16 September 2009

super-special music surprise!

cesley and liz attempting to play "simple and clean" on piano and guitar [respectively] while nicole tries to sing.

i promised them i wouldn't post this on facebook, so i'm posting it here because it's too awesome not to put somewhere. also, i just remembered youtube, but i won't subject them to such wide-spread humiliation.

this is the continued fun of cesley's 19th birthday. bayly made cupcakes!

12 September 2009

stir crazy

i'm going absolutely stir crazy right now.

i'm angry at nicole for flaking on the whole movie thing, especially since i only found out when i was ready to go. i just... need to not be in this house right now.

not that there's any issue, it's just... i feel trapped. and i was looking forward to at least not being in the house for a while... it's a fucking saturday night, and i'm sitting here going out of my mind.

i'm about ready to pack some random shit and walk to the compass. it's only 9, it can't be that bad out. i just can't be inside right now.

kids.woot: disney ice shaver info

Martin Scorsese’s “Mean Treats”

“Happy Birth- Oh, my. It’s so dark in here. I can’t see a thing. Am I in a warehouse? Is that… Rudy? Is that you? What’s going on?

“Okay, Frosty. Enough with the ‘thumpty thump thump’. Where’s the cash?”

“Look… Rudy… I already told you I was gonna be short this week… but we’re friends, right? You and me, we go way back! We was in claymation together! Remember, Rudy? Remember?”

“Yeah, Frosty. I remember. But it ain’t the seventies no more, is it? Dash. Vix. Bring in the Back to Basics Disney Ice Shaver.”

“Rudy… Rudy, I ain’t got nothin’ to give! All I got left is my old silk hat! Maybe there’s some magic in it but-”

“Magic? Magic buyin’ me veal parmesan? Magic payin’ my girlfriend’s mortgage? I got a business to run here, Frosty. A business. And you’re makin’ me look bad. Used to be, someone wanted a sleigh guided, I’d see a cut. Used to be the dames’d line up, tellin’ me I was cuuude. But then I lost it all, Frosty. I ain’t cuuude to nobody no more. Now the dames are crawlin’ over Olive. Everybody thinks it’s Olive’s town. But you know what? With this Back to Basics Disney Ice Shaver, I’m gonna take back what’s mine. And I’m startin… with YOU!”


“You feel that, Frosty? You feel that electrical powered ice shaver at work? The lid opening means I can add ice cubes without opening it. Isn’t that convenient? Hold ‘em, Dash, hold ‘em!”


“Wrong answer, Frosty. Cause if you’d said yes, I’d be telling you about the kid-safe design. The blade can’t be reached from outside the unit and the motor stays off until the lid is locked in place. That means this here Back to Basics Disney Ice Shaver is perfectly safe for children. But you ain’t a children, is you, Frosty?”

“No, Rudy… no… please… no more…”

“No. You ain’t a children. You’re a snowman. And that means you’re made of ice. Ice that fits in the ice slot. Ice that won’t PAY ME MY MONEY!”

“AAAAAAAA! RUDY! RUDY! Oh, it hurts, Rudy, it hurts, I ain’t got it… please…”

“Okay, Frosty. Okay. I believe you. It’s just that I got an image, you know? But you and me, we go way back. So I got an idea. Don, get the bottles.”


“Yeah, bottles. The two removable syrup dispensing bottles that come with the Back to Basics Disney Ice Shaver. We’re gonna set up a little business, you and me. We’re gonna sell some sno-cones for a nickel apiece. Make the kids happy like we used to. You like makin’ kids happy, right? Right, Frosty? Hey, Prance, how many you think we’re gonna have to sell to get back what this clown owes me? We got enough shaved ice? Aw, Frosty. Prance thinks we ain’t got enough shaved ice. You know what that means, right? It means we gotta MAKE some MORE!”



10 September 2009

power wtf??


today, as i was overcome by the results of my procrastination and camping out in the fab to finish my jewelry homework, something totally unexpected happened. [i'm only phrasing it that way because i've recently started writing again, so my brain is stuck...] i was using the flexible shaft drill to sand the shit out of my shit [that's what i told the roomies, cuz i'm cool...] when the power suddenly went out. like, no joke.

and for apparently no reason.

an upperclassman [or graduate, i'm not sure] sorta took charge and made sure the gas was shut off and we wouldn't all explode. and then we all had to clean up cuz we couldn't work. as i was cleaning up, i got a call from cesley about our own power being out.

sooo, that's a giant chunk of no power. it went out around 9:15. when i was walking back home i saw nicole, who had been stopped by two guys who were talking to her about jesus and stuff. i stopped, we bantered [lolz, my stuck brain...] and then she left with me, singing my praises! then we found out b&b had no power, so she went and got some stuff and has been hanging out at our place since.

well, she just left...

it was pretty fun, trying to do my bio lab homework with my bike headlight. ces was working on a painting for gdes, and liz had her guitar, and it was fun.

the power came back around 10:25, and we were happy.

also, today was the first day in a while that i didn't almost fall asleep in english. i think it's because we were discussing "a modest proposal," which i love, and was therefore actually interested in it. we have to read the entirety of "candide" for monday... good thing i got the book yesterday so i can more readily procrastinate and just end up with the spark notes like for "gulliver"... which, by the way, i still haven't gotten...

07 September 2009

plot bunny?

it's weird to admit this, but this random idea came partly out of the kink meme... there's a fill there about alfred as a personality of matthew, like a split [link to ffn, cuz i can't find it in the meme...]. it's pretty interesting. and it came partly out of my own appearance, and the way my orange hair looks with my glasses used as a headband of sorts... and yes, i did totally steal the names...


They were a strange pair, Mattie and Alice. They shared the same body, and were indeed so similar as to be thought of as the same person at first. No one was sure which girl was the 'real' one, and which was the creation, and the girls themselves weren't sure themselves anymore. There was no 'dominant' with them - a person was just as likely to run into the meek Mattie as the adventurous Alice.

The main discernible difference between them was that Mattie wore the glasses where they should be - over her bright green eyes - while Alice tended to use them to push their bangs away from her sky-blue eyes. But they shared everything else: the strange silver lining the eyes, the chin length flaming orange hair, the light freckles across nose and thin shoulders, the avid readership and love of learning.

Together they were the resident mechanic and near-genius of the ship, while being everyone's little sisters - even if they were 20, thank you very much.



i'm looking forward to seeing if i can do anything with them. it'll be fun to play with pronouns with them, as i've decided they interchange the first-person singular with plural ["i" and "we", "my" and "our"].

at some point i swear i'll get around to coming up with sketches i can be proud of... as in, half from life ones, cuz i'm not sure my weird imaginary faces will work with how vividly i picture them.

as far as the setting, it's someplace like "firefly" crossed with the new "star trek", if that makes any sense... future-y and bright but with remnants of the old clunky stuff and a touch of the old west [because it's cool].

06 September 2009

it's 5:20am...



i've got plans for tomorrow/today, dammit, and i need sleep!

also, we need eggs...

and my space bar only seems to be working half the time...



"The Secret of Kells" is a really good movie. it's irish-belgian-french [animated] AND about the 'chi rho iota' page of the Book of Kells. i had to go find it in my art history book to remind myself of it's awesomeness.

>>>for info and to download the avi<<<


i think i should really go to bed now...

01 September 2009

whoa now...

i feel i must write this down somewhere, cuz i'm not sure if i'll tell him:

last night, at some point in a really weird dream i was having, i was kissing yasha. it wasn't all tongue-y and shit, but it was just past being sweet and friend-ish.


oh yeahhh

gosh, it's been a while...

i've developed an unhealthy obsession with 'Hetalia.' like, seriously. it's starting to disturb me just how much i'm into it...

i feel like part of my major! making progress on my assignments, though i was just assigned 100 thumbnails for textiles, and i've done 17... though my first felting is going well!

for some dumb reason i've been staying up past 2, sometimes even till 3. this bit me in the ass today as i had to get up at 7:30 for bio. so i was almost falling asleep in all my classes...

MWF library nap times are wonderful! i go up to the 4th floor, find a chair in the back, and practically pass out. still didn't help much today...

cesley ate the last cookie i made. but it's okay, cuz i ate the last banana fritter she made. also, liz needs to step up her cooking.

ces and i are planning a shrimp day. i'm gonna make scampi, or else just saute some shrimp with OLD BAYYYY and maybe cook some fun noodles... not sure what she's gonna do...

i really need to get around to riding my bike. it would probably be very easy MWF at 8:30 cuz there won't be a lot of traffic - people or cars.

i was humiliated today. nicole came over and so we played 4-person games: super smash bros and pokemon stadium 1 & 2 [just the mini games]. i was last place in everything.

i've decided to turn that valance curtain i got at lowes into a little bag. it'll be awesome! i'm thinking of lining it cuz the fabric is so thin, which means another curtain or a trip to BF...

i recently discovered an amazing website: mylifeisaverage.com. it makes me want to build forts and make dumb harry potter references and be a general dork.

today i realized what i want my first tattoo to be of: a narwhal. now i just have to figure out where to put it...

it was decided last week by the roomies [under the influence of a 1am trip to 7-11] that i would get completely smashed on jello shots.

yasha has made me promise to not get smashed on jello shots until he can be there. i'm half-tempted to try 1 or 2 before then, so i have some idea of what i'm getting myself into.

damn, i really want some jello now. cuz it's pretty fucking awesome.

i think i'm falling behind in english 215. i keep not reading what we're supposed to, in favor of my continued 'Hetalia' obsession. this really needs to change or i'll be in trouble for those tests...

the basement storage leaks when it rains. and once it rained really hard and some water managed to get into my room, under my desk. maintenance came, but have yet to do anything...

sometimes i think about christian and what he thinks of me now. but i'm too afraid to ask yasha, though i'm not really sure why...

i get to dissect a fetal pig in bio lab. for 2 weeks straight. not really looking forward to that...

yesterday i renamed my recycle bin 'narnia' after a MLIA about renaming it 'hell'. now when i recycle stuff i won't feel guilty cuz it gets to go to narnia. [not that i felt guilty...]

i have orange hair. and it's pretty awesome. when i run out of the color i got, i may ask yasha for the other half of his. but maybe he wants it...

either way, i'm waiting for this to fade almost completely before redying it. that way i help save my hair from a horrible over-dyed death.

i think i'll go to bed now. or at least lie in bed listening to my ipod. which i re-renamed 'silvia' yesterday.