about the artist lorenzo lotto. i have no idea why, i can't really read it much anymore...]
- The Rival Queens by Fidelis Morgan [which i must lend to sarah when i'm done]
- The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum [it's a short catalog of sorts of some of the paintings, sculptures, and drawings in the new york guggenheim]
- The "Canary" Murder Case by S. S. van Dine
- Yankee's Main Dish Church Supper Cookbook
- Covering by Kenji Yoshino [another copy... in intend to do something arty with this one, like paper mache or something...]

i was really excited about all the practically-free books. we're meeting up right when the library opens in the morning to get anything that's left because we can.

and after that... i hung around the house for a bit more till angela got there. she was hitching a ride with liz and i to galaxy diner for her birthday dinner. ces went with nicole to get her car battery replaced, and they had an epic adventure. we got to the diner and had to work a bit to get tables for all 8 of us. i had a salad with chicken, since i had a bowl of cereal at the commons earlier. it was a fun dinner.

then me, nicole, ces, angela, and liz went to movieland to see zombieland. it was pretty sweet. cute at times, gorey at times, but fun all around. i had to hide a bit, and i watched one part without my glasses so i could still see what was happening without the grossness. fun times.

today really was awesome. i may have spent almost $20 on it, but that's okay. as long as i have $74 left in my account for the utilities it's all good.

and tomorrow is the zombie walk. i need to get paint for that...

14 October 2009


yasha has recently been hanging out with another russian guy, stan. i got to hang with them some last weekend when i went home, and he's pretty cool.

and i'm half convinced he's flirting. i have no idea, really. maybe i'm just hopeful? that might be weird... i'm hardly in touch with my deeper emotions at all, which is why i find it hard to be in a meaningful relationship. i'm really starting to think i won't ever "fall in love" enough to want marriage [or the equivalent if it's a girl]. honestly, i really enjoyed what emily and i had. though i guess that was just friendship with the pretense of a relationship... idk.

now that i remember it, yasha's "plan for our future" is starting to look like what might happen. as in, we'll eventually hook up and adopt some russian kid and he'll teach me russian and it'll be awesome or something. idk...

if i am crushing on stan, i think it would be best in the long run to ignore it. because i don't want something like with christian happening again. though from what little i know of stan, he seems much more easy-going, and more likely to be open/able to still be friends after the fact.

why do i stress myself with these thoughts?

yasha told me that jo wanted to come down with him for the zombie walk in a couple weeks. honestly, i'm not too fond of her right now. i think i'm feeling hurt and unhappy with her on yasha's part, cuz he certainly isn't... and i just don't want to deal with her. she's... yeah. so, no i don't want her to come down for that, and because i don't want to deal with 2 extra people in the house - 2 extra people in my room. if we had a sofa, it might be okay. but since they'd be attached to me they'd have to sleep in my room.

also related to the zombie walk: i feel the need to share somewhere that october 24 is also united nations day, or unofficial hetalia day. and so fans all over the world are planning little get-together-picnic-cosplay-fun-times. there's one in dc and one west of here in martinsville or something... but i have a strange need to comment on one of those closer ones that i'd like to go to one, but i'll instead be wandering around carytown in richmond as a zombie. if i had some cosplay available to me, i might dress up as a zombie nation [prolly casual canada, cuz then i'd just need a red sweatshirt and i'd be set], but that's too much work and i'd feel like an ├╝ber nerd... so, regular zombie for me! i'll prolly end up with the same pants as last year, since they're already stained...

i'll need to get some more paint...

textiles is turning super easy right now. we're doing several types of weaving with now [tapestry, coil basketry, twining] and they're all so mindlessly repetitive that i can just go go go and get it done ridiculously fast. also, these activities are successfully distracting me from my terribly horribly crippling hetalia addiction/obsession. which is good! because it really is unhealthy...

jewelry is going ok. we're making tension-fit containers. mine is a little box with a sand dollar for a lid. sheal gave me some porcelain to make it, but i have to work my little thing into the kiln schedule so that it's done in time for our crit, and honestly i don't want to deal with that. because i'm lazy. so i got some sculpy and am gonna make at least 2 shells with that [just to be sure]. but i still need to get some pearls for the feet and lid-handle thing before i can solder my already made pieces together - i need to drill the rivet holes for the feet before i bend the midsection, and i can't do that until i know how big a hole i need to drill, which comes from the holes in the pearls.


i believe i'm managing to pull myself up in biology. i got some caffeine pills, and today was day 3 with them, and i've taken about 3 times as much notes as before. horray!!

HOLY CRAP TODAY THE PRESALE STARTED FOR TEGAN AND SARA'S NEW TOUR AND THEY'RE COMING TO THE NATIONALLLLL!!! so i was sitting in the library with my laptop, and it was 10, so i went and got my ticket. because i'm excited. i spent $40, and i hope the presale price is less than the regular price.

i am in such deep shit as far as my personal finances go... i desperately need a job. angela strong-armed me [sort of] into doing comic-con, and i finally got my ticket. i'm secretly sure i'll never be able to afford it, since the parents are letting me go as long as i can pay for it all. we'll see if i have any hope by the time the hotel deals open... i might stand a chance if i had a job or something... i dipped under $1000 last week... i'm now down to a little over $800 and i'm crazy depressed. i have errands to run tomorrow [reading days hell yeahhh] and i'm going to be using the master card because i have no hope of paying otherwise. i really need to crack down on my spending, like no joke.

[wow, this is ridiculously stream-of-consciousness...]

november 4 is the wolfmother concert at 9:30 club. i got my greyhound tickets, which came to about $38 total because of how far in advance i got them and the fact that i finally got that student advantage card. my own money, since i'll be sneaking around for this. i'm waiting till the week before to tell nate [bio lab man] that i will likely be late on the 5th, and if i get in too late can i go to his noon lab? shouldn't be a problem, but i'm hoping that won't happen. my bus is scheduled to get in at 9:25 that morning. class is at 10. from the station i catch the city bus around 9:45 back to campus, and i'll be about 10 minutes late. so i'll miss the quiz. that is all assuming the greyhound is on time, which is unlikely considering the time [morning rush hour and all that].

and lastly, today. continued horrible shower problems. the hot water tap decided, after a short bout of sputtering, to not dispense anything, no matter how far you turned it. i was getting really pissed cuz i really really needed a shower, and didn't really have the time to wait for liz to get back to me about possibly borrowing hers. so i filled the bucket we have in the kitchen with nice warm water and took it up to the tub. and i squatted in the tub, soaping myself and rinsing with that bucket water and a cup. it worked fairly well, and reminded me of japanese baths [the traditional kind, where you wash yourself first from a bucket and then soak in a nice hot tub]. i'm not sure if a repeat will happen, and i'm not sure if i want it to or not. on the one hand, it was kinda fun, if cold [because our house is cold]. on the other, it was sorta fun, and would likely have been more fun if i wasn't rushing and angry. but it was okay. i just hate our stupid ancient shower.

well, i need dinner. i think i'll make swedish meatballs! yum~

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04 October 2009

secret of kells

thusly, i have uploaded my own copy of "the secret of kells" movie.

i'm not really sure why, exactly...