26 March 2009


so, i've been back for all of 2 hours, and i've got so much new music to listen to.

i hopped over to 3hive for some of their new stuff, and got distracted by their blurb on millimeters mercury, which led me to their site and the various spin-off bands and friend-bands. i need to listen to it alllllllllllllll.

new additions:
- Cola Wars
- O + S
- Wavves
- Coltrane Motion
- Bitter Tea for Breakfast
- the 68s

i think that's all i'll do for now... since there's 2 albums worth of music for bitter tea. awesome.

shit, i really need to write that paper......................................

25 March 2009

week of hellll

soooo portfolios are due monday. i'm pretty much done, i just need to fix my mp3, which is proving rather problematic. stupid thing wants to save to the computer when you click on the blackboard link....

anyway, everyone else's stress is making me a bit stressed, plus i've got a paper due friday in fi that i haven't even written. correction: i've written the opening paragraph. it's a then-now paper, written about an issue that is important today and comparing it to how important it was in the past and getting to the 'why' of the issue. i'm doing drug use and how the american government deals with it. a pretty interesting subject, but one i'm having trouble writing... probably because i have to do a lot of research.

but really, this is the worst week for a paper to be due - at least for afo students. there is virtually no time for any of us to spend on non-art things, since we've all decided that that takes precident over academics. i mean, this is our future here at college! i'd say it's pretty important.

but what makes it hard for me is 2 things: meds, and a trip home. i am completely out of meds, having used my last one last tuesday with the intent of writing this paper but instead nearly finishing my portfolio. and now i can't get more here, cuz the test i took says i don't have ADD, but the notes from dr zeiger say i do. inconclusive, and so they can't do anything for me. fucking a...

on top of that i have to go home tonight for an eye appointment in the morning. i'll be spending around 9 hours total on a bus and with no internet, making it hard to write that paper. and when i get back tomorrow i have to go almost immediately to drawing, and then the paper is due. i'm gonna have to knock it out when i'm home tonight, and finish it thursday night. this is not gonna be fun...

in other news, i went swimming yesterday! anna found the hours of the franklin street gym pool, and she and i and jenny went there for about 20 minutes yesterday before drawing. it was pretty cool, i guess. it was just for laps, and the swim club was practicing, and it was dark and grungy and stuff. but it was still nice to be able to do that. i ended up rushing through a shower when we got back to the dorm - i just washed my hair - and as a result managed to get shampoo in my eye in addition to the chlorine already there. not fun. it was the same eye that had the infection, too. and it still stings a bit.

oh, i didn't talk about my infection. after the flogging molly concert, we had to rush home cuz i had an eye appointment. i figured it was just the usual "how bad are your eyes" thing, but the doc got distracted by a more pressing issue: my red and unhappy left eye. turns out i had an inflamed cornea from wearing my contacts longer than they were really good for on tired eyes. i've been banned from contacts until i can go back - which was supposed to be last friday, but had to be rescheduled for tomorrow - and i got steroid eye drops to knock the thing out as fast as possible. my eye is all better now, but i'm still waiting till i go back to really start wearing my contacts again. i cheated and wore my last pair saturday for the belle isle trip, but it was only for, like, 8 hours.

alsooooo, yasha came down to visit last weekend! exciting! it was a bit strange, having 3 people in our room, but not too bad. he met ben, and we got bubble tea, and did fun things. we spent saturday at belle isle - it was practically a floor outing: me, cesley, anna, jenny, nicole, susan, emily, kelsey, laura, taylor, liz, ben, molly, and yasha. soooo exciting! yasha and molly really bonded, it was quite adorable. jenny found a toad that had been frozen, so we buried him and mourned. nicole delivered a very touching eulogy for poor toadie. and then on sunday yasha snuck out of the parking garage and didn't pay. exciting!

sunday night there was a fire on the 7th floor. some guy's phone charger started smoking and stuff. according to bed it smelled like burnt plastic for a while. and of course, this happened at 3am. i was sleeping. at first i didn't know what was going on, and i never really woke up. as soon as my heart stopped racing from climbing those dumb stairs, i was dead asleep.

i'm making a giant book for space. it'll be an open book, 4' x 2.5', with the story of 'the snow queen' coming out of it. i'm making a giant castle for in the middle out of slotted wood and hot glue and glitter, with various scenes arrayed around it. it'll be awesome! i get to buy a mirror and smash it!

okay, i think that's all the news and updates. i'm sleeping in bowe street next sunday night so i can turn my portfolio in nice and early. it'll be awesome!!

walking to belle isle
[courtesy of laura]

17 March 2009


yasha was stuck in his head, so i got to help get him out!

juzaluvlettraway (12:48:01 AM): dinosaurs
moscovite114 (12:48:06 AM): why does he plague me so much
moscovite114 (12:48:11 AM): i have no histroy with him
moscovite114 (12:48:15 AM): and he never fucked me at otakon
moscovite114 (12:48:16 AM): lol
juzaluvlettraway (12:48:19 AM): DINOSAURSSSSS
juzaluvlettraway (12:48:26 AM): i hope not, lol
moscovite114 (12:48:33 AM): I'M TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
moscovite114 (12:48:38 AM): i have music blaring
juzaluvlettraway (12:48:44 AM): i figured
juzaluvlettraway (12:49:14 AM): you should engage your mind in somehting else
moscovite114 (12:49:33 AM): working on it
juzaluvlettraway (12:49:37 AM): liiike planning how to deal with a velociraptor attack
moscovite114 (12:49:38 AM): i have loud music on
juzaluvlettraway (12:49:44 AM): that's just the ears
moscovite114 (12:49:46 AM): i have already planned for that
juzaluvlettraway (12:49:53 AM): oh, well then
juzaluvlettraway (12:50:01 AM): uhh
moscovite114 (12:50:13 AM): i have my anti velociraptor boxers in my closet
moscovite114 (12:50:28 AM): and my suicide pill incase things don't go according to plan
juzaluvlettraway (12:50:40 AM): how many escape routes do you have
moscovite114 (12:50:44 AM): 5
moscovite114 (12:50:47 AM): door
moscovite114 (12:50:51 AM): actually more
moscovite114 (12:50:57 AM): cus i have windows all ove rthe house
moscovite114 (12:51:05 AM): plus enough button downs to make a ladder
moscovite114 (12:51:09 AM): out of my room if i need it
juzaluvlettraway (12:51:10 AM): lol
juzaluvlettraway (12:51:14 AM): that's true
moscovite114 (12:51:21 AM): i have a bad in my room
juzaluvlettraway (12:51:23 AM): i heard they can open doors
moscovite114 (12:51:30 AM): aha see
moscovite114 (12:51:39 AM): they can open those flat sticky outy handle
moscovite114 (12:51:40 AM): s
moscovite114 (12:51:47 AM): not the smooth round one on my room door
moscovite114 (12:51:54 AM): picture my door handle
juzaluvlettraway (12:51:57 AM): they could gnaw the handle off
moscovite114 (12:52:03 AM): then what
moscovite114 (12:52:08 AM): the little thingy is still on the door
juzaluvlettraway (12:52:13 AM): oh yeah
juzaluvlettraway (12:52:19 AM): charge the door!
moscovite114 (12:52:23 AM): lol
moscovite114 (12:52:26 AM): ok
moscovite114 (12:52:29 AM): thats what the bat is for
juzaluvlettraway (12:52:31 AM): but by then you'd be out the window, right?
moscovite114 (12:52:35 AM): exactly
juzaluvlettraway (12:53:45 AM): lol
moscovite114 (12:54:08 AM): finish the lyric
juzaluvlettraway (12:54:21 AM): took the midnight train go
juzaluvlettraway (12:54:24 AM): why?
juzaluvlettraway (12:54:32 AM): >_<
moscovite114 (12:54:42 AM): dunno
juzaluvlettraway (12:54:45 AM): lol
moscovite114 (12:54:48 AM): it's the lyric game
juzaluvlettraway (12:54:52 AM): is it...
juzaluvlettraway (12:55:04 AM): hey, do you think i'm safe in my dorm from velociraptors?
juzaluvlettraway (12:55:07 AM): now i'm worried...
moscovite114 (12:55:57 AM): no ur not
moscovite114 (12:56:02 AM): cus u don't have long sleeved shirts
moscovite114 (12:56:07 AM): or enough of them for 8 stories
moscovite114 (12:56:24 AM): i came up with afunny name for john
juzaluvlettraway (12:56:25 AM): if i pool bed sheets together with others, we might make it
juzaluvlettraway (12:56:30 AM): did you
moscovite114 (12:56:31 AM): he-who has-small-dick-and red-hair
juzaluvlettraway (12:56:35 AM): lol
moscovite114 (12:56:40 AM): cus jo told me that he is only like 4 inches
moscovite114 (12:56:42 AM): and i laughed
juzaluvlettraway (12:56:45 AM): awww
moscovite114 (12:57:24 AM): yea
moscovite114 (12:57:28 AM): so yea
juzaluvlettraway (12:57:55 AM): yeah
moscovite114 (1:01:26 AM): dude
moscovite114 (1:01:33 AM): so i feel better
moscovite114 (1:01:37 AM): apparently i hurt jo
moscovite114 (1:01:41 AM): cus i borought it up
juzaluvlettraway (1:01:41 AM): how?
moscovite114 (1:01:44 AM): so yea
juzaluvlettraway (1:01:44 AM): ahh
moscovite114 (1:01:49 AM): now she is all bummed and pissed
moscovite114 (1:02:03 AM): hey look i went less than 24 hours before doing that
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:05 AM): discuss raptor-proofng her house
moscovite114 (1:02:05 AM): wow
moscovite114 (1:02:07 AM): i did
moscovite114 (1:02:11 AM): and she isn't buyin git
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:14 AM): aww
moscovite114 (1:02:18 AM): i think i will just put a leash on it and name him Bon!
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:19 AM): but it's a real threat!
moscovite114 (1:02:21 AM): that was her response
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:24 AM): what?!
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:29 AM): she'll be eaten!
moscovite114 (1:02:33 AM): she dosen't get it
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:46 AM): they are vicious creatures who don't know fear
juzaluvlettraway (1:02:59 AM): [btw, most awesome conversation ever]
moscovite114 (1:03:04 AM): dude tell her all this
moscovite114 (1:03:06 AM): don't tell me
moscovite114 (1:03:08 AM): im her straight up
moscovite114 (1:03:12 AM): she'll laugh
moscovite114 (1:03:27 AM): u gunu..
juzaluvlettraway (1:03:42 AM): yeah!
moscovite114 (1:03:45 AM): yay
juzaluvlettraway (1:03:49 AM): lol
juzaluvlettraway (1:04:56 AM): she said she's fine with dying in such a violent way...
moscovite114 (1:05:02 AM): ...
moscovite114 (1:05:08 AM): deflecting
moscovite114 (1:05:10 AM): keep at it
moscovite114 (1:05:12 AM): i will also
moscovite114 (1:05:48 AM): i meen 9/11 wasn't al-qaida
moscovite114 (1:05:53 AM): it was the raptors
juzaluvlettraway (1:05:57 AM): totally!
moscovite114 (1:06:25 AM): i for one
moscovite114 (1:06:28 AM): am planning a safe room
juzaluvlettraway (1:06:41 AM): that's probably a goo idea
juzaluvlettraway (1:06:45 AM): good*
juzaluvlettraway (1:07:05 AM): [i've been reading way too much xkcd, it's made me paranoid]
moscovite114 (1:07:14 AM): yea i know

blah blah blah, stuff i'm not sure should be shared on the internets...

moscovite114 (1:09:12 AM): yea
moscovite114 (1:10:08 AM): beachbummer127 (1:07:59 AM): i am sorry
beachbummer127 (1:08:42 AM): i just cant take it seriously now
moscovite114 (1:08:52 AM): lol
moscovite114 (1:08:55 AM): take what seriously
beachbummer127 (1:09:03 AM): dinosaurs
moscovite114 (1:09:07 AM): lol
moscovite114 (1:09:11 AM): that makes no sense
moscovite114 (1:10:10 AM): dude
moscovite114 (1:10:14 AM): she really said that
juzaluvlettraway (1:10:40 AM): first of all, we're not talking about just any dinosaurs
juzaluvlettraway (1:10:46 AM): these are velociraptors
moscovite114 (1:10:49 AM): yea i know
juzaluvlettraway (1:11:04 AM): she's going to be eaten immediately
moscovite114 (1:11:08 AM): yea i know
juzaluvlettraway (1:11:11 AM): there's just no hope
moscovite114 (1:11:15 AM): anyway
juzaluvlettraway (1:11:17 AM): you would probably get away
moscovite114 (1:11:19 AM): instead of lectureing me
juzaluvlettraway (1:11:22 AM): i'd run, and be overtaken...
moscovite114 (1:11:29 AM): on how stupid she is
moscovite114 (1:11:34 AM): lets talk about ur dorm
juzaluvlettraway (1:11:37 AM): yes!
juzaluvlettraway (1:11:39 AM): help me!
moscovite114 (1:11:43 AM): lol
moscovite114 (1:11:44 AM): ok
moscovite114 (1:11:49 AM): u need a shotgun
moscovite114 (1:11:54 AM): either that
moscovite114 (1:11:59 AM): or cesley's leg
juzaluvlettraway (1:12:07 AM): that's like a shotgun?
juzaluvlettraway (1:12:07 AM): whoa
moscovite114 (1:12:47 AM): it can be
moscovite114 (1:12:50 AM): either that
moscovite114 (1:12:58 AM): or they'll be so distracted witht he meet
moscovite114 (1:13:03 AM): that you'll have time to run
moscovite114 (1:13:04 AM): lol
juzaluvlettraway (1:13:13 AM): out the window
moscovite114 (1:13:17 AM): no
moscovite114 (1:13:20 AM): they are smart remember
juzaluvlettraway (1:13:21 AM): i'll need to start hoarding sheets...
juzaluvlettraway (1:13:25 AM): damn
juzaluvlettraway (1:13:33 AM): if they come in the door, where can i go
juzaluvlettraway (1:13:34 AM): ?
moscovite114 (1:13:39 AM): they would be between u and the window
juzaluvlettraway (1:13:43 AM): ahh
moscovite114 (1:13:47 AM): think about it
moscovite114 (1:13:50 AM): i'll be in be
moscovite114 (1:13:51 AM): d
moscovite114 (1:13:53 AM): they run in
moscovite114 (1:13:58 AM): and go all the way to the back of the room
moscovite114 (1:14:02 AM): and then u get out
moscovite114 (1:14:05 AM): and lock the door
moscovite114 (1:14:09 AM): they can't open that door
moscovite114 (1:14:14 AM): so they spend itme breaking it down
moscovite114 (1:14:21 AM): u give them bayly's boobs
moscovite114 (1:14:24 AM): on the way out
juzaluvlettraway (1:14:25 AM): during which i can get away
moscovite114 (1:14:28 AM): and then get on the bus
juzaluvlettraway (1:14:38 AM): i like that plan
moscovite114 (1:14:43 AM): cool
moscovite114 (1:14:49 AM): just don't tell bay or ces
juzaluvlettraway (1:14:50 AM): do you think they'd sabotage the elevators?
juzaluvlettraway (1:14:52 AM): yeah!
moscovite114 (1:14:56 AM): cus they won't like it
juzaluvlettraway (1:15:01 AM): yeah...
moscovite114 (1:15:01 AM): no
moscovite114 (1:15:06 AM): they cna't push buttons
juzaluvlettraway (1:15:06 AM): sorry, but i've gotta live
moscovite114 (1:15:10 AM): yea
moscovite114 (1:15:20 AM): otherwise i'll have no back up girl do tate
moscovite114 (1:15:22 AM): *date
juzaluvlettraway (1:15:25 AM): lol
moscovite114 (1:15:30 AM): u know it's true
juzaluvlettraway (1:15:34 AM): yeah...
moscovite114 (1:15:36 AM): has it never come to ur mind
moscovite114 (1:15:41 AM): that at some point
moscovite114 (1:15:50 AM): i have always and will be a plan b
moscovite114 (1:16:01 AM): cus it's been like that with u in my head trully
juzaluvlettraway (1:16:06 AM): yeah
moscovite114 (1:16:08 AM): lol
juzaluvlettraway (1:16:21 AM): hence the whole me having to learn russian thing?
moscovite114 (1:16:26 AM): i guess so
moscovite114 (1:16:29 AM): but thats for the kida
juzaluvlettraway (1:16:33 AM): true

okay, i have to go to bed now....