13 November 2010

Hetalia fanfic links: FACE variations

What the Heart Forgets : What Arthur lost when he sacrificed himself to save the people beneath the Nations, and what he gained in return. Begins FrUK, becomes family. finished?

A Certain Satisfaction 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 : It is said that if you look in the right parts of London, you’ll find a house with a forest-green door – and if you ask the man there the right way, he’ll take you in and make your dreams reality. BDSM foursome. finished

SPOILER: He's not an only child 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6: Parent trap. This anon would like to see Canada and America as the twins trying to get their parents back together, and England and France as the lovingly divorced parents. And then the rest of the cast is up to you. semi-ongoing

Not One Word : America must keep silent during sex, letting Canada be heard. foursome. finished

Good Things Come in Threes : Not really sure how to put this, except England tied up and blindfolded with France, America and Canada having their wicked way with him. They all very much enjoy it. foursome. finished

Family Night : Family time is for getting closer with your family... NO FRANCE NOT THAT CLOSE! foursome. finished

Eiffel Tower : America -> England <- France, voyeur Canada. "A sexual act that requires two guys, one chick, and one other unfortunate soul. The chick bends over and one guy takes her from behind, while the other puts it in her mouth and then the two guys give a high five (or high ten), giving the illusion of the Eiffel Tower. The unfortunate soul is there to take the picture. No one will believe you if you don't have the proof." finished

The Screeching Bitches 1
& 2 : Alfred is in a band with Arthur and Francis. Recently they lost their drummer in the Incident and now they need a new one. Francis drags his ex-military cousin from Quebec, Mattieu in for a session and the poor guy is basically strong armed into joining. Alfred and Mattie settle into something of a love/hate kind of friendship, but eventually it stirs up into something a little hotter and a lot deeper. Mattie has PTSD, is an autodidact, is writing as he lives/wastes his life away on Francis's couch. unfinished/abandoned

Joint Decision : England and France decide to take teen America and Canada's virginity together, on the same bed at same time for whatever reason. England takes America while France takes Canada then the two switch, England taking Canada and France taking America. no non-con but can start out slightly dub-con. Want some loving sex though. finished

[untitled] : England is blindfolded and has no idea who's topping him. During the act he begins to fantasize about who it is, but can't keep his fantasies straight and switches back and forth between America, France, Canada... finished

I Have Seen Then Gentle : I love me some FACE, but this time, England and France are genderbent. They demand that the boys sleep together and they get to watch and direct. The boys have each other (preferably seme!Canada), and then have their mentors. unfinished

Starts With One : Alfred, Arthur, and Francis are a group of vampire hunters on the trail of vampire!Matthew. Once Matthew is all chained up, they start using their libidos instead of their thinking-heads, and decide to let cute little Matthew have a last fuck before they take him out for "disposal" at sun-up. various spin-offs at bottom. finished

Radix 1 & 2 & 3 : How they went from 'friends' to in a relationship. What brought them together that way and such. Spans history. ongoing

Walk on the Wind : Columbus never discovered the New World and England and France never colonized America and Canada. No one knows that the nations of the Western Hemisphere even exist. Around 1945, Japan comes across some Pacific islands and decides to use them as a base, so he "disposes" of the natives. Only problem is that those islands were Hawaii, aka American territory. And the NA bros are not happy. Cue America and Canada declaring war on the Axis Powers. unfinished

Misunderstandings of Cannonballic Proportions : America and Canada sneak into their parents bedroom for some reason while their parents are out. Before they can leave without being caught though their parents come home and head towards the bedroom. So to avoid getting in trouble America and Canada hide under the bed and wait for them to leave. Except they don't leave... in fact it sounds like they're wrestling or something? finished

Family Game Night : There should probably be an upper age limit on board games. If you are passed two centuries, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to play. 'family' shenanigans. finished

Specialis Revelio : Gryffindor!US/Slytherin!UK and Huffleclaw!Franada are musts. OP doesn't want the HP cast to play a major role at all. Focus should be on Hogwartsified Hetalia members. unfinished

Four Too Many : Human!AU with those four in a vaguely functional established relationship and just... living their lives (morning routine, going to work, getting into arguments, complaining about work, spending the evening together... whatever you feel like writing). ongoing

: France and England decide to take little America and Canada to the zoo. They have a lovely time but when it's time to go home they discover that Canada is missing. Cue their frantic search for him until they finally find him with the polar bears. And by with the polar bears I mean taking a nap with one. finished

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